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Learn How To Do The Cat Eye Makeup Trend

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

The cat eye makeup trend is one of those classic looks that always seems to find its way back into the spotlight. Magazines and red carpets are known for celebrities pulling off the cat eye, which is also known as winged eyeliner. It’s bold and sassy, and it’s even easy to do at home.

You’ve probably wondered at one time or another if you were wearing too much makeup. The cakey, clumped, overdone look is never hot, so by drawing attention to one area of your face and leaving the rest of the face au naturale, you can draw attention to your best attributes without overdoing your look. The cat eyes highlight your eyes, and allow for the rest of your face to remain nude. You could try using softer hues of lipstick and blush to spice up the look, while still allowing the eyes to be the main feature.

To add some pizzazz to the traditional cat eye—a look that uses black or another solid shade of eyeliner to highlight the entire eye and extending slightly outward—try adding some color. Eyeshades like bright metallics can highlight your eyes and really make your eyes pop. Teal works well for this purpose too, and it looks fabulous with blue, green or brown eyes.

You might want to play around with the winged eyeliner look by doing a double flick. This particular look occurs when you extend both the top and bottom liner out to the sides without touching one another.

Not all eyeliners are created equal. In fact, some clump to your eyelashes, peel off or wear off quickly. If you’re wondering which eyeliners work the best, we have a few suggestions for you. MAC Penultimate Eyeliner has an ideal formula that goes on smoothly. Additionally, the brush is just the right size to make a bold statement with your eyeliner. Another felt tip eyeliner is Dior Liquid Eyeliner, which lasts long, produces a thin and precise line. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner does what its name states, last a long time. The gel formula goes on like a liquid eyeliner; however, applying it is much easier. It doesn’t crease or smear, so your cat eye will be beautiful, bold and smooth.

Beauty Trend Weekly Rundown – March 12, 2012

Monday, March 12th, 2012


Summer Hair Accessories And Trends –

Hair accessories for summer that can make you stand out in the crowd. Certain must have summer accessories are mentioned which are trendy and comfortable. These summer hair trends can be adopted for you to get that perfect look. First, Head bands- They are very trendy and are available in various patterns. Hair accessories can add on to that perfect look and you can be a trend setter this summer. By wearing a head band you can pull off your hair back and get a neat look. For short hair styles headband is a great fashion tip. Head bands stop your hair to fall on your face and gives your face a distinct shape. There are cloth,leather and beaded bands for you to choose from. Funky colours and bold prints can give you a glamorous look.

Stand-out Short Haircut Ideas 2012 –

Take a plunge into a bold and voguish transformation! Chop off your locks to a versatile dimension and take full advantage of the sculpting alternatives short hair offers. Experimenting with different haircuts is a fun way to maintain your locks in top shape. Get rid of split ends with regular trims and make sure you don’t get stuck in a style rut by sporting the same crop for series of style seasons. Take a closer look at the following stand-out short haircut ideas 2012 to find out more about your alternatives to accentuate your best features.

BREAKING BEAUTY NEWS: Calvin Klein To Launch Cosmetics Line This Spring! –

We’re guessing you’re already in a jolly mood thanks to the spring sunshine outside, but to put an even bigger smile on your faces this morning we bring you some exciting news: Calvin Klein is to launch a cosmetic line. Eek! The 18-year-old CK One brand will be developed by Coty Prestige into a line of 130 colour cosmetics this Spring.

Celebrity Hair Trend: It’s All About The Middle Part! –

What do Ashley Olsen and Britney Spears have in common? Well, besides them being celebs of course. The answer is: they both love the middle part! And so do we. Click on the pics get some great hair inspiration for this weekend from ten of our favorite celebrities right away!

Looking for information in order to help you begin training for a career in cosmetology, esthetics and skin care, nail technology, massage therapy or hair care? has all of the top cosmetology schools for you to pick from.

Kim Kardashian Inspired Nude Lips Are In This Fashion Season

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

ts-80402116As the calendar prepares to turn to spring and the fruit begins to ripen on the vines, women all over the globe have been awaiting the next hot lip color that was to be revealed as the temperatures start to heat up. To the surprise of many, designers threw the fashion world a giant curveball in recent weeks as starlets and runway queens like Kim Kardashian have been spotted entirely devoid of lipstick altogether. Indeed, nude lips are going to be seen by the masses in the coming months.

The “nude lips” trend has exploded onto the International fashion scene and has been openly embraced by many of the most important figures in the industry. The look certainly conjures up mental associations of nakedness and purity that drive men absolutely wild, but there is a bit more to the experimentation with de-emphasizing the face’s most striking natural feature.

Companies have began to realize that keeping lips pure and often coated in nothing more than a thin layer of gloss is an excellent way to establish a sense of purity, innocence and even an angelic status in their models. While this can obviously garner attention and create visceral reactions in some, it also creates an immediate opportunity for a striking and visually memorable contrast with the wardrobe or with makeup applied to other areas of the face.

In recent years, the obsession with enhancing the look of the eyes through eyeliners and other tricks has taken on a life all its own, and it now reaches so far as to dominate the typical designer and makeup artist’s approach to creating a look. Many artists are choosing to keep the lips a natural color so that they can absolutely go wild with colors and designs surrounding the eyes without making a smooth and beautiful face look like an overly cluttered painting.

As is the case in the fashion world, trends move quicker than chartered jets from Milan to New York City.

Labels from Derick Lam to Tommy Hilfiger have already hopped on the nude-lipped train and are ready to ride it for as long as the public embraces the refreshing trend. The Hilfiger team recently trotted out a model to display their Spring 2012 collections that was adorned in only a clear gloss and light blush coupled with a swinging ponytail, and their minimalist approach was met with acclaim for hitting its mark in displaying the raw power of natural beauty unleashed.

Thousands of women that exist on the very cutting edge of style have already holstered their tiny red cylinders for the time being, anxious to embrace their natural roots and show the world their unaltered smiles within the context of being fashionable and trendy.

The next event in the fashion chain of evolution will be for manufactures to release a slew of products that are designed to enhance the look, shine and perhaps shape of your lips without using anything more than clear gloss.

If you are looking for a start into the fashion trending industry, finding a beauty school or hair school might be the best idea.

How much is your skin absorbing?

Friday, February 10th, 2012

At, we believe one of the biggest issues in the beauty industry is eradicating the harmful chemicals and ingredients in beauty products that may be doing more damage to us than we know. Sure, we all want to look good, and beauty products can help give us a boost of self-esteem, but it’s not worth risking our health.

Which is why we like this enlightening (if a little bit scary) infographic we found on that highlights some of the potentially dangerous ingredients that are in some of our daily beauty products. On average, the skin absorbs 60% of what we put on top of it, with some areas – like the face – even more absorbent than that!

And we’re not just talking about the all-too-common “parabens” buzzword here either. We’re talking:

  • Aluminum
  • Synthetic formaldehyde
  • Toluene
  • Pthalates
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate
  • And more

Via Click to enlarge.

So before you run that beauty product to the cash register, check the ingredient list first. Or, better yet, read our articles on natural and organic beauty products to get more information on how to find ones that are good for your health and your self-esteem.

5 Hollywood beauty secrets made simple

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012


Sure, movie stars have their own cosmetologists and access to some of the best hair and make-up products out there, but surprisingly not all Hollywood beauty secrets come with a designer name or hefty price tag. Many celebrity hairstylists and make-up artists will divulge that sometimes everyday things can become handy, Hollywood-worthy beauty products. Here’s a sneak peek to five secrets that celebrities use that aren’t difficult to find or afford!

  • Salicylic acid — Sounds like a dangerous substance, but salicylic acid can play a key role in your skin’s health. Salicylic acid helps wash away dead skin cells which gives your skin a healthy glow. Look for salicylic acid in skincare products such as face wash. Or, smooth Pepto Bismol on your face. Yep, you heard us right. The stomach-soother contains a gentle form of salicylic acid that can make your tummy feel better and your face glow!
  • Cinnamon oil — Angelina has genes to thank for her prized pout, but with the help of some cinnamon oil you can now have fuller lips, too! When applied to your lips, spicy cinnamon oil increases blood flow which causes the lips to swell temporarily. Apply a little bit with your lip gloss and enjoy a sexy smile!
  • Exfoliaters — Stars have beautiful, flawless skin because they have make-up artists, amazing products, a ton of airbrushing, and they know to exfoliate. A lot. While most of those things probably won’t be available to you, you can easily (and cheaply!) exfoliate. All you need is a good loofah and products that can scrub away dead skill. Look for body wash and face wash that have little “scrubbers” or “beads.” Or make your own sugar scrub by mixing brown sugar, a little bit of olive oil and scented massage oil. Remember it’s not only important to clean your skin but to wash away the dead stuff as well.
  • Dryer sheets — You probably didn’t know a secret beauty product was hiding in your laundry room, huh? Dryer sheets can quickly tame hair fly-a-ways. Just smooth over your hair and watch the static electricity and unruly hairs disappear. An added bonus—your hair will smell extra fresh!
  • Homemade blemish repair — Got a pesky blemish? Many celebrity make-up artists recommend looking for the remedy in the kitchen. Dry it out by mixing a packet of dry yeast with the juice of half a lemon and pat over the blemish. Leave it one for about five minutes to reduce swelling and redness.

See our original post on five inexpensive Hollywood beauty tricks.

2011 Holiday Countdown: Fabulous Gift Ideas for Beauty Fans

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

trends-follow-meIt’s the same question we always ask right around this time of year: What do I get So-and-So? You comb through catalogs and websites, amble past store shelves, and maybe even straight up ask them what they want. If you’re looking, maybe they’ll tell you. Sweet! Pressure is off! If not, you’re back to square one: coming up with great holiday gift ideas for your loved ones.

Well, if you have someone on your list who’s a beauty lover, we’ve got a solution for you: A new online Zazzle store that features unique beauty-centric designs that you can put on everything from tote bags to T-shirts, hoodies to iPhone cases.

For fashionistas, trendsetters and those who love to stand out, check out the #TrendsFollowMe design. A sassy and clever play off the Twitter hashtag, the T-shit comes in 11 different life-on-the-edgestyles and colors – including long sleeve, basic and with a layered look. If you know someone going to or considering beauty school, it comes in black, which makes it perfect for many cosmetology school environments.

For an edgier look, check out the Life on the Edge design, which features a straight razor nod to barbering and an amazing vintage tattoo style. You can get this design in over a dozen different T-shirt styles, as a hoodie, or even as an iPad case or sticker.

All of the options are under $50, which means you don’t have to break the bank to find unique holiday gift ideas for beauty fans or barbering or beauty school students that tick off both the fun and functional checkboxes.

Get fashion gurus and divas and other important people in your life crossed off your Christmas gift lift by visiting the Cosmetology Clothes Zazzle store.’s Holiday Hairstyle Giveaway

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Who doesn’t love free stuff – especially around the holiday season?

We are on the lookout for unique and fabulous holiday hairstyles, and we want you to submit yours to our Facebook photo contest. The winner will get a collection of amazing hair care items absolutely free!

The Prizes:


The Rules:

  • This contest is only for hairstyles, so any entries focusing on clothes, makeup, nails, etc. will not be considered.
  • Photo must have been uploaded to Facebook on or after Monday, November 28th.
  • Participants must tag in the photo.
  • Only “likes” that are entered before noon on Wednesday, December 21st will be counted.
  • agrees to immediately ship the prizes to the winner once we have the correct contact information but cannot guarantee an arrival date.

Want to get an extra like? Tagging in the photo is pretty much required if you want to enter, but any participants who tag in a status update as well will get an additional like from us.

So get into the holiday spirit and show us your creative hairstyling skills! We can’t wait to see what you got!

5 Bedtime Beauty Tips

Thursday, October 13th, 2011


Wish you could get up out of bed and be instantly prettier? Of course you do. If you could altogether avoid or cut in half the daunting task of dolling yourself up for the day – wouldn’t you? Absolutely!

Well, now you can with this list of 5 ways to wake up prettier. No more of those days at work having someone tell you, “Ooh, you look tired.” Nope! You can kiss those days goodbye.

Shower it – then braid it

If you want to achieve that nice wavy look, then stick to this old motherly secret. You’ve heard the saying, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” Well, this bedtime beauty secret is old school for a reason – it’s not broke, so don’t fix it!

Double layer it

Wearing primer over skincare products at night might sound odd, but it allows them to sink in and work their magic. Try it out if you’re a non-believer and see how good you look in the morning.

Keep it tamed

Want to protect yourself from the reincarnation of ‘80s riot hair? Then flip your hair upside down, pull it into a ponytail and secure it tightly (but not too tight – you’ve got to sleep comfortably after all) with a hair tie. No more striking a morning pose looking like Madonna.

The rub

You’re not the only one who wants to be comfortable when you lay yourself down to sleep at night. Your skin wants – no, deserves – to be comfy, too. Next time, moisturize yourself all over – elbows, knees, toes, ankles, armpits. If you can name it – moisturize it.

Get the glow

Self tanner is an important beauty product for maintaining exceptionally vibrant skin throughout the year. The best time to apply it? Right before bed. By self-tanning before bed and letting it dry overnight, you’ll find yourself waking up radiant-er.

By utilizing these 5 beauty-before-bedtime tips, you’ll be well on your way to waking up prettier and saving yourself that bothersome task of getting ready in the morning.

Beauty and the App

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

shutterstock_24727357It seems like there’s a smartphone app for anything and everything these days. Now the beauty industry is even benefitting from our mobile devices.  You can check prices, read reviews, and test out hairstyles and nail polish colors with a simple click on your cell phone.  What’s next — sampling perfume scents and trying on lipstick?  Ok, maybe not yet, but here are our current top five favorite beauty apps for your iPhone or smartphone.

  1. OPI’s iPhone app — Before you head to your manicure check out OPI’s iPhone app.  Instead of wasting time at the salon you can “try on” shades virtually.  The app gives you the chance to check out OPI’s latest colors without having to use any finger nail polish remover!
  2. Sephora to Go — Our favorite beauty store now comes in the palm of our hand! Literally! This app allows you to shop, review past purchases, make a shopping wish list, post ratings and reviews, and scan bar codes for product information.

  3. — Never pay for a beauty product you don’t like or won’t use again! With this app you can read unbiased reviews of 45,000 products on your phone before you go shopping.
  4. iStylist Makeover — This app allows you to load a photo of yourself and see how you’d look in a wide range of hairstyles and colors. Want to see what others think? Easy! You can post the potential hairstyle on Facebook.
  5. MakeupTagg — With MakeupTagg, you can find makeup recommendations based on your eye color, hair and skin tone.  The best thing about it?  You receive three suggestions for each makeup category and at different price points depending on what you want to spend.

Ready to take your passion for the beauty industry from the smartphone into real life? Start looking into beauty school today!

Macy’s Tries Out Self-Serve Beauty

Friday, April 16th, 2010

In an attempt to compete with retailers like Sephora and Ulta, Macy’s is debuting a new self-serve beauty department in select stores around the country. These new beauty outposts have been named “Impulse Beauty”, and are designed to let customers peruse their favorite brands at their leisure.

I, for one, am glad to see this kind of presentation. I prefer to test out a product on my own, rather than have a sales person try it on me. What remains to be seen is whether or not customers feel less pressured by commissioned sales people to make a purchase.

What are your thoughts? Would you like to make your department store beauty purchases in an area like “Impulse Beauty”, or do you prefer traditional beauty counters? Share!