What’s in YOUR beauty school student kit?

Professional cosmetologists use a wide array of equipment to achieve desired looks – equipment they begin to acquire the very first week of beauty school.

After you begin your cosmetology training, it’s time to start investing in everything from shears, clippers and brushes to mannequin heads and more. Many of the professional items included in your student kit can stay strapped to your tool belt years into your professional cosmetology career.

Most cosmetology schools provide student kits and simply include the cost in your tuition. Other schools give you contact information for trusted beauty vendors so you can make your purchase directly. In either case, you will occasionally need to purchase miscellaneous items that are not already included in your kit.

Here is a handy list of sites you can count on to supplement your beauty supplies throughout your training. You can find everything from extensive student kits to smocks and bottles of hair dye.

•    Burmax
•    Jazz-z
•    Universal
•    Sally Beauty Supply
•    My Cosmetology Kit

•    Beauty Kit Solutions
•    Professional Beauty Network
•    Makeupart.net
•    Universal Techniques
•    Marlo Beauty Supply

Unveiling the contents of your student kit is really exciting – it’s kind of like unwrapping your future. It also means that you’ll have at least one mannequin head of your very own!

So what’s in your cosmetology kit? What did you need to purchase that wasn’t in the original package? And if you’re already a professional licensed cosmetologist practicing in the field, what did you get in your original cosmetology student kit that you still use today?

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3 Responses to “What’s in YOUR beauty school student kit?”

  1. Savannah Says:

    I got EVERYTHING i could possibly want in my Paul Mitchell kit …. didn’t need to buy a thing

  2. Fevine-Makeup Artist Says:

    I don’t think any think is left for makeup kit, Almost covered everything

    Need may be different in makeup programs like SFX, STUDIO and ARTISTRY makeup.

  3. Chris Says:

    Well, I’m still in school 4 months into it and I have already replaced almost everything I got in my kit. Sadly I’m not in a good reputable school. They loaded us up with pure junk and charged us about 4x the retail value of the stuff. What I do still use, perm rods, rollers, mannequin stand( although I had to buy another one cause I am too tall for the one supplied.), Mannequin hand and holder, still using the clippers and trimmers. I don’t use them enough to warrant replacing them now. I use the various brushes and combs, but have still added to or upgraded most, with more useful ones. The school issued scissors I only use on the mannequins. I have new shears for clients hair. New blow dryer, curling iron and added a flat iron not supplied in the original kit. We also only got a few color brushes, no bowls, so I had to buy those The nail kit was OPI so that was good, (at least something was decent!) Warning to all you beauty school hopefuls. Be sure to carefully screen any school you are thinking of attending. The difference in quality can be tremendous. The theory instructor at my school can barely read the textbook. It was painful sitting through those classes. She needs to return to high school so she can learn where to put the emphasis in the syl-lab-le. LOL Seriously.

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