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Beauty Trend Weekly Rundown – June 11, 2012

Monday, June 11th, 2012


More Men Enrolling In Cosmetology –

SCHENECTADY — The American Association of Cosmetology reported that more men are enrolling in beauty schools because of the economy. More men are shedding stereotypes and heading into cosmetology classrooms for second and third careers. “We’ve seen an increase in the number of men that are joining us and joining the industry,” said Allison Provenzano from the Orlo School. The cost for cosmetology school is less than an average four year degree. By comparison, a four-year degree from a SUNY school for a New York resident is $84,000, while a cosmetology degree will cost an average of $11,600.

Summer 2012 Makeup & Fashion Trends –

Every season has their trends and this summer is no different. Get new season ready with our need-to-know guide for what’s in this summer. Be assured, whether your swoon for fashion, love to change your hair, keep up with the lasted makeup trends or pamper your nails, there is something for everyone here.

Makeup trend report – winter 2012 –

Winter 2012 sees an exciting mix of trends that span decades and styles to tickle your every makeup whim. Arbonne Cosmetics take us through some of the key looks…

MAC Key Artists report top trends from MBFWA –

After Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia, I had the opportunity to interview 3 Key Artists – Nicole T from Australia, Amber D from New Zealand, and James M who looks after the Asia Pacific region. Here are their top takeaways from MBFWA.

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Beauty Trend Weekly Rundown – March 12, 2012

Monday, March 12th, 2012


Summer Hair Accessories And Trends –

Hair accessories for summer that can make you stand out in the crowd. Certain must have summer accessories are mentioned which are trendy and comfortable. These summer hair trends can be adopted for you to get that perfect look. First, Head bands- They are very trendy and are available in various patterns. Hair accessories can add on to that perfect look and you can be a trend setter this summer. By wearing a head band you can pull off your hair back and get a neat look. For short hair styles headband is a great fashion tip. Head bands stop your hair to fall on your face and gives your face a distinct shape. There are cloth,leather and beaded bands for you to choose from. Funky colours and bold prints can give you a glamorous look.

Stand-out Short Haircut Ideas 2012 –

Take a plunge into a bold and voguish transformation! Chop off your locks to a versatile dimension and take full advantage of the sculpting alternatives short hair offers. Experimenting with different haircuts is a fun way to maintain your locks in top shape. Get rid of split ends with regular trims and make sure you don’t get stuck in a style rut by sporting the same crop for series of style seasons. Take a closer look at the following stand-out short haircut ideas 2012 to find out more about your alternatives to accentuate your best features.

BREAKING BEAUTY NEWS: Calvin Klein To Launch Cosmetics Line This Spring! –

We’re guessing you’re already in a jolly mood thanks to the spring sunshine outside, but to put an even bigger smile on your faces this morning we bring you some exciting news: Calvin Klein is to launch a cosmetic line. Eek! The 18-year-old CK One brand will be developed by Coty Prestige into a line of 130 colour cosmetics this Spring.

Celebrity Hair Trend: It’s All About The Middle Part! –

What do Ashley Olsen and Britney Spears have in common? Well, besides them being celebs of course. The answer is: they both love the middle part! And so do we. Click on the pics get some great hair inspiration for this weekend from ten of our favorite celebrities right away!

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The Prodigal Pink Blush and Doll House Trend

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

ts-105774749After a long absence, there was finally a hint of pink at New York Fashion Week as makeup artists returned to a pink cheek and lip color this season. And whether paired with neon lashes or power brows, the pink palette proved to be highly versatile in all its forms.

Pink cheeks created the immensely popular “doll house” look at Balmain, Oscar de la Renta and Louis Vuitton. Makeup artists used light reflecting foundation to impart the illusion of dew-kissed skin. Creamy blushes that ranged from sheer rose to petal pink helped achieve a delicate painted-on cheek.

While pink lips accentuated the sporty athletic look of DKNY, Isabel Marant and Timo Weiland. An assortment of berry-, coral- and rose-colored glosses and lipsticks set off the apricot glow of sun-swept cheeks.

A soft pink palette works well on all skin tones by day or night. Judging by the long list of stars popping up on the red carpet, it is a perennial favorite at the Oscars too. According to US Weekly, Tina Fey wore Ultra Shine Lipgloss in Sugar Pink by Tom Ford Beauty. Cameron Diaz wore Rouge in Love in Roses In Love by Lancome.

You can get the trendy pink glow when you start with a clean, exfoliated face. Apply moisturizer and a hydrating foundation or luminizer to create the look of dewy-skin. Brush the tops of your cheeks with a light pink blush. For a more sculptured cheek, add a moisturizing blush down the sides of your cheeks in peach bronze to create contours.

Prepare chapped lips with a thin film of lip balm. The Glamour magazine website recommends buffing lips with a damp washcloth or sliding a piece of ice along your lips to prevent lipstick from bleeding. The idea is similar to rinsing your face with cool water to close pores. From a physical science standpoint, cool temperatures force skin cells to shrink and prevent lip color from settling into the skin above and below your lip line. Keep in mind skin cells expand when they reach ambient temperatures and create a larger surface area, which leaves a gap between the lip color and lip line.

Apply a moisturizing lipstick straight from the tube, then blend the color with a fingertip or blot with a tissue to maximize staying power. Concentrate the color in the center of your mouth because that is where the color wears off the quickest. You can always add a layer of gloss for additional shine. The beauty of pale pinks is that you cannot go wrong. You can play it up or down and create a look that is all your own.

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Beauty Trend Weekly Rundown – February 29, 2012

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012


Fun with Color Blocking :: Hair, Makeup & Nails –

Color blocking has crossed over from the fashion scene to the beauty scene. What was once popularized on the runway, color blocking has now become mainstream in hair and makeup trends. For those who aren’t familiar with the trend, color blocking is basically matching two or more shades, which creates a vibrant pop.

Reboot your beautiful self this year –

FOUNDATION Spring/summer 2012 foundation will be natural and fresh-looking, according to Bobbi Brown of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. “Make-up trends come and go but flawless, polished-looking skin never goes out of style. For a lit-from-within look, try a sheer, silky powder formula that’ll help brighten your complexion,” she says.

G-Dragon vs. Lee Hong Ki – Who Looks Better with the ‘Croissant Hair’? –

G-Dragon’s Sensational Hair. Right before Big Bang’s comeback, photos of G-Dragon’s hairstyle was released to the public. The hairstyle itself was sensational. One side of his head was shaved all the way up and the long hair on the opposite side of his head went all the way down to his chin. G-Dragon was always known as the first one to try something new and unique since he first debuted. Even though his sense of style has been praised upon by his fans, this hair style shocked the fans rather than impress them. G-Dragon can pull of anything though. He could pull off wearing female clothing, play around with outrageous clothing and can even pull off ridiculous hairstyles

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2011 Top Beauty Product of the Year: Nail Polish

Friday, December 16th, 2011

As the year comes to an end, most of us are wondering how we will transition the favorite trends of 2011 into something new for 2012. This year reintroduced the public to edgier fashions, eclectic hairstyling options, and both innovative and creative beauty trends. Women enjoyed a return to vintage hair and beauty trends – from 1930-inspired buns and twists to edgier 1980-esque fashions like angular hair cuts, bright lipsticks and bold nail designs. 2011 brought on new nail trends like ombre nail art and textured polishes, as well as embellished nail design. If you’re wondering which of this year’s best beauty trends will get left behind and which ones will carry over to the New Year, check out our 2011 beauty recap and 2012 style outlook.

From the Salon to the Kitchen Table
One trend that is predicted to continue into 2012 is the recession’s impact on personal spending. As most consumers have been forced into conservative spending habits, fashionistas have taken creative measures to maintain their skin care and beauty regimens. Rather than spending cold hard cash on medi/pedi treatments at the salon, women have taken on the challenge of maintaining their nails at home – and they’re loving the results! A recent article in Women’s Wear Daily reported nail polish sales were up 59 percent and were one of the year’s best-selling beauty products.

And women are keeping it professional at home, topping off their DIY manicures with top and base coats. The Women’s Wear Daily piece reports that the sales of colored lacquer, basecoats and topcoats were up 50 percent this year.

2011 nail design trends like crackle topcoats, nail decals and magnetic nail polish have allowed women to become more creative with their manicures. Some artistically inclined women are even taking on DIY nail design. Even considering consumer’s frugal spending, beauty industry reports show that women still see nail polish as a luxury – especially considering the wide variety of celebrity-indorsed nail polish products. Within the last year, celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and even the Kardashian Klan have launched their own branded nail polishes.

New trends in fashion have re-introduced bold, bright colors onto the fashion and beauty scene and woman have not been shy about adopting these styles and colors in their repertoire. Both pre-teens and career professionals have been seen sporting the new neutrals in nail color: navy and royal blues, ombre design and gray. Another major trend expected to carry over from 2011 are Shellac techniques. These super durable topcoats were not only a 2011 trend, but are also a functional necessity for women on the go. Shellac techniques will surely be used in 2012 and will be especially needed for nail art such as ombre, striped or hand-painted designs.

While it is difficult to forecast what will be popular in the upcoming year, beauty insiders predict that women will continue to invest in life’s small luxuries like nail art and nail design trend in 2012 to give a fresh boost to their look and make them feel fabulous and confident.