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Beauty Trend Weekly Rundown – February 29, 2012

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012


Fun with Color Blocking :: Hair, Makeup & Nails –

Color blocking has crossed over from the fashion scene to the beauty scene. What was once popularized on the runway, color blocking has now become mainstream in hair and makeup trends. For those who aren’t familiar with the trend, color blocking is basically matching two or more shades, which creates a vibrant pop.

Reboot your beautiful self this year –

FOUNDATION Spring/summer 2012 foundation will be natural and fresh-looking, according to Bobbi Brown of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. “Make-up trends come and go but flawless, polished-looking skin never goes out of style. For a lit-from-within look, try a sheer, silky powder formula that’ll help brighten your complexion,” she says.

G-Dragon vs. Lee Hong Ki – Who Looks Better with the ‘Croissant Hair’? –

G-Dragon’s Sensational Hair. Right before Big Bang’s comeback, photos of G-Dragon’s hairstyle was released to the public. The hairstyle itself was sensational. One side of his head was shaved all the way up and the long hair on the opposite side of his head went all the way down to his chin. G-Dragon was always known as the first one to try something new and unique since he first debuted. Even though his sense of style has been praised upon by his fans, this hair style shocked the fans rather than impress them. G-Dragon can pull of anything though. He could pull off wearing female clothing, play around with outrageous clothing and can even pull off ridiculous hairstyles

Looking for information in order to help you begin training for a career in cosmetology, esthetics and skin care, nail technology, massage therapy or hair care? has all of the top cosmetology schools for you to pick from.

Escuelas de Belleza: El Primer Paso Hacia a un Futuro Prominente!

Monday, February 27th, 2012

shutterstock_65325283Las personas interesadas en emprender una profesión prometedora tienen la opción de matricularse en una escuela de belleza y estudiar cosmetología. Con entrenamiento especializado puede disfrutar de una carrera llena de oportunidades y mucha posibilidad de crecimiento.

Usted puede ganar mucho estudiando en una escuela de belleza en América. Las escuelas de belleza proveen oportunidades para educación práctica. Son la mejor opción de educación para los innovadores en moda porque tienen que adaptarse constantemente a los cambios de estilos.

Las escuelas de belleza ofrecen muchos programas con horarios y duración variada. En entrenamiento básico de todos los programas incluyen aplicación de color, shampoo y estilismo de pelo. Otros cursos, como aplicación de maquillaje, cuidado del las uñas y cuidado de la piel también son ofrecidos por muchas escuelas de belleza.

Los estudiantes que asisten a escuelas de belleza tienen muchas opciones sobre la duración del programa que eligen y el horario a tiempo parcial o tiempo completo. Los estudiantes que desean completar su educación rápidamente eligen el programa a tiempo completo mientras los estudiantes que ya están trabajando pueden asistir a tiempo parcial completando sus clases en el horario nocturno. Para asegurar su graduación, todos los estudiantes necesitan completar un mínimo de horas de entrenamiento. Ellos pasan algunas horas en el aula, aprendiendo teoría y técnicas de estilo y color en la clínica. Las escuelas ofrecen flexibilidad total en términos de horario para que los estudiantes puedan completar el curso y seguir con sus trabajos particulares.

Las escuelas de belleza usan métodos y técnicas de educación diferentes como demostraciones en vivo por profesores capacitados, videos, ejemplos del texto educacional e ilustraciones. Algunas escuelas adoptan un planteamiento de 3 fases: entrenamiento básico, adaptivo y creativo. El entrenamiento básico incluye una introducción al estilismo de pelo, maquillaje y cuidado de uñas. El entrenamiento adaptivo incluye gerencia de salón y materias relacionadas con las leyes estatales. En la fase de entrenamiento creativo, los estudiantes adquieren experiencia práctica trabajando con clientes diferentes.

Independientemente de su afiliación educacional o del programa de entrenamiento, los estudiantes tienen que asistir y pasar el examen estatal de cosmetología. Todos necesitan su licencia estatal para trabajar como esteticista, cosmetólogo o estilista de pelo.

Estas escuelas son realmente avenidas de educación llenas de oportunidad creativa donde los estudiantes tienen mucha flexibilidad para aprender. Los programas de educación a tiempo completo que conducen hacia un diploma asociado normalmente toman 9 meses para completar. Los cursos de pedicura y manicura son más cortos.

Las oportunidades de trabajo para las personas que se gradúan de las escuelas de belleza continúan creciendo, hasta en tiempos económicamente difíciles. Cosmetólogos, estilistas de pelo y de cuidado de uñas están experimentando un índice de crecimiento de empleos en el país entero. Los especialistas de cuidado de piel y los maquillistas también tienen mejores perspectivas de trabajo.

La mayoría de las escuelas de belleza ayudan a los estudiantes cuando se gradúan a adquirir trabajo. Pero este servicio no lo ofrecen las universidades tradicionales de belleza. Los cosmetólogos que se gradúan de una escuela de belleza en los Estados Unidos pueden vivir cómodamente. Las estadísticas del año pasado muestran que los cosmetólogos que se gradúan de las escuelas de belleza ganan en promedio un salario de $35,000 anual, en una ciudad promedia, que es comparable con los estudiantes que se gradúan de una universidad tradicional. Además, los cosmetólogos también ganan una buena cantidad de dinero basado en las propinas. Otros ingresos vienen cuando trabajan free-lance en familiares y amigos.

A diferencia de la educación tradicional, el entrenamiento y la educación que los estudiantes reciben en las escuelas de belleza son mucho más prácticos. Esta es una de las razones mayores por cual hay tantas personas estudiando en escuelas de belleza.

Las escuelas de belleza y escuelas de cosmetología son definitivamente la mejor fuente de educación para emprender una carrera prometedora.

Kim Kardashian Inspired Nude Lips Are In This Fashion Season

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

ts-80402116As the calendar prepares to turn to spring and the fruit begins to ripen on the vines, women all over the globe have been awaiting the next hot lip color that was to be revealed as the temperatures start to heat up. To the surprise of many, designers threw the fashion world a giant curveball in recent weeks as starlets and runway queens like Kim Kardashian have been spotted entirely devoid of lipstick altogether. Indeed, nude lips are going to be seen by the masses in the coming months.

The “nude lips” trend has exploded onto the International fashion scene and has been openly embraced by many of the most important figures in the industry. The look certainly conjures up mental associations of nakedness and purity that drive men absolutely wild, but there is a bit more to the experimentation with de-emphasizing the face’s most striking natural feature.

Companies have began to realize that keeping lips pure and often coated in nothing more than a thin layer of gloss is an excellent way to establish a sense of purity, innocence and even an angelic status in their models. While this can obviously garner attention and create visceral reactions in some, it also creates an immediate opportunity for a striking and visually memorable contrast with the wardrobe or with makeup applied to other areas of the face.

In recent years, the obsession with enhancing the look of the eyes through eyeliners and other tricks has taken on a life all its own, and it now reaches so far as to dominate the typical designer and makeup artist’s approach to creating a look. Many artists are choosing to keep the lips a natural color so that they can absolutely go wild with colors and designs surrounding the eyes without making a smooth and beautiful face look like an overly cluttered painting.

As is the case in the fashion world, trends move quicker than chartered jets from Milan to New York City.

Labels from Derick Lam to Tommy Hilfiger have already hopped on the nude-lipped train and are ready to ride it for as long as the public embraces the refreshing trend. The Hilfiger team recently trotted out a model to display their Spring 2012 collections that was adorned in only a clear gloss and light blush coupled with a swinging ponytail, and their minimalist approach was met with acclaim for hitting its mark in displaying the raw power of natural beauty unleashed.

Thousands of women that exist on the very cutting edge of style have already holstered their tiny red cylinders for the time being, anxious to embrace their natural roots and show the world their unaltered smiles within the context of being fashionable and trendy.

The next event in the fashion chain of evolution will be for manufactures to release a slew of products that are designed to enhance the look, shine and perhaps shape of your lips without using anything more than clear gloss.

If you are looking for a start into the fashion trending industry, finding a beauty school or hair school might be the best idea.

Can you attend beauty school online?

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Unfortunately, there’s not much of an avenue for online beauty schools right now. Training to become a cosmetology or esthetician or nail technician requires far too much hands-on education, practicing the skills and techniques you’ll need in your career. However, there are a few areas where online beauty school might be possible:

  • There are some individual online beauty school courses available that are primarily theoretical and can be used toward continuing beauty education units for license renewal.
  • Once you’re in beauty school or you’ve already graduated, there are tons of online cosmetology study resources available to help you review and further prepare to take your cosmetology license exam.
  • If your dream is to advance your beauty career and possibly one day open your own salon or spa, it would benefit you to get a business degree, and there are loads of online business degrees that are available. You could further your education without losing time in the salon.

For more information on beauty schools, check out our Resources section or start searching for a beauty or cosmetology school near you right now.

Beauty Schools In Los Angeles: A great place to go to school

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Summer is here and it’s easy to relax and lounge in the sun but if you could combine a summer vacation environment with getting an education? Attending beauty schools in Los Angeles allows you to be around a warm climate all the time. There are many other important factors to look at when finding a beauty school though in addition to the area, the local attractions and the climate.

Here are a few handy questions to ask yourself:

- Is my school accredited?
- Does my school offer cosmetology scholarships?
- Will my school assist with financial aid?
- Does my school have a student salon?
- Will my school help with job placement?

Beauty schools in Los Angeles offer many great opportunities to start your career. To find out which the cosmetology schools in the area, watch the video below.

Mineral Makeup – The Hot New Trend in Beauty Schools Today

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Do you ever wish there was an alternative to your normal makeup routine? There is. It’s called mineral makeup, a hot new trend in beauty today. Many beauty schools include mineral makeup in their makeup artist program.

Let’s brush on some of the benefits of mineral makeup. It’s all natural. These minerals come straight from the Earth. Fans of mineral makeup rave about the lightness and the long-lasting glow. Some claim it’s healthier on the skin.

Now let’s take a harder look in the mirror. Critics dispute the health-enhancing benefits and claim most other cosmetics have mineral compounds anyway.

But let’s not bat an eyelash. A hot trend is a hot trend. Discover what the fuss is about. Mineral makeup ranges in price from under $10 to over $50. One top brand in mineral makeup is Bare Escentuals. The company won a 2010 Glammy Beauty Award for its foundation product sold in department/specialty stores.

Other noted brands include PUR Minerals, Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup, Colorscience Mineral Makeup and Mineral Hygienics Mineral Makeup.


Hairstylist Ted Gibson to Promote Cosmetology Education

Friday, April 9th, 2010

ted_gibson1Celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson has added yet another credit to his already impressive resume. In addition to running his eponymous NYC salon (which is to die for, by the way), namesake product line, and appearing on the hit TLC show “What Not To Wear”, Mr. Gibson is the new spokesperson for the American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS).

According to WWD, in his new role, Ted will raise awareness about the importance of a cosmetology education. For example, Ted could possible speak to members of Congress this fall to encourage government support for beauty school students. Pretty cool, huh?

It’s great to see someone as accomplished as Ted Gibson give back to the beauty school community. A rarity, to be sure! Who else would you like to see become involved in the cosmetology education community?

Beauty School Raises $22,500 for Haiti Earthquake Relief

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

marinello-beauty-school It’s been just over a month since the devastating earthquake in Haiti, and organizations and charities around the county are still in need of aid for the earthquake-ravaged country. Charities and corporations aren’t the only ones pitching in to help Haiti. California-based Marinello Schools of Beauty recently raised an impressive $22,500 in funds for Haiti.

Marinello donated the proceeds from all student salon and spa services performed on January 16th throughout its 41 campuses. Students, staff and faculty took to the internet to get the word out through the use of Twitter, Facebook and email campaigns. As a result almost 1,500 guests got pampered in support of this worthy cause. All the money raised will be donated to the American Red Cross.

Is your cosmetology school raising funds for Haiti earthquake relief or other charitable causes in your community? Please share!

The Greatest Beauty School Commercial Ever

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

This hilarious beauty school commercial is part of a series called “I Love Local Commercials”. The series is being created by Rhett&Link (Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal), a North Carolina-based comedy duo and life-long best friends.

To be part of the series, local businesses are nominated or nominate themselves for a free commercial. All costs are provided for by Rhett&Link’s sponsor, Microbelt. So, yes, this is a real school and a semi-real commercial.

According to Rhett&Link’s behind the scenes video, the duo visited Salt Lake City Community College’s campus but weren’t feeling inspired to create the commercial until they spotted the Barbering and Cosmetology school sign advertising $2 men’s haircuts. Upon investigation, they “quickly became entranced by the strange collection of fake heads and the students meticulously styling them.” And a commercial was born!


Beauty Schools in the News – October 16

Friday, October 16th, 2009


State College of Beauty Culture in Wausau, Wisconsin

State College of Beauty Culture in Wasau is hosting its annual Cuts for Cancer to raise funds for local charities on October 29. This Wisconsin beauty school is supporting October’s Breast Cancer Awareness theme with several “pink” fundraiser ideas, including a cut-a-thon where all haircut proceeds will be donated for local cancer charities! Cut hair 10 inches or longer will also be donated to Locks of Love.

Read the full article here.
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