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Can you attend beauty school online?

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Unfortunately, there’s not much of an avenue for online beauty schools right now. Training to become a cosmetology or esthetician or nail technician requires far too much hands-on education, practicing the skills and techniques you’ll need in your career. However, there are a few areas where online beauty school might be possible:

  • There are some individual online beauty school courses available that are primarily theoretical and can be used toward continuing beauty education units for license renewal.
  • Once you’re in beauty school or you’ve already graduated, there are tons of online cosmetology study resources available to help you review and further prepare to take your cosmetology license exam.
  • If your dream is to advance your beauty career and possibly one day open your own salon or spa, it would benefit you to get a business degree, and there are loads of online business degrees that are available. You could further your education without losing time in the salon.

For more information on beauty schools, check out our Resources section or start searching for a beauty or cosmetology school near you right now.

Brushing up your cosmetology skills online?

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

When licensed beauty professionals need a brush-up on training – what’s the best way to continue your education? Some beauty schools are now offering online cosmetology training courses for licensed beauty professionals. Why? It’s easy and flexible.

Since higher education has largely turned to the Internet, students can now take classes from institutions that are not even located in their city, or state for that matter. Now, beauty schools are seeing the transition to online beauty classes, and don’t want to be left unplugged!

Given that this is a new avenue for beauty schools, there are some rules. You must already have your cosmetology license to take online continuing education beauty courses. Not all states accept online training for additional certificates or mandatory continued education so make sure you check with your state’s cosmetology licensing requirements before you enroll in online beauty school classes.

If you live in a state where you can enroll in online beauty courses then it can be the perfect way to brush up on your cosmetology skills or learn new beauty methods or procedures. Some of the courses you can take are:
• Additional coloring methods
• Mandatory sanitation information
• Building your career tips
• And more!

We know that attending a cosmetology school in the flesh is the best way to get hands-on cosmetology training. But in an online environment, you don’t have to worry about when to go to beauty school – it’s all in front of you on your computer on your own schedule. It’s perfect for stylists who want to continue their cosmetology education and not have to go to a classroom, or for individuals wanting to return to a beauty profession they left for a while. But

What about you? Have you thought about, or ever taken any online beauty school classes? Do you feel you get as much out of it as a class in a real beauty school?