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Celebrity Spring Hair Trends

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

celebrity-hair-trendsSpring is here and with it comes warm weather, a little rain and a lot of color! While color is a sign that nature is gearing up for change, color can also help to update and modernized our look as well. As spring approaches, some women will want to complete their seasonal style transformation with a new and exciting hair color or stylish hair cut. If you’re wondering how you can infuse the spirit of spring into your day-to-day style, go bold with a brightly colored tress. Or, if bold colors aren’t your style, try muted tones of silvery blond or gray. Either way, you’ll be on trend and ready for spring!

Go Gray
One of the biggest hairstyling trends that has carried over into 2012 is color. Interestingly enough, the color for the day is gray. Whether you are young or a little more mature, gray is the “it” color of the moment. Gray tresses have been popping up all over fashion magazines and runways – proving that gray is not just for the Bing Hall anymore. Hollywood starlets like Katy Perry and Kelly Osbourne have been spotted sporting the Geriatric Couture hair colors. While Katy Perry is currently sporting an electric blue tress, she has been known to accent her baby blue locks with silvery blond highlights. Kelly Osbourne, on the other hand, is probably best known for her all-over blue-gray tress.

Get Some Color
Last year, one of the hottest trends in hair was ombre color blocking. The ombre trend was huge because it can be applied in a variety of color applications and works for women of all ages. One of the easiest ways to incorporate the ombre trend in your hair color is with darker roots and lighter tips. Several celebrities are sporting this look including model Kate Moss, actress Diana Argon, and television personality Kloe Kardashian. This trend works well with blonds or brunettes and involves blending darker-toned roots with honey, brown and blond ends. If you are looking to jazz up your ombre color, try adding a hint of vanilla blond to your tress or a bold, bright color.

Color isn’t just for blonds or brunettes, redheads can certainly get in on the fun too! This spring, redheads should think about turning up their color. Celebrities redheads like Christina Hendricks and Emma Stone have put redheads back on the map with their intensely rich shades of red. If you are really bold, opt for rainbow styling and try a shade of reddish/pink or a ombre design using red tones.

Go To New Lengths
One of the biggest hair trends for spring are short hairstyles. The pixie cut and the bob are back with a vengeance and have been revamped for 2012. Try a modern bob that is accented with color and textured with waves or curls. Or, leave your short style straight and slick it back with a styling gel for a carefree wet look. Australian actress Rachel Taylor and English actress Keira Knightley have both been spotted sporting this trend.

If you have a medium length tress, talk to your stylist about pinning your hair under for a faux bob without the commitment of cutting your hair. While short styles are on trend, women with long locks may want to take advantage of their length with elegant and messy updos that give the illusion of shorter locks. Add fun hair accessories like feathers, clips and necklaces to take your updo from fun to fantastic!

If you are looking for a start into the fashion trending industry, finding a beauty school or cosmetology school might be the best idea.

Kim Kardashian Inspired Nude Lips Are In This Fashion Season

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

ts-80402116As the calendar prepares to turn to spring and the fruit begins to ripen on the vines, women all over the globe have been awaiting the next hot lip color that was to be revealed as the temperatures start to heat up. To the surprise of many, designers threw the fashion world a giant curveball in recent weeks as starlets and runway queens like Kim Kardashian have been spotted entirely devoid of lipstick altogether. Indeed, nude lips are going to be seen by the masses in the coming months.

The “nude lips” trend has exploded onto the International fashion scene and has been openly embraced by many of the most important figures in the industry. The look certainly conjures up mental associations of nakedness and purity that drive men absolutely wild, but there is a bit more to the experimentation with de-emphasizing the face’s most striking natural feature.

Companies have began to realize that keeping lips pure and often coated in nothing more than a thin layer of gloss is an excellent way to establish a sense of purity, innocence and even an angelic status in their models. While this can obviously garner attention and create visceral reactions in some, it also creates an immediate opportunity for a striking and visually memorable contrast with the wardrobe or with makeup applied to other areas of the face.

In recent years, the obsession with enhancing the look of the eyes through eyeliners and other tricks has taken on a life all its own, and it now reaches so far as to dominate the typical designer and makeup artist’s approach to creating a look. Many artists are choosing to keep the lips a natural color so that they can absolutely go wild with colors and designs surrounding the eyes without making a smooth and beautiful face look like an overly cluttered painting.

As is the case in the fashion world, trends move quicker than chartered jets from Milan to New York City.

Labels from Derick Lam to Tommy Hilfiger have already hopped on the nude-lipped train and are ready to ride it for as long as the public embraces the refreshing trend. The Hilfiger team recently trotted out a model to display their Spring 2012 collections that was adorned in only a clear gloss and light blush coupled with a swinging ponytail, and their minimalist approach was met with acclaim for hitting its mark in displaying the raw power of natural beauty unleashed.

Thousands of women that exist on the very cutting edge of style have already holstered their tiny red cylinders for the time being, anxious to embrace their natural roots and show the world their unaltered smiles within the context of being fashionable and trendy.

The next event in the fashion chain of evolution will be for manufactures to release a slew of products that are designed to enhance the look, shine and perhaps shape of your lips without using anything more than clear gloss.

If you are looking for a start into the fashion trending industry, finding a beauty school or hair school might be the best idea.

Wedding Hairstyle Tips: Ways to Ensure You Have the Best Hair Day Ever

Friday, January 27th, 2012


The perfect dress is nothing without the perfect wedding hairstyle to complement it. Your hair is basically an accessory that you must plan for accordingly, so you look and feel beautiful on that special day. You can make sure you look amazing and feel confident by heeding a few suggestions.

Prioritize Your Pre-Bridal Appointment
Your pre-bridal appointment is a crucial step in preparing you to walk down the aisle. People think that it’s only for the hairstylist to practice, but it’s just as important for you to see the hairstyle in action and tweak what you do or don’t like. Ask your stylist for advice regarding which hairstyles will look best based on the neckline and other aspects of your dress. You’ll also want to inquire about how long you should grow your hair because longer doesn’t necessarily mean better. After your stylist finishes your hair, you can decide whether you like it or not. Even if you aren’t fond of it, you still learn what not to do for your wedding. Remember to bring all of your hairpieces and accessories with you.

Get Real
If you expect to bring in a picture of your favorite celebrity’s tresses and leave the salon looking exactly like her, you’ll probably be in for a little disappointment. Her style cost her thousands of dollars and may have taken all day. Not to mention, her look may have used extensions and other added features that your budget may not allow for. Instead, pick pictures as inspiration and allow for some flexibility based on your own hair’s thickness, length and texture.

To Wash or Not to Wash
You’ve probably been told not to wash your hair before you style it because it holds curls and other styles better, and this is true for most people – to a point. The natural oils in your hair can help to maintain a healthy shine and keep your hair in place, so you shouldn’t wash your hair right before your wedding. Instead, wash it the night before. Note: You’ll still want to consult your hairstylist for exact washing instructions in case you have hair that is prone to oil buildup.

Weather Isn’t Always Your Fair-weather Friend
Make sure you take into consideration the weather when you’re planning. If you’re not going to get married in your area, you may want to do some research. You’ll want to know what the average humidity is because curls and low-flowing styles don’t withstand high humidity well, especially if you’re having an outdoor ceremony.

Trending This Year
Each year brings new trends for wedding hairstyles. Updos are still very much in style, but nontraditional, softer looks are what’s in this year. For 2012, many hairdos are starting at the nape of the neck for a more laidback look. It’s not all about bejeweled tiaras and diamond-studded barrettes anymore. Many brides are opting for real flowers give their hair a fresh and whimsical look. You may opt for silk flowers, as well.

Leave the Crewnecks in Your Dresser
The absolute No. 1 tip for having great hair the day of your wedding is to wear a zip-up hoodie or a button-up blouse when you go to get your hair done on your wedding day. You don’t want to mess up your wedding hairstyle when you remove your tight shirt over top of your head.

Makeup Tips: When to Throw Out Old Makeup

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

beauty-school-makeupLike most women, you probably have invested in a number of pricey skin care products that aim to help women achieve healthy, clear skin. But have you ever stopped to think about how your makeup might be affecting the quality of your skin? If you are still using makeup from the last decade, you could be contaminating your skin. A recent study performed on British women revealed most women continue using their old makeup well past the product’s expiration date. Furthermore, the study also revealed that 89% of women were unaware of the fact that their makeup has an expiration date, although in many cases it is not listed clearly on the product.

While most women understand the risk of sleeping in makeup (although 81% of us regularly do so), few actually understand the implications that can arise from using expired makeup. Old make-up can cause a host of skin problems including skin infections, acne, sties and peri-oral dermatitis, a condition that causes the development of rash-like red bumps. If you are one of the 60% of women who shares their old makeup with friends, you are not only exposing yourself to harmful bacteria, but also exposing your friends as well.

Considering the staggering cost of most makeup, it is understandable why many of us, 68% to be exact, only replace make-up once it runs out, opposed to when the product expires. So the next time you get ready to apply that year-old mascara and eyeliner, think again. If you’ve been using old makeup, check out some of our recommendations for proper makeup usage and disposal.

Eye Makeup
Of all makeup items, mascara is the one you will need to replace regularly. According to the study, most women kept their mascara for a year, even though it should be replaced every two to three months. Mascara can breed icky bacteria that can lead to eye irritation, conjunctivitis and sties. While most women keep their powdered eye shadow for 180 months, it should be replaced each year. Cream-based eye shadows can grow bacteria more quickly than powders and should be replaced every 6 months. Liquid or pencil eyeliners should be replaced four times a year.

Foundation and Concealers
The study of British women also revealed that women tended to keep their concealer for two years, even though it should be replaced every 12 months. Generally, powder and stick concealers can last up to a year, while liquid concealers, which are more prone to breed bacteria, should be tossed after 6-12 months. If you buy your foundation in bulk, don’t worry. Unopened foundation can last for a few years.

Storage and Cleaning
Unfortunately, most of us store our makeup and makeup brushed in our moisture-rich bathrooms. You can extend the life of your favorite products by storing them in a dry, dark place. If you find you have frequent acne breakouts, you might be one of the 72% of women who never wash their make-up sponges or brushes. Be sure to wash these items regularly and you will surely see a difference in your skin.

Sparkle in your eyes: The dos and don’ts of Halloween eye glitter

Monday, October 17th, 2011
Courtesy of deansloan65 via Flickr

Courtesy of binababy123 via Flickr

Going to a costume party this Halloween? If so, chances are you have some accessories to spice up your costume – maybe a witch’s hat, crazy jewelry or some festive makeup. If fun Halloween makeup is in your costume plans, you might want to read some of our tips before you go hitting the glittery eyes for that awesome Ke$ha costume you’re planning.

While glitter can add instant glitz and glam, it can also cause eye injuries, discomfort and infections if not used correctly. Big chunks of glitter that fall into the eye can scratch the cornea and leave your eyes bloodshot. Unless you’re going for monster or zombie makeup, you probably don’t want that.

Here are a few Halloween makeup tips on how to have glittery, yet pain-free, eyes:

  • Never use glitter that isn’t intended to be makeup! Don’t think you can sprinkle craft store glitter on your eyelids. It is often cut in bigger chunks and made out of metal which could scratch your cornea or irritate your eye.
  • Before you pile on a bunch of glitter, test it out on your skin. Does it irritate your skin? Does it fall easily into your eyes? Make sure you know before you wear it all night.
  • Is it a loose glitter or liquid? If it’s a glittery “goo” that has to be applied with a brush or stick, it’s better to put on your eyelids than “loose” glitter. Loose glitter will fly into your eyes and irritate you – or worse, scratch your eyes.
  • Read the instructions! If it says, “not intended for use around the eyes” or “avoid eye area,” don’t put it on your eyes! Some glitter is made to brush on your cheeks but not meant for eyes. Stick to the directions.
  • Apply the glitter over a layer of liquid or cream eye shadow. If glitter has a “sticky” base to hold on to, it’s less likely to fall into your eyes throughout the night. A bonus is you can make some cool colors combinations!

Enchanting, sparkly eyes can really add to your magical Halloween costume. The trick is using the right kind of glitter and applying it correctly so your Halloween makeup looks beautiful from start to finish.

5 Bedtime Beauty Tips

Thursday, October 13th, 2011


Wish you could get up out of bed and be instantly prettier? Of course you do. If you could altogether avoid or cut in half the daunting task of dolling yourself up for the day – wouldn’t you? Absolutely!

Well, now you can with this list of 5 ways to wake up prettier. No more of those days at work having someone tell you, “Ooh, you look tired.” Nope! You can kiss those days goodbye.

Shower it – then braid it

If you want to achieve that nice wavy look, then stick to this old motherly secret. You’ve heard the saying, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” Well, this bedtime beauty secret is old school for a reason – it’s not broke, so don’t fix it!

Double layer it

Wearing primer over skincare products at night might sound odd, but it allows them to sink in and work their magic. Try it out if you’re a non-believer and see how good you look in the morning.

Keep it tamed

Want to protect yourself from the reincarnation of ‘80s riot hair? Then flip your hair upside down, pull it into a ponytail and secure it tightly (but not too tight – you’ve got to sleep comfortably after all) with a hair tie. No more striking a morning pose looking like Madonna.

The rub

You’re not the only one who wants to be comfortable when you lay yourself down to sleep at night. Your skin wants – no, deserves – to be comfy, too. Next time, moisturize yourself all over – elbows, knees, toes, ankles, armpits. If you can name it – moisturize it.

Get the glow

Self tanner is an important beauty product for maintaining exceptionally vibrant skin throughout the year. The best time to apply it? Right before bed. By self-tanning before bed and letting it dry overnight, you’ll find yourself waking up radiant-er.

By utilizing these 5 beauty-before-bedtime tips, you’ll be well on your way to waking up prettier and saving yourself that bothersome task of getting ready in the morning.

Winter Beauty Tips: Keep Your Look Hot Even in the Cold!

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011


Winter can be tough on hair and skin.  The cold, the dry air and the lack of sunshine leave us with flaky skin, lifeless hair and a dull complexion.  Winter doesn’t have to leave us as ragged looking as we feel though!  With these five winter beauty tips you can get your glow back and feel beautiful.  What we can’t promise, however, is a change in the forecast…

Beat the winter beauty blues:

1)    Moisturize-  Using lotion on your hands and body should be a given year-round, but it’s especially important to moisturize even more this time of year.  Use rich, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner on your hair, use creamy face cleansers rather than gels, and use a leave-in conditioning hair treatment once a week.  Putting lotion on your feet and slipping on a pair of socks before bed is a great way to keep your toes sandal-ready even in the winter.

2)    Put on a mask- Using a moisturizing mask once a week can help retain moisture and keep away those pesky flakes and scales that show up on your skin this time of year. Always remember to put on a moisturizer after your mask treatment.

3)    Watch your time in the shower—A long, steaming hot shower probably is one of the things you most look forward to on a cold winter morning or evening. However, it be damaging to your skin and hair.  Try to either turn down the heat a bit on your next shower or shorten it.  Always slather on lotion in the first few minutes of getting out of the shower to lock in skin’s moisture.

4)    Scrub away dead skin—Winter is the time to exfoliate!  With increased dead skin this time of year, you need to exfoliate more.  By sloughing away dead skin cells, you allow more moisture to penetrate into your skin, too.

5)    The right environment—Blasting the heat in your home may feel great but it can wreak havoc on your skin and hair.  If you’re not willing to budge on the thermostat, try getting a humidifier.  Adding some moisture to the air can do wonders for your skin!  Add some house plants for more moisture, too.

Here’s to looking fabulous this winter! What winter beauty tips would you like to share with us?

First Day of Beauty School Tips

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010


One can never overlook the importance of that nerve-raking, angst-filled first day of beauty school. It’s the day, probably more important than any other. It’s the time to physically show yourself and showcase your talents. Ultimately, looking your best isn’t an option – it’s a necessity, and we’ll help you get there with a these four beauty school tips.

Beauty Tip #1: No bad hair days here.
You know that besides the clothes you pick out that your hair is the biggest priority on the first day of beauty school, especially if you are attending a hair design school. Here are some pointers for good-looking, fashionable hair styles.

Many beauty students want to retain that trendy look when getting back in the swing of things but they also want to appear sophisticated and be taken seriously. Opting for versatile, creative haircuts are essential for beauty students. Fashions like Sedu hair styles (the sleek, straight look), French twists and medium length hair styles are popular options for beauty students. Some of today’s most popular trends are the bob or short-hair styles that are quick, easy and manageable. Hair styles with bangs or fringes are in, as well as blending a layered look with an intimate form of personal expression.

Tip #2: Keep that skin soft and glowing.
Summer may be over but that doesn’t mean that your tanned body has to be. Achieving that extra bit of color physically implies that you had a good summer – got outdoors, refreshed and took care of yourself. Always remember to exfoliate and keep moisturized to prevent any flaking or dryness as the air begins to change from summer to fall to the harsh winter. Also is a great one to tell your fellow students in your esthetician program.

Tip #3: Make your eyes a focal point.
Playing up the eyes with fun and colorful eye shadow affords you creativity and originality. Interesting tones like gray and silver are subtle, but add just enough edge to look visually vibrant. Blending colors together is also ideal if you’re looking to create a custom shade. Checking out the current colors that celebrities are wearing is a good idea and also brings inspiration for looks to try out in a makeup artist program.

If you’re going to do something prominent with your eye makeup just make sure that the rest of your face makeup is toned down. Being young, your skin doesn’t need an excessive amount of foundation of blush – keep it simple. Some black mascara and a little clear lip gloss will give you just enough of that desired chic look without going overboard.

Tip #4: Let your nails match your colorful personality.
Use the latest colors when it comes to your nail polish (a very important tip for nail technicians in training!) Remember to keep your nails short and squared or oval when rocking dark colors like burgundy, navy or black. Keep in mind your skin tone when choosing dark colors. Those with lighter skin can use the same color scheme but in a lighter shade to stay fashionable. It’s all about expressing yourself, your personality. Let you nails reflect that.

Now that you’ve got the scoop on the beauty school trends this year, it’s time to put them into action. Make a statement when you go to beauty school – make a statement and show your skills.

Watermelons: Good for Your Health and Your Skin

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010


Besides being super low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium, plus a good source of Potassium and Vitamins A and C (us health junkies are loving this!), watermelon is also a pure and natural beauty enhancer. It’s true! Watermelons act as a natural beauty product. If only women knew about the skin secrets behind this juicy fruit, they’d be rubbing it on their faces just as much they eat it. Okay, maybe not quite like that, but watermelons can act as a natural moisturizer. Not to mention, it’s an effective skin toner and skin tightner! Try it for yourself! Here are some clever beauty uses to try at home using watermelon:

The Watermelon Face Pack

This is the perfect remedy after you’ve been outside all day in the blistering heat. Take roughly one cup of watermelon pulp, and apply it to the face and neck areas. Rinse after 15 minutes. This will invigorate the skin making it soft and supple, as well as giving it that cool and youthful shine.

Alleviating sunburn is another great use for a watermelon face pack. Watermelon pulp along with cucumber pulp can help heal sunburn and lighten skin complexion. Got a bad sunburn and don’t want to look like a lobster? Then apply about a half cup each of cucumber and watermelon pulp to the burnt region for 20 minutes and watch the pain and redness fade.

The Watermelon Scrub

Grate a watermelon, extracting all of its juice. Then mix with a pinch of gram flour (flour made from ground chickpeas) and wah-lah – you’ve got an authentic beauty scrub! Apply the paste to the face, leaving it on for 15 minutes before rinsing. The end result is an excellent scrub that will leave your skin radiant.

So, this summer when you get ready to chow down on some delicious watermelon at your next BBQ, remember to snag some leftovers for your cosmetics collection.