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The Top 5 Most Gorgeous Celebrity Hair Styles of All Time

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Celebrities have a way of making fashion and beauty statements that last a lifetime. We become so entranced by the beauty of one celebrity’s hair style that we never forget it. It becomes a fixture in what we consider to be classic beauty. From Farah Fawcett to Audrey Hepburn, few Hollywood stars have left an imprint on the world of hair trends than these following 5 women.

1. Farah’s Wind-Blown Locks

In just one stunning photograph, Farah Fawcett left an impression on the hearts of millions of men in the 1970s. Her famous poster of her wearing a red bikini was also popular for reasons apart from the hot bikini. Her hair simply looked divine in this poster. With wind-blown curls surrounding her face, Farah Fawcett emulated a look that top hair stylists still try to emulate in today’s fashion world. Right now, this is the look of the moment for Summer 2012 too.

2. Marilyn’s Raunchy Curls

We will never forget Marilyn Monroe’s fun and carefree curls. Her look in the Seven Year Itch continues to be seen on celebrities like Julia Roberts and Drew Barrymore. Thousands of celebrities and millions of ordinary people have tried to copy this look.

3. Hepburn’s High Bun

In Breakfast at Tiffany’s, none of us will forget that gorgeous high bun of Holly Golightly. The adorable choppy bangs that surrounded this hairstyle are equally as unforgettable and added pizazz to the look. Even the hair coloring on this hair style was edgy for its time. With light caramel highlights placed on a chocolate brown color, this look has continued to impress thousands of celebrities and hair stylists.

4. Jennifer Aniston’s Bob

The layered bob that Jennifer Aniston donned in “Friends” has become beloved by millions of women. To this day, thousands of women carry in cut-out photos of Jennifer Aniton’s hair style in “Friends” and ask a hair stylist to replicate the look. With soft golden highlights set against dark brown hair, this will always be a winning and chic look. During the 90s, this look could be found in every top fashion and teen magazine.

5. Meg Ryan’s Wild Locks

Meg Ryan created a look in the 90s that still resonates in the world of fashion. Her shaggy locks have come to be known almost as well as a trademark symbol. This look first became famous when Meg Ryan played the leading role of Kathleen Kelley in “You’ve Got Mail.” Since that film was released, thousands of men have found the hair style to be a complete turn-on.

These are the top 5 and most unforgettable celebrity hair styles of all time. If you are ever in doubt about the hair style you should receive at the salon, take in a photo of one of these looks.

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The Gorgeous Katie Holmes and Her Incredible Bob Style

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Katie HolmesKatie Holmes has taken the fashion and beauty worlds by storm with her medium bob. This sassy and chic look can be seen in the pages of Vogue, Elle and every other high fashion magazine. It looks stunning in any setting, whether one is attending a red carpet event or grabbing an ice cream cone with the kids. Since Katie Holmes first appeared on the red carpet in 2008 with her medium bob, hair stylists remain inspired by the look and continue to alter it in different ways.

High-Class Bob Cuts

High-class bob cuts are also known as “personalized” bob cuts. These cuts are tailored by a hair stylist to frame your face in an interesting way. When a woman’s hair has a geometric shape so that one side is longer than the other, this is an example of the tailored bob look. A stylist takes your cheek bone structure into consideration in cutting hair to the exact perfect length with this bob.

Unique Colors

Lady Gaga was seen wearing a bob with her hair colored in different hues of gray at a red carpet event just months ago. Gray has come back as one of the trendy hair colors of the season. While Katie Holmes has never been seen wearing gray, she has influenced the hair style behind this gray shade. Women look sophisticated and chic in the gray bob hairstyle. If you want to be on the cutting edge of the hair world, then try out a gray bob for a few weeks. A hair stylist can always alter the color if you find that gray isn’t the look for you.

Choppy Layers

Choppy layers have never been hotter when paired with the bob look. Choppy layers are great for the woman who already has a head full of hair and wants to manage it. A hair stylist can eliminate some of the extra weight by cutting choppy layers into the bob style.

Straight Bangs

Straight bangs add a dramatic touch to any bob haircut. Katie Holmes was seen wearing straight bangs when she had the bob style. Straight bangs give a woman an air of mystery, yet they also add a sweet and innocent vibe to any look. Side-swept bangs are another rendition of this look. For the woman who wants a softer look without all the drama, side-swept bangs are the perfect option.

Short Length in the Back

Having the bob cut with a shorter length in the back is essential for this look. Look at any picture of Katie Holmes, and you will notice that her locks fall slightly longer in the front of her face.

The medium bob is a hair style that likely will stick around on the fashion scene. It has become a hair style that is adored by thousands of women.

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Shine Like Taylor Swift With Glitter Eyes

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

If you want to shine, why not add a little sparkle to your daily makeup routine without having to go to beauty school. Get ready to take a step back in time; a few of the hottest trends of the ’80s have been reborn and are being seen everywhere we look. One of those trends is glitter.

Glitterlicious is one of the trending looks and if you need evidence, consider the brilliant blue lips Katy Perry displayed during her performance at the Grammy Awards.

So, if you want to ‘make a glitterlicious entrance,’ follow this recipe and create your own glittery look:

• Hair

Use water to lightly mist your hair and then sprinkle the glitter (6NYX multi-purpose glitter on-the-go) over it. You can use any color glitter that you like, do not limit your choices!

• Lips

To add pizzazz to your lips, use the GlitzyLips foil. It is easy to apply. This foil can actually be used almost anywhere. There are temporary tattoos as well. Other brands to consider are Violent Lips and Trendy Lips.

• Cheeks

To give your cheeks the luscious shine you are looking for you need to use cream blush. Put the blush on and then gently dab multi-purpose colored glitter over your cheeks.

• Eyes

Use glitter eyeliner to outline your eyes. Then apply some glittery false eyelashes and eyeshadow on your eyelids. Now, apply multi-purpose glitter over your eyeshadow by patting it on with your makeup brush. Do not rub it onto your eyelid. Now, watch as your eyes shine.

• Body

Moisten your skin with body. This will make your glitter stick. Then, sprinkle the multi-purpose glitter all over your cleavage and neck.

You are now ready to make your entrance. Just remember to be glamorous as you show how glitterlicious you really are!

If You are Not into Glitterlicious, Consider Adding a Gentle Moondust Glow

If you are not ready to take the leap to the glitterlicious side, maybe you could just give yourself a beautifully elegant moondust glow. You can do this quickly and easily by adding a little shimmer to your makeup. Even the slightest bit of glitter will give your style a sparkly boost. However, in a case like this, do not overdo the glitter.

Adding a Light Moondust Glow (All these products are available from the majority of makeup companies)

• Lips

Sheer lip-gloss with glitter

• Eyes

Shimmery cream eyeshadow

• Nails

Nude polish with shimmer

• Cheeks

Powder blush that has shimmer

Now, you shine just like Taylor Swift and whether you choose to shine a little or a lot, you will be glamorous!

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Look Like Carrie Underwood Without A Makeup Artist

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Look-like-carrie-underwoodCarrie Underwood has a naturally glam appearance that wows, but does not over power. No one looks at her and feels like they are being ambushed, they see only simple grace that can keep up with the most glamorous of the glam. How can you get the Carrie Underwood look without a make-up artist and stylist? It is not as hard as it may sound if you follow a few simple tips.

First, let the neckline determine the hairstyle. A key person in the Underwood camp notes that generally, when Carrie wears a strapless top or dress she wears her hair down. An example is the pretty strapless number worn at the Academy of Country Music Awards. Carries soft curls were pinned to fall over one shoulder and it worked perfectly. By contrast, an up do is perfect for a higher neck or halter.

Eyes are where it’s all at. Carrie’s eyes pop with the smoky eye look. This look can easily be replicated with dark liner, volume adding mascara, and properly applied shadow. Cover the lid from eye to crease with a medium shade of the chosen color, the do a darker shade at the base of the lid and a lighter shade in the crease to easily replicate Carrie’s most glam eye look.

As for the rest of her face, it seems that a variety of bronzers and highlighters give her face that fresh, glowing look. A light bronzer on check bones topped with a dewy blush will work for everyday, and remember that the best way to get that glow is healthy skin. Eat right and drink plenty of water to give yourself a head start.

Lips are kept natural but not nude. If you go overboard they will compete with the eyes, but if you leave them alone they will blend in and disappear. Try a liner one shade darker than your natural lip color, and fill in with a clear or softly tinted gloss. For a mat look, fill in lips with the liner and move on.

Carrie’s look is both glamorous and timeless. In today’s over done world, it is a breath of fresh air and one that is well worth learning to replicate.

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Your Guide to Two-Tone Hair like Lauren Conrad

Friday, April 20th, 2012

shutterstock_90020272Have you noticed that two-tone hair has been getting the celebrity thumbs up from the likes of Lady Gaga, Lauren Conrad and Jessica Biel? From the runways to the red carpet, the famous and the beautiful are increasingly giving this trendy touch-up their stamp of approval.

The best part about this stylish look, though, is that it’s easy to maintain and can be done by yourself. With a little effort and know-how, you can wear the same look that celebrities are using to turn the world of fashion upside down.

The first thing to remember is to work with your natural color. Trying to turn that rich auburn mane into a platinum-and-pastel ‘do might be a recipe for disaster (or at the very least, cost you a great deal of time and money). The best rule of thumb is to start by using your natural hair color as a base. Think of it as the palette for your tonal experiments. Try accenting, such as touching up the tips or highlighting under layers, before adding color for a bolder look. Highlights become the basis for your bolder colors, and your two-tone look can take off!

One of the easiest ways to accomplish this look is with a home lightening kit. These can be found at your local drugstore or pharmacist. Always remember to use gloves and an application brush (they are usually provided).

Once you have brushed your hair thoroughly and mixed the kit according to instructions, dab the mixture onto the ends of your hair. Don’t be too precise; this look is designed to be a little wild! Make sure that you follow the guidelines for achieving your desired color, and it helps to be realistic about expectations! If you have darker hair, you may not come out as blonde as you liked, or might need further treatment.

At any rate, it’s important to remember to use conditioner to keep the lightened hair from getting brittle.

Now, it’s time to paint. Add to your canvas with splashes of color and shade; for blondes, pastels are best. This hot look will be sure to wow your friends and men alike, giving you the look that’s tearing up the runway.

Meryl Streep Puts Gray Hair On Center Stage At Academy Awards

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

shutterstock_96264686As recently as a few years ago, women of all ages were seeking out any cures they could find for gray hair. The belief that gray hair is a bad thing and should be eradicated at all costs is a concept that goes back many generations, perhaps to the invention of hair dye. But in the past year or so, trend-setters from all realms of celebrity have begun to not only embrace their ivory locks, but flaunt them with pride.

Perennial award winning actress Meryl Streep has been openly rocking her beautiful graying hair since 2006, when she said in an interview with Hollywood foreign press that she feels very confident and normal underneath gray locks. Just a few weeks ago she unleashed a new short-haired look at the 2012 Academy Awards, and once again all eyes in the building were glued to her.

Having the love of millions of adoring fans and the attention of the fast-moving fashion world, anything that super-celebs such as Streep do that can qualify as out of the ordinary is sure to become a trend, so salons all over the nation are stocking their shelves with products that can accentuate gray hair. Many salon owners expect women with gray hair to cease asking for it to be colored and those without it requesting it now that it is quickly becoming a national trend.

Indeed, the gray hair wave is building up to tsunami-grade, and a bevy of products have recently been released that are designed to allow you to get the most out of your lighter shade. When treated and conditioned correctly, gray hair can have a luster and a shine that is unrivaled by other hair tones, allowing it to draw a lion’s share of the attention in any social situation.

The current popularity of gray hair may sever a double purpose as it allows women that were once made to feel self-conscious and perhaps even inferior to feel comfortable in their own skin and underneath their natural hair colors.

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Rihanna’s New Look

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

RhiannaRihanna is always changing up her style, and it’s always with a look that is truly unique. Whether she is flaunting vibrant red hair or sleek, jet black hair, Rihanna knows how to look like a diva. Recently, she was seen rocking a distinctive do closely resembling the ombre trend, only she took it to the extreme.

Her dark roots and blonde hair were a dramatic change from the picture she posted on Twitter in early March that showcased her natural hair color. This particular picture used the caption, “Where have you been all my life?”

If you want to sport Rihanna’s latest hairstyle, it’s quite simple to do at home. To create the dark roots associated with the ombre, use L’Oreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Colour, Starry Night. This particular color is ideal for this trend, since it creates depth with its dramatic bright black color. In order to achieve the blonde color, use L’Oreal Feria Pure Intense Lightening Kit – Extra Bleach Blonde. It is strong enough to create the color you want without damaging your hair like many other hair bleaches are known to do. You can have celebrity hair without the celebrity price tag that comes along with it. By using L’Oreal products, you may get the look for less—less than $20 that is.

Rihanna’s style isn’t the only aspect of her life that gets people talking. In fact, her recent duet with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown really received some backlash. Despite anything that happened in the past between the couple, the two were able to come together and collaborate on the track, Birthday Cake.

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Beauty Trend Weekly Rundown – March 27, 2012

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012


From the miniskirt to monochrome, how Mad Men embraced the fashion trends of 1966 –

Some tuned in to see if Don Draper had actually wed his sexy secretary Megan Calvet. But it was Mad Men’s take on Sixties fashion that captured the imagination of the style set last night. The award-winning AMC television series returned with a double episode to launch its highly-anticipated fifth season.

Punk Chic Hair Color Ideas 2012 –

Check out the newest punk hair color ideas for 2012 coming from the A-list world of hairdressers who know how to create a smashing visual impact with the combination of different shades. Discover your new season punk hairdo here! Skim through this colorful parade of punk hair color ideas 2012. Find out how to pick a flattering and voguish new shade. Consider your skin tone and the impact you wish to create before making the best beauty commitment. If your locks are in need of an extra oomph discover the positive impact of hair highlights and bright shades.

CVS to shut upscale Beauty 360 stores, including 23 in California –

Drugstore operator CVS Caremark Corp. is planning to close all 25 of its upscale Beauty 360 stores and accompanying website as it looks to expand other cosmetic offerings.Twenty-three of those shops are located in California, including four Southland stores in Manhattan Beach, Rolling Hills Estates, Yorba Linda and Mission Viejo. All stores will be shuttered by May 19, the company said.

Looking for information in order to help you begin training for a career in cosmetology, esthetics and skin care, nail technology, massage therapy or hair care? has all of the top cosmetology schools for you to pick from.

The Top 5 Ways to Keep Hair Color Vivid, Bright, and Looking Gorgeous

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

shutterstock_81203077Jennifer Aniston is a hair goddess. Whether she’s donning subtle brown lowlights or lovely blonde highlights, her hair always looks fabulous. Other celebs, like Adele, have a unique hair color that is to die for. With her auburn, rich color, Adele stands out from the crowd. You too can care for your hair color so that your hair retains its rich color and looks great without having to go to one of the top hair schools. With these five tips, you too will become a hair goddess like Jennifer Aniston with vibrant locks.

1. Stay Away from Harsh Shampoo and Conditioning Products

Listen to your hair stylist on this one. Paying a few extra bucks for a salon brand of shampoo and conditioning products can go a long way in making hair color shine rather than fade. Special shampoo and conditioning products for hair color have chemicals that prevent the oxidation of hair follicles. These products even have sunscreen within them to prevent the fading of hair color.

2. Invest in Protective Conditioner

You should also add a few minutes to your daily hair regimen by using a protective conditioner. A protective conditioner strengthens and moisturizes hair. If you fail to use a leave-in conditioner, then you risk having dried out hair. Colored hair breaks when it is not properly moisturized. Avoid damaged hair by purchasing a high-quality leave-in conditioner. Apply the conditioner in the shower and leave it in for twenty to thirty minutes. Your hair will be noticeably smoother after you rinse out the conditioner.

3. Purchase Clarifying Shampoo

In addition to your regular shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in conditioner, be sure to add a clarifying shampoo to your hair regimen. Purchase a clarifying shampoo and use it only once or twice a month. Clarifying shampoo will get rid of all of the built up minerals in your hair, such as iron. Iron can cause oxidation to occur in your hair, meaning that the color fades. Use clarifying shampoo to keep hair vibrant in color.

4. Avoid Heat

Using heat on one’s colored hair can cause hair to lighten. If you have a beautifully rich hair color like Adele’s auburn locks, then you do not want the color to lighten. Avoid heat styling as much as possible. To get a look with curls or waves, simply try using mousse and rollers.

5. Keep Hair Away from Chlorine

Avoid chlorine as much as possible. Chlorine can also cause oxidation in your hair and will result in a drab color on your locks.

Follow these five simple tips for maintaining hair color that looks great all the time.

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The Hottest Hair Trends in Spring and Adele’s Mid-Length Do

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

ts-86496436Not only has Adele dominated the world of music, but her auburn hair is the focal point of fashion circles everywhere. This spring, style your hair like Adele, Jessica Biel, or Eva Mendes, and you’ll be the envy at any party. Take one look at hair trends on a site like Pinterest, and you will notice braids, romantic half-up do’s, and auburn locks are in order this spring season. Here are the top 5 hair trends for spring 2012.

1. Auburn/Orange Hair

Auburn hues in hair capture the feminine essence of spring. Romantic in an old world sort of way, celebs like Adele and Ashley Simpson have started a trend that young women everywhere are following. Simply ask your hair stylist to use cellophane to foil a few sections of hair. This will add some subtle hues to your hair that will instantly attract romance this spring.

2. Side Braids

Side braids add an enchanting touch to any look. Try wearing a simple floral dress, along with a side braid, to capture the essence of this spring’s hottest looks. To make a side braid, simply separate three one-inch sections of hair and create a regular braid. Pull hair back as you braid. You can then wear your hair all down, or you can put the rest into a half-up do. Either way, you’ll be an enchanting princess like Amanda Bynes with this style.

3. Sport a “Mid-Length” Do

Check out Kelly Osbourne or Adele, and you will notice that these women have hair that falls an inch above the shoulders. Mid-length hair styles are fun, free, and sassy. Simply cut a few inches off of your hair to get this look. To add texture, add some mousse to your hair.

4. Wild Ponytails

Ponytails with texture are trendy this spring season. At the most recent Michael Kors fashion show, models donned high ponytails with frizzed locks in the back. The result was that models looked chic and sophisticated. To get this look, add mousse to the pulled-back portion of the ponytail. Then, allow the rest of your hair to simply “fluff” in the back.

5. Try a Volumized Middle Part

Jessica Biel knows how to rock celebrity hair trends including the middle part. If you decide to try on this hot hairstyle, make sure you volumize hair surrounding the part. Create the middle part first. Then, rat hair on each side of the part.

These 5 tips will help you find a hairstyle that’s hot for this upcoming spring. Be bold and creative and let your cosmetology schools graduate what you are looking for when tring out one of the looks mentioned here!