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The Top 5 Most Gorgeous Celebrity Hair Styles of All Time

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Celebrities have a way of making fashion and beauty statements that last a lifetime. We become so entranced by the beauty of one celebrity’s hair style that we never forget it. It becomes a fixture in what we consider to be classic beauty. From Farah Fawcett to Audrey Hepburn, few Hollywood stars have left an imprint on the world of hair trends than these following 5 women.

1. Farah’s Wind-Blown Locks

In just one stunning photograph, Farah Fawcett left an impression on the hearts of millions of men in the 1970s. Her famous poster of her wearing a red bikini was also popular for reasons apart from the hot bikini. Her hair simply looked divine in this poster. With wind-blown curls surrounding her face, Farah Fawcett emulated a look that top hair stylists still try to emulate in today’s fashion world. Right now, this is the look of the moment for Summer 2012 too.

2. Marilyn’s Raunchy Curls

We will never forget Marilyn Monroe’s fun and carefree curls. Her look in the Seven Year Itch continues to be seen on celebrities like Julia Roberts and Drew Barrymore. Thousands of celebrities and millions of ordinary people have tried to copy this look.

3. Hepburn’s High Bun

In Breakfast at Tiffany’s, none of us will forget that gorgeous high bun of Holly Golightly. The adorable choppy bangs that surrounded this hairstyle are equally as unforgettable and added pizazz to the look. Even the hair coloring on this hair style was edgy for its time. With light caramel highlights placed on a chocolate brown color, this look has continued to impress thousands of celebrities and hair stylists.

4. Jennifer Aniston’s Bob

The layered bob that Jennifer Aniston donned in “Friends” has become beloved by millions of women. To this day, thousands of women carry in cut-out photos of Jennifer Aniton’s hair style in “Friends” and ask a hair stylist to replicate the look. With soft golden highlights set against dark brown hair, this will always be a winning and chic look. During the 90s, this look could be found in every top fashion and teen magazine.

5. Meg Ryan’s Wild Locks

Meg Ryan created a look in the 90s that still resonates in the world of fashion. Her shaggy locks have come to be known almost as well as a trademark symbol. This look first became famous when Meg Ryan played the leading role of Kathleen Kelley in “You’ve Got Mail.” Since that film was released, thousands of men have found the hair style to be a complete turn-on.

These are the top 5 and most unforgettable celebrity hair styles of all time. If you are ever in doubt about the hair style you should receive at the salon, take in a photo of one of these looks.

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Nine Hairstyles Celebrities Made Famous Through the Years

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

The Caesar. The Rachel. The Twiggy. Celebrities often set trends for hairstyles that weave their way into popular culture for a minute or two. Since Brigitte Bardot and Lucille Ball popularized poodle perms and beehives in the ’50s, society has looked to Hollywood for the next big thing in hair. Good or bad, they’ve dictated family photos and school portraits for decades and helped us all look back and say, “What was I thinking?”

On the other hand, some have stood the test of time and, with a few slight modernizations, still appear on red carpets and sidewalks alike. Which ones are hairdos and which ones are hair don’ts? You be the judge:

1. Bo Derek and her beaded cornrows from 1979’s 10

2. Farrah Fawcett’s long, feathered locks

3. Cher’s long, straight, center-parted hippie hair

4. Dorothy Hammill, who brought The Wedge to the masses

5. Jennifer Aniston, whose character on Friends was the envy of women everywhere

6. Meg Ryan and her cropped, tousled curls found their way into salons in the ’90s

7. Madonna’s teased and crimped-beyond-recognition mane circa “Like a Prayer.”

8. George Clooney’s straight forehead fringe, nicknamed The Caesar

9. Christina Aguilera’s Xtina phase that brought about stick-straight black hair with a blonde top layer

The stylists behind these celebrities’ do’s marked their place in history and pop culture forever by going out on a limb and trying something new. Imagine how it would feel to see one of your styles on TV or even in the aisle next to you at the store. What will be the next big look? One can only imagine.