Learn How To Do The Cat Eye Makeup Trend

The cat eye makeup trend is one of those classic looks that always seems to find its way back into the spotlight. Magazines and red carpets are known for celebrities pulling off the cat eye, which is also known as winged eyeliner. It’s bold and sassy, and it’s even easy to do at home.

You’ve probably wondered at one time or another if you were wearing too much makeup. The cakey, clumped, overdone look is never hot, so by drawing attention to one area of your face and leaving the rest of the face au naturale, you can draw attention to your best attributes without overdoing your look. The cat eyes highlight your eyes, and allow for the rest of your face to remain nude. You could try using softer hues of lipstick and blush to spice up the look, while still allowing the eyes to be the main feature.

To add some pizzazz to the traditional cat eye—a look that uses black or another solid shade of eyeliner to highlight the entire eye and extending slightly outward—try adding some color. Eyeshades like bright metallics can highlight your eyes and really make your eyes pop. Teal works well for this purpose too, and it looks fabulous with blue, green or brown eyes.

You might want to play around with the winged eyeliner look by doing a double flick. This particular look occurs when you extend both the top and bottom liner out to the sides without touching one another.

Not all eyeliners are created equal. In fact, some clump to your eyelashes, peel off or wear off quickly. If you’re wondering which eyeliners work the best, we have a few suggestions for you. MAC Penultimate Eyeliner has an ideal formula that goes on smoothly. Additionally, the brush is just the right size to make a bold statement with your eyeliner. Another felt tip eyeliner is Dior Liquid Eyeliner, which lasts long, produces a thin and precise line. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner does what its name states, last a long time. The gel formula goes on like a liquid eyeliner; however, applying it is much easier. It doesn’t crease or smear, so your cat eye will be beautiful, bold and smooth.

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