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5 Hollywood beauty secrets made simple

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012


Sure, movie stars have their own cosmetologists and access to some of the best hair and make-up products out there, but surprisingly not all Hollywood beauty secrets come with a designer name or hefty price tag. Many celebrity hairstylists and make-up artists will divulge that sometimes everyday things can become handy, Hollywood-worthy beauty products. Here’s a sneak peek to five secrets that celebrities use that aren’t difficult to find or afford!

  • Salicylic acid — Sounds like a dangerous substance, but salicylic acid can play a key role in your skin’s health. Salicylic acid helps wash away dead skin cells which gives your skin a healthy glow. Look for salicylic acid in skincare products such as face wash. Or, smooth Pepto Bismol on your face. Yep, you heard us right. The stomach-soother contains a gentle form of salicylic acid that can make your tummy feel better and your face glow!
  • Cinnamon oil — Angelina has genes to thank for her prized pout, but with the help of some cinnamon oil you can now have fuller lips, too! When applied to your lips, spicy cinnamon oil increases blood flow which causes the lips to swell temporarily. Apply a little bit with your lip gloss and enjoy a sexy smile!
  • Exfoliaters — Stars have beautiful, flawless skin because they have make-up artists, amazing products, a ton of airbrushing, and they know to exfoliate. A lot. While most of those things probably won’t be available to you, you can easily (and cheaply!) exfoliate. All you need is a good loofah and products that can scrub away dead skill. Look for body wash and face wash that have little “scrubbers” or “beads.” Or make your own sugar scrub by mixing brown sugar, a little bit of olive oil and scented massage oil. Remember it’s not only important to clean your skin but to wash away the dead stuff as well.
  • Dryer sheets — You probably didn’t know a secret beauty product was hiding in your laundry room, huh? Dryer sheets can quickly tame hair fly-a-ways. Just smooth over your hair and watch the static electricity and unruly hairs disappear. An added bonus—your hair will smell extra fresh!
  • Homemade blemish repair — Got a pesky blemish? Many celebrity make-up artists recommend looking for the remedy in the kitchen. Dry it out by mixing a packet of dry yeast with the juice of half a lemon and pat over the blemish. Leave it one for about five minutes to reduce swelling and redness.

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