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5 Bedtime Beauty Tips

Thursday, October 13th, 2011


Wish you could get up out of bed and be instantly prettier? Of course you do. If you could altogether avoid or cut in half the daunting task of dolling yourself up for the day – wouldn’t you? Absolutely!

Well, now you can with this list of 5 ways to wake up prettier. No more of those days at work having someone tell you, “Ooh, you look tired.” Nope! You can kiss those days goodbye.

Shower it – then braid it

If you want to achieve that nice wavy look, then stick to this old motherly secret. You’ve heard the saying, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” Well, this bedtime beauty secret is old school for a reason – it’s not broke, so don’t fix it!

Double layer it

Wearing primer over skincare products at night might sound odd, but it allows them to sink in and work their magic. Try it out if you’re a non-believer and see how good you look in the morning.

Keep it tamed

Want to protect yourself from the reincarnation of ‘80s riot hair? Then flip your hair upside down, pull it into a ponytail and secure it tightly (but not too tight – you’ve got to sleep comfortably after all) with a hair tie. No more striking a morning pose looking like Madonna.

The rub

You’re not the only one who wants to be comfortable when you lay yourself down to sleep at night. Your skin wants – no, deserves – to be comfy, too. Next time, moisturize yourself all over – elbows, knees, toes, ankles, armpits. If you can name it – moisturize it.

Get the glow

Self tanner is an important beauty product for maintaining exceptionally vibrant skin throughout the year. The best time to apply it? Right before bed. By self-tanning before bed and letting it dry overnight, you’ll find yourself waking up radiant-er.

By utilizing these 5 beauty-before-bedtime tips, you’ll be well on your way to waking up prettier and saving yourself that bothersome task of getting ready in the morning.

Beauty and the Bride: Tips for the Start of Wedding Season

Friday, July 29th, 2011


As summer rolls in, we also usher in wedding season in all its glory. Whether you’re a blushing bride, a helpful bridesmaid or a hair or make-up stylist gearing up for some serious wedding makeovers, we’ve got a few tips to help you all out.

Don’t go on overload with your schedule- Don’t save all your beauty to-dos until the few days before the wedding. Its added stress and some procedures such as facials can actually leave you with redness on your wedding day. Space out appointments accordingly!

Be yourself- Your fiancé wants to see you on your wedding day—not some made-up woman he doesn’t recognize. Make sure your make-up is heavy enough to make an impact in photos but not overdone.

Be careful in the pursuit of a tan- Almost every bride wants a glow, but don’t try to get it by sunbathing with the bridesmaids the day before—you’ll only end up with a bad sunburn. Be super careful with sunless tanner as well. Use a mitt to avoid embarrassing streaks and don’t wear it without showering. You’ll rub off on your beautiful white gown!

Do a trial run- No one wants to walk down the aisle with a hairstyle they didn’t expect or make-up they don’t absolutely love. Brides, make sure you schedule a trial run with your stylist at least two weeks before your wedding date. Stylists, make sure you ask enough questions about what the brides want.

Most of all, don’t sweat the hair and make-up details too much. Remember what the day is really all about!

Beauty Schools In Los Angeles: A great place to go to school

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Summer is here and it’s easy to relax and lounge in the sun but if you could combine a summer vacation environment with getting an education? Attending beauty schools in Los Angeles allows you to be around a warm climate all the time. There are many other important factors to look at when finding a beauty school though in addition to the area, the local attractions and the climate.

Here are a few handy questions to ask yourself:

- Is my school accredited?
- Does my school offer cosmetology scholarships?
- Will my school assist with financial aid?
- Does my school have a student salon?
- Will my school help with job placement?

Beauty schools in Los Angeles offer many great opportunities to start your career. To find out which the cosmetology schools in the area, watch the video below.

The Most Expensive Manicure in the World

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

How much would you pay for a top of the line manicure? The London elite are more than willing and ready to book an appointment at the “hard-to-get into” Leighton Denny’s nail boutique at the Urban Retreat Spa and Salon in Harrods London. Once they are able to get through the doors, the most privileged order the Diamond, Sapphire and Ruby Encapsulation. A simple buff, a polish and nine karats of diamonds lined on your fingertips for just $32,000.

Gotta get one or you’re out of your mind?
If money wasn’t an object, would you knock down Denny’s doors for one of these diamond manicures?

First Day of Beauty School Tips

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010


One can never overlook the importance of that nerve-raking, angst-filled first day of beauty school. It’s the day, probably more important than any other. It’s the time to physically show yourself and showcase your talents. Ultimately, looking your best isn’t an option – it’s a necessity, and we’ll help you get there with a these four beauty school tips.

Beauty Tip #1: No bad hair days here.
You know that besides the clothes you pick out that your hair is the biggest priority on the first day of beauty school, especially if you are attending a hair design school. Here are some pointers for good-looking, fashionable hair styles.

Many beauty students want to retain that trendy look when getting back in the swing of things but they also want to appear sophisticated and be taken seriously. Opting for versatile, creative haircuts are essential for beauty students. Fashions like Sedu hair styles (the sleek, straight look), French twists and medium length hair styles are popular options for beauty students. Some of today’s most popular trends are the bob or short-hair styles that are quick, easy and manageable. Hair styles with bangs or fringes are in, as well as blending a layered look with an intimate form of personal expression.

Tip #2: Keep that skin soft and glowing.
Summer may be over but that doesn’t mean that your tanned body has to be. Achieving that extra bit of color physically implies that you had a good summer – got outdoors, refreshed and took care of yourself. Always remember to exfoliate and keep moisturized to prevent any flaking or dryness as the air begins to change from summer to fall to the harsh winter. Also is a great one to tell your fellow students in your esthetician program.

Tip #3: Make your eyes a focal point.
Playing up the eyes with fun and colorful eye shadow affords you creativity and originality. Interesting tones like gray and silver are subtle, but add just enough edge to look visually vibrant. Blending colors together is also ideal if you’re looking to create a custom shade. Checking out the current colors that celebrities are wearing is a good idea and also brings inspiration for looks to try out in a makeup artist program.

If you’re going to do something prominent with your eye makeup just make sure that the rest of your face makeup is toned down. Being young, your skin doesn’t need an excessive amount of foundation of blush – keep it simple. Some black mascara and a little clear lip gloss will give you just enough of that desired chic look without going overboard.

Tip #4: Let your nails match your colorful personality.
Use the latest colors when it comes to your nail polish (a very important tip for nail technicians in training!) Remember to keep your nails short and squared or oval when rocking dark colors like burgundy, navy or black. Keep in mind your skin tone when choosing dark colors. Those with lighter skin can use the same color scheme but in a lighter shade to stay fashionable. It’s all about expressing yourself, your personality. Let you nails reflect that.

Now that you’ve got the scoop on the beauty school trends this year, it’s time to put them into action. Make a statement when you go to beauty school – make a statement and show your skills.

Macy’s Tries Out Self-Serve Beauty

Friday, April 16th, 2010

In an attempt to compete with retailers like Sephora and Ulta, Macy’s is debuting a new self-serve beauty department in select stores around the country. These new beauty outposts have been named “Impulse Beauty”, and are designed to let customers peruse their favorite brands at their leisure.

I, for one, am glad to see this kind of presentation. I prefer to test out a product on my own, rather than have a sales person try it on me. What remains to be seen is whether or not customers feel less pressured by commissioned sales people to make a purchase.

What are your thoughts? Would you like to make your department store beauty purchases in an area like “Impulse Beauty”, or do you prefer traditional beauty counters? Share!

DIY Beauty 101: Get Pretty on the Cheap!

Thursday, March 25th, 2010


DIY-beauty can be a great way to save some dough. But if you’re thinking you have to resort to crazy (and smelly…) tactics involving mayonnaise, egg yolks or other odd kitchen items, think again!

Here are a few affordable (even totally free in some cases) ways to look and feel your very best with the help of common household items.

Great Hair

1.       Pump up the volume

Try adding mousse into your hairstyling routine. It brings more bang for the buck than some other hair-pumping products.

Another (totally free!) way to add some lift to your ‘do is by blow-drying your hair upside down. Flip your hair over and dry the hair away from the scalp. When it’s barely damp, flip it back and continue styling.

2.       Bring out the shine

Add a weekly hot-oil treatment to your beauty regimen. Sound expensive? It doesn’t have to be! Pick up some jojoba oil (you can find it at natural food stores for around $10) and substitute this for pricier hair-repair products.  Just spread the oil generously through dry hair, pop on a plastic shower cap, and cover your head with a hot towel for about a half-hour. When time’s up, rinse your hair with cold water to seal in the moisture. Then, head out and show off those shiny tresses!

Glowing Skin

1.       Erase the redness

To reduce redness and soothe irritated skin, all it takes is a quick trip to the fridge. When you soak a washcloth in cold milk and place the washcloth over your face for about 10 minutes, the proteins, fat, amino acids and vitamin A found in milk can rejuvenate your skin and help it look soft and glowing.

2.       Banish puffy eyes

The caffeine found in tea bags can help tired-looking eyes appear brighter and more awake. By shrinking the underlying dark blood vessels that create puffiness around the eyes, the caffeine can help your eyes look bright once again. Find two tea bags and soak them in hot water for about a minute. Then, dunk them in ice water for a few seconds. Lie down and apply the tea bags to your eyes for about 15 minutes while you take a breather.

Dazzling Smile

1.       Mix your own smile-whitener by creating a homemade paste of baking soda and water. By brushing with this paste a few times a month, you can whiten your teeth by as much as one or two shades.

2.       Keep your teeth white between brushings by treating new stains before they set in. When drinking red wine, choose some crunchy raw vegetables to accompany your drink. By chewing up the veggies, you can help rub away any new stains.

It’s time to go forth and look beautiful! All in the comfort of your own home, no less. Have some tips to add to our list? We want to hear ‘em!

Beauty School Raises $22,500 for Haiti Earthquake Relief

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

marinello-beauty-school It’s been just over a month since the devastating earthquake in Haiti, and organizations and charities around the county are still in need of aid for the earthquake-ravaged country. Charities and corporations aren’t the only ones pitching in to help Haiti. California-based Marinello Schools of Beauty recently raised an impressive $22,500 in funds for Haiti.

Marinello donated the proceeds from all student salon and spa services performed on January 16th throughout its 41 campuses. Students, staff and faculty took to the internet to get the word out through the use of Twitter, Facebook and email campaigns. As a result almost 1,500 guests got pampered in support of this worthy cause. All the money raised will be donated to the American Red Cross.

Is your cosmetology school raising funds for Haiti earthquake relief or other charitable causes in your community? Please share!

New Technology Makes Animal Testing A Thing of the Past

Thursday, February 11th, 2010


As any savvy makeup and animal lover will tell you, it takes a lot of work to search for animal-friendly cosmetic products. Unfortunately, in the cosmetics world, many companies test their products on animals like mice and guinea pigs to help prevent allergic reactions in humans.

Driven by a ban on animal skin testing planned to go into effect in Europe by 2013, a New Jersey-based company called Hurel Corp. is making advances on the technology that could replace animal testing. (more…)

How to Make Your Salon More Earth-Friendly

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

shutterstock_40908718“Going green” is becoming more and more popular, and people from all walks of life are finding ways to make their lives more eco-friendly. As a beauty professional, you’re in a position to make a huge difference right in your very own salon. Think about it. Plastic product containers tossed in the garbage, incredibly high water and energy usage, and chemicals being washed into water supplies are not doing the planet any favors. So try a few of our suggestions to make your salon a “green” salon! (more…)