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How to Do Your Own Color Streaked Hair

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Rainbow hair color streaks are popping up on red carpets and runways across the country. Neon pink, bright blue, lush lavender and sunny yellow streaks can provide a fresh alternative to the traditional blondes, brunettes and reds. While celebrities have top stylists at their disposal, the rest of us must rely on our own creativity.

One of the easiest ways to achieve this look is through clip-in hair extensions. Clip-in hair extensions come in a wide range of colors from the palest pastels to lavish jewel tones and feisty neon colors. Natural human hair extensions can be heat styled along with your own hair so that you can have curls, waves or flat-ironed hair to suit your mood.

Once you have chosen your extension, simply pick a spot for your new streaks, and then clip the extension close to the scalp. If your hair is straight or silky textured, you may find that you get a more secure hold if you spray a texturizing or hair spray and tease your hair before clipping the extension to your hair.

Treat your new hair extensions as gently as you treat your own hair. If you have artificial hair extensions, follow the package directions. If you have natural hair extensions, shampoo and condition them gently, but avoid rubbing or twisting the hair. Lay them flat on a towel to dry.

Chalk highlights are another temporary hair color streak option. These easy-to-apply temporary streaks are non-toxic and are easy to wash out. Simply dampen chalk pastels before rubbing them down rather than up the selected strand of hair. The colors can be alternated for a fun variation on the colorful streak look. To set the chalk, style your hair with a curling or straight iron, and then spritz it with hairspray to complete the look. To remove, simply shampoo your hair, and condition thoroughly since chalk tends to be drying. Pastel chalk colors work well for blonde hair while bright colors stand out dramatically against darker hair.

Permanent streaks are another option, but these generally require that hair be bleached first. A professional hair colorist should be consulted first to avoid damaging hair. Hair that is bleached incorrectly could turn an unflattering shade of orange, and colorful streaks can fade quickly if not correctly applied.

Colorful streaks offer the chance to try on a fun, new look for one day or add a rainbow of colors for as long as it suits your fancy. Try a subtle shade underneath your layers for daytime wear, or add dramatically bright colors throughout your mane for a night out. Dare to be different, and give your hair a shot of color.

Create an Angelic Look Using Braids

Friday, September 21st, 2012

If you do not want to wear a set of wings, but you still want to look like an angel, the halo braid is a great way to go about it. This look gives you the appearance of being classic and sophisticated, while still giving you a youthful look. These braids are ideal for a night on the town or a day at the beach. Not only will you be sporting a do that looks great from every angle, but also you will be keeping up with some celebrities including Alicia Keys and Lea Michele.

Marcus Francis, who is a hairdresser, suggests starting out with a volumizer. This gives the hair a little extra thickness. Add a few spritzes of texturizer, so your hair will be easier to work with, and so it will not slip. You may want to have someone else complete this look for you, because doing it to yourself can be a little complicated. Make sure your hair is not wet. It will be nearly impossible to do a halo braid with wet hair. Try using a dry shampoo and then blow drying your hair.

Pull your locks up from your ears. Clip any hair back that you will not be working with immediately. Divide the hair into three different sections, just as you would a French braid. Start braiding across the top of your forehead. You can add additional pieces of hair that are underneath the braid, since they will help to secure your hair. Take some of the hair out of clip, and begin incorporating in with the already done section. Use bobby pins to secure your tresses in place. Continuing braiding until you reach the other side of your head where you began the braid. Ultimately, the hair should touch the beginning, and by using bobby pins, you should be able to clip the hair in place to create a seamless halo around your entire head. Now, all you have to do is add some hairspray!

You do not have to braid all your hair into the braid. You can choose to only do part of your hair and leave the rest in a loose bun. Or you could opt to hair only a headband and allow the rest of your hair to flow loosely.

How to Get a License for Hair Braiding

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

ts-82153391By obtaining a hair braiding license, you can increase your earning power every year. Even women and men with full-time jobs are pursuing a license for hair braiding because of the extra opportunities it provides for earning a side income. Hair braiding is an easy way to supplement an income in a difficult economy.

The typical cost of a hair braiding license is about $300 in states. You may pursue online coursework or traditional classes in fulfilling the credit hour requirement for obtaining a hair braiding license. If you decide to take an online class to obtain your hair braiding license, you may want to see whether study materials are provided for the examination. You may be able to obtain study materials that will help you pass the examination.

If you are just beginning to learn how to braid try the basic fishtail braid. Not only is it the most common style of hair braiding, it is also the easiest to learn.

If you take an online class, you will then be able to take the online quiz in order to receive your certificate. If you are able to pass the quiz with a score of higher than 75 percent, then you will be awarded your certificate. Your hair braiding license will be sent to you within two to four weeks after you take and pass the quiz.

By taking a hair braiding course, you will learn about the sanitation process that is required for braiding hair. You will also learn about the ways in which you should handle clients who have HIV or AIDS. When you are working with a client who has a communicable disease, you may need to pay special attention to the sanitation of the equipment that you use.

Another required part of the coursework that you will pursue for obtaining a hair braiding license is the study of disorders and diseases of the scalp. You will learn how to recognize diseases such as lice within the scalp. This will help protect you from obtaining the disease from your own client. Studying this aspect of hair braiding will also help you protect the other clients in your business.

It is essential to have a hair braiding license whenever you do hair braiding for other people and receive compensation in return. Under state laws, you may not practice the art of hair braiding without a license. You can actually receive expensive fines if you are caught hair braiding without a license in a salon. If you do fusions, semi-weaves or relaxers, you will also need to have a hair braiding license.

3 Tips to Follow When Coloring Hair

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

As a hair stylist, one of the most common requests from clients will be that you color their hair. Clients need help when it comes to color hair, and you can come to the rescue as their stylist. When you give a client the perfect color, you will know because he or she will feel confident and sexy. You can have an active role in helping your client feel beautiful by giving him or her a great hair color. When you are first starting out in coloring the hair of clientele, here are three tips that you can follow.

1. Give Clients Instructions

Before clients leave your salon, you should always instruct them about the ways that they can take care of their newly colored hair. You may even want to give clients a small piece of paper with care instructions. Clients should try to stay out of the sun with newly dyed hair because the sun can cause hair to lighten. Also, exposing hair to the chemicals in pool water can cause hair to turn green or become faded.

2. Follow the Directions

Before your client’s appointment, you should try to read the directions on the bottle of color. It is important for you to read the directions because manufacturers may have different ways that you should apply color. You should also read the directions carefully to understand how much concentration of chemicals you should use. This will ensure that you mix the color in the right way for your client.

3. Start with Clean Hair

No matter how pressed you are for time in the salon, it is essential that you start with hair that is clean on your clients. Always take the time to also get to know about the condition of your client’s scalp. If your client has had any medical issues in the past, it is important that he or she makes you aware of these medical issues. Some people can not have their scalp exposed to chemicals during treatments such as chemotherapy. Also, you should take note of the condition of your client’s hair. Pay attention to whether your client’s hair is dry or damaged. Applying color to hair that is damaged can cause hair to fall out.

These tips are essential for any hair stylist to follow when applying color for clients. Following these tips will ensure that a client has a high quality experience with a stylist and knows how to treat his or her own hair after the appointment is over.

5 Powerfully Pretty Makeup Looks for Everyday

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

Experimenting with makeup and creating bold, unique looks is always fun but not always practical. However, some everyday looks do have a lot of appeal and, although subtle, offer big results. Here are some everyday makeup looks that get wearer’s noticed for all the right reasons. A model could carry these looks on the runway, or any girl could simply take these looks into her everyday venues of school, work, home and favorite hangouts – and come across as looking powerfully pretty.

A Heavier Brow

It seems like fashion show attendees can see some of the bold brows being worn on the runway from a mile away. However, an attractive everyday look can be created with a more subtle heavier brow. For some, this could mean lightening up on the plucking and waxing, whereas for others this means applying brow liner or shadow to create the illusion of a fuller brow. The difference that a heavier, well-shaped brow can make in one’s appearance is dramatic – but with a light touch, it’s not so bold as to appear unnatural or overdone.

Sweep a luminizer along the top of cheek bones for a radiant glow. Finish with a coral lipstick!

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A Hint of Bold Color

Some runway shows are all about the bold, bright and daring. To make this type of makeup look appropriate for everyday, stick to a single bold color. For example, line the eyes with a bright liner but use neutral shadow to incorporate a bright color and keep the overall look understated enough for everyday.

Flawless Facial Skin

Sometimes, judging by her flawless skin, it’s easy to imagine that a runway model could be confused with a porcelain doll. Go for this look by creating flawless facial skin that looks practically makeup free by using a few dabs of concealer for any trouble spots and an overall tinted moisturizer for an even tone. Top off this light, fresh look with a little blush, mascara and lip gloss for a complete look that results in fresh-faced beauty. Not even a model looks flawless every day, but an everyday flawless makeup look could certainly make it seem that way.

Flatter the Facial Features

Those sharp, high cheekbones on runway models may not be entirely their own. The magic of highlights and lowlights can add emphasis to facial features. Contouring is a trick that can also be added to an everyday makeup regimine. Although many everyday occasions don’t demand the angular features of some runway faces, contouring can help makeup wearers highlight their best features and disguise unwanted ones. Stroking bronzer across the areas where the sun would naturally shine can be a simple way to bring out the best.

It can be hard to imagine that some of the fabulous makeup looks on the runway could have so much everyday appeal. However, take some inspiration for makeup from the runway into the everyday by experimenting with these fashion-forward looks. These looks are still strong enough to get their wearers noticed but not noticed for having too much makeup.

Don’t Care for Hair? 4 Hairless Cosmetology Career Specialties

Friday, July 6th, 2012

Choosing a specialty in the cosmetology field can be a smart decision for a hair stylist. A hair stylist can become recognized for his or her talent in hair coloring or providing the perfect manicure. Customers are often willing to pay a few extra dollars to set up appointments with stylists who are established professionals in a specialty field of cosmetology.

Here is a list of the specialties that a hair stylist can consider when he or she wants to offer additional services to clients:

  • Barbering
  • Electrology
  • Manicures
  • Pedicures
  • Facials
  • Hair Styling
  • Esthiology
  • Massage
  • Make-up

If one knows before attending beauty school that he or she wants to specialize in one of these fields, then he or she can see whether the school offers certifications in these specialties. Obtaining a certification during beauty school can also make a student more marketable upon graduation. Salons are always looking to hire stylists who have a variety of talents that they can provide.

To become a specialist in giving manicures, one can obtain a nail technology certificate. One may also need to obtain a special license for nail technology. The typical state license requires that a student receive 300 hours of training in nail technology.

Barbering is a specialty that focuses on providing shaving treatments and trims to men. One who wants to become a barber will usually end up providing barbering services in a barber shop. Some salons will hire one or two barbers so that they can provide services to men who request these services.

The benefits of providing a specialty service are that a client may request solo appointments on a stylist’s own time. A client may wish to hire a stylist for a massage or makeup appointment before a big event. Through these types of appointments, a stylist can earn substantial tips. A stylist may even be able to open his or her own business from his or her home for clients.

Some salons also offer electrology treatments for clients. Electrology is usually offered in very high-end salons. It is the process of removing hair with a laser beam. A stylist who has this skill will be able to earn a substantial extra side income in a salon.

Choosing to pursue a specialty can set a stylist apart from his or her peers. A specialty will also give a stylist extra confidence in his or her talents in the salon.

Sporty Cheeks Beauty Trend Just In Time For The Olympics

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

sporty cheeks
Whenever you see Giuliana Rancic covering events for E!, she always seems to have a healthy glow. Take a look at other celebrities on the red carpet, and you will likely notice they have effortless bronze cheeks. This look, also known as the “runner’s glow,” is the hottest look for this upcoming summer. This look can easily be achieved with the following tips.

The first thing you should do is find the right bronzer on the market. Some bronzers appear too harsh on the skin, and these bronzers are usually sold in cheap cosmetic stores. Bronzer is one makeup item in which you should invest a little extra cash. Obtaining a sun-kissed glow does not have to break the bank, but it does require a bit of an investment. Try out the Benefit Sunbeams cosmetic highlighter. This bronzer adds a touch of radiance to your cheeks. For an event more elegant summer look, apply some of this bronzer to the brow bones.

To apply bronzer correctly, simply sweep a little dust on the apple of the cheek. You can also do a bit of contouring in extending the bronzer to the higher cheekbone. Just be careful not to overdo it, otherwise you can end up looking like a tire ran over your face. You may want to dust a bit of pink blush over the bronzer to get a more “real” appearance. A touch of pink blush can add the right hue to really make your sun-kissed glow come alive.

If you only want a bit of sun-kissed beauty, then you may want to try a dusting powder. This type of bronzer is a powder that is in a small plastic container. The loose powder can easily be dusted onto skin with a big makeup brush. Celebrities like Evangeline Lily swear by the MAC bronzing powder.

The Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Soft Matte Bronzer is a good option for women who want a heavier bronzing effect. Using this bronzer will give a woman the appearance of having an exotic tan. This product recently received the Belk Best in Beauty Award.

Even if you are not one who likes to run outdoors and get that healthy glow, there are easy ways to make your skin subtly shine. Using the MAC liquid bronzer may be the best option for the indoorsy girl. This bronzer is also heavier than a powder and stays put for longer periods of time. Instead of running to the tanning salon, just rub some of this bronzer in all over your body. You will feel like you have been out in the sun for hours with this bronzer.

The bronzed look is back, and it is sizzling for this summer. Be sure to try it out and enjoy being beautiful.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Salon Trip

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

trips to the salon
Your hair is obviously an important accessory that you carry with you everywhere. It is one of the first things someone notices when they look at you. That’s probably why so many people head to salon to get a cut, color or perm. However, the price tag associated with the salon is quite high, especially if you leave the parlor not being completely satisfied. With these tips, you can get the most out of your trip to the salon.

Loyalty is for Dogs! Forget being loyal to your stylist. It can be quite difficult to choose a new stylist if you feel obligated to return to your current one. You might fear that if you don’t keep returning to the same one that you’re going to hurt his or her feelings. However, worry not, because stylists realize that this is a business, so they don’t take you not returning personally. If you’re concerned about running into your old stylist after you try a new one, you may want to switch salons to avoid the awkwardness.

When you’re choosing a new salon or a new stylist, be cautious of what you ask for. Don’t ask for something that will drastically change your appearance. For instance, don’t request that the stylist trim six inches off or convert your naturally chocolate brown hair to bleach blonde. This is because you never know how well this stylist will do. Additionally, you’ll have nothing to compare to the results to, since the look will be drastically different that what your hair was.

Listen to what the stylist says about your hair. You want positive feedback. You want a stylist who can find the best qualities that your locks have to offer and using that to your advantage. If you have thin hair for example, tune into whether he or she comments about how shiny and healthy your hair is or focuses negatively on the fact that your hair is thin.

Make sure you’re being clear about what you want. Feel free to find a picture in magazine to assist, but don’t rely on the picture as a projection of what the finished product will be. Remember, your hair probably isn’t the same as your favorite celebs. Take note if the stylist asks you questions about your hair. If not, start serving up some information. Let him or her know how you style your hair, where you part it at and other similar information. These are all important aspects of determining how to cut your hair.

When you’re on a budget, you might want to try a beauty school. You can get a haircut, color or perm for cheap. Although the thought of a less experienced hair stylist might frighten you, even someone with 20 or 30 years in the field might not be a give you the best quality. It’s definitely a risk that you might want to take.

The Gorgeous Katie Holmes and Her Incredible Bob Style

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Katie HolmesKatie Holmes has taken the fashion and beauty worlds by storm with her medium bob. This sassy and chic look can be seen in the pages of Vogue, Elle and every other high fashion magazine. It looks stunning in any setting, whether one is attending a red carpet event or grabbing an ice cream cone with the kids. Since Katie Holmes first appeared on the red carpet in 2008 with her medium bob, hair stylists remain inspired by the look and continue to alter it in different ways.

High-Class Bob Cuts

High-class bob cuts are also known as “personalized” bob cuts. These cuts are tailored by a hair stylist to frame your face in an interesting way. When a woman’s hair has a geometric shape so that one side is longer than the other, this is an example of the tailored bob look. A stylist takes your cheek bone structure into consideration in cutting hair to the exact perfect length with this bob.

Unique Colors

Lady Gaga was seen wearing a bob with her hair colored in different hues of gray at a red carpet event just months ago. Gray has come back as one of the trendy hair colors of the season. While Katie Holmes has never been seen wearing gray, she has influenced the hair style behind this gray shade. Women look sophisticated and chic in the gray bob hairstyle. If you want to be on the cutting edge of the hair world, then try out a gray bob for a few weeks. A hair stylist can always alter the color if you find that gray isn’t the look for you.

Choppy Layers

Choppy layers have never been hotter when paired with the bob look. Choppy layers are great for the woman who already has a head full of hair and wants to manage it. A hair stylist can eliminate some of the extra weight by cutting choppy layers into the bob style.

Straight Bangs

Straight bangs add a dramatic touch to any bob haircut. Katie Holmes was seen wearing straight bangs when she had the bob style. Straight bangs give a woman an air of mystery, yet they also add a sweet and innocent vibe to any look. Side-swept bangs are another rendition of this look. For the woman who wants a softer look without all the drama, side-swept bangs are the perfect option.

Short Length in the Back

Having the bob cut with a shorter length in the back is essential for this look. Look at any picture of Katie Holmes, and you will notice that her locks fall slightly longer in the front of her face.

The medium bob is a hair style that likely will stick around on the fashion scene. It has become a hair style that is adored by thousands of women.

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Learn The Benefit of a Snail Skin Therapy

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Would you allow someone to place live snails all over your face? What about if it was for relaxation purposes? Or, how about for method to rejuvenate your skin?

One salon is using these slimy creatures as a massage method. As a main course, African snails are a delicacy, but as a spa treatment, they help to regenerate the skin. The beauty spa located in the Siberian section of Russia in a city named Krasnoyars is using these shelled-animals to give a massage. Once the mollusks are placed on the skin, they will crawl all over the client’s face and leave a trail of slime. Ultimately, this type of massage is said to eliminate wrinkles.

One manufacturer of snail-made products, Christian Plaut of Andes Nature states that using snail helps to eliminate the need for abrasive chemicals, since snail is all natural.
While many beauty products that are known to reduce wrinkles contain snail, the spa owned by Alyona Zlotnikova is the first in its area to use the snails directly rather than using a cream that contains it.

Besides being able to reduce the appearance of fine lines, snail is also used as an acne treatment. Other uses of the creature include being able to reduce the presence of spots and scars, and it acts as a way to heal burns. Additionally, the ooze is used as a natural sunscreen, because it blocks UV rays. This prevents your skin from becoming damaged by the sun. Plus, snail discharge has the ability to fight against bacteria that enters into the skin, and it can even protect the skin from cuts.

You may be wondering exactly what makes snail such a powerful spa treatment and even an ingredient in certain skincare products. The answer is that the secretion that is given off by a snail, which is useful in its locomotion, consists of protein that aids in the anti-aging process. Elastin also comprises the substance. This particular protein is in an active ingredient in numerous products on the market today, since it is used to keep the skin flexible. As a beneficial agent in the snail slime, glycolic acid reduces the appearance of acne. When cosmetic manufacturers add glycolic acid to their products, they add it for its moisturizing and exfoliating properties.