Learn The Benefit of a Snail Skin Therapy

Would you allow someone to place live snails all over your face? What about if it was for relaxation purposes? Or, how about for method to rejuvenate your skin?

One salon is using these slimy creatures as a massage method. As a main course, African snails are a delicacy, but as a spa treatment, they help to regenerate the skin. The beauty spa located in the Siberian section of Russia in a city named Krasnoyars is using these shelled-animals to give a massage. Once the mollusks are placed on the skin, they will crawl all over the client’s face and leave a trail of slime. Ultimately, this type of massage is said to eliminate wrinkles.

One manufacturer of snail-made products, Christian Plaut of Andes Nature states that using snail helps to eliminate the need for abrasive chemicals, since snail is all natural.
While many beauty products that are known to reduce wrinkles contain snail, the spa owned by Alyona Zlotnikova is the first in its area to use the snails directly rather than using a cream that contains it.

Besides being able to reduce the appearance of fine lines, snail is also used as an acne treatment. Other uses of the creature include being able to reduce the presence of spots and scars, and it acts as a way to heal burns. Additionally, the ooze is used as a natural sunscreen, because it blocks UV rays. This prevents your skin from becoming damaged by the sun. Plus, snail discharge has the ability to fight against bacteria that enters into the skin, and it can even protect the skin from cuts.

You may be wondering exactly what makes snail such a powerful spa treatment and even an ingredient in certain skincare products. The answer is that the secretion that is given off by a snail, which is useful in its locomotion, consists of protein that aids in the anti-aging process. Elastin also comprises the substance. This particular protein is in an active ingredient in numerous products on the market today, since it is used to keep the skin flexible. As a beneficial agent in the snail slime, glycolic acid reduces the appearance of acne. When cosmetic manufacturers add glycolic acid to their products, they add it for its moisturizing and exfoliating properties.

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