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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Salon Trip

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

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Your hair is obviously an important accessory that you carry with you everywhere. It is one of the first things someone notices when they look at you. That’s probably why so many people head to salon to get a cut, color or perm. However, the price tag associated with the salon is quite high, especially if you leave the parlor not being completely satisfied. With these tips, you can get the most out of your trip to the salon.

Loyalty is for Dogs! Forget being loyal to your stylist. It can be quite difficult to choose a new stylist if you feel obligated to return to your current one. You might fear that if you don’t keep returning to the same one that you’re going to hurt his or her feelings. However, worry not, because stylists realize that this is a business, so they don’t take you not returning personally. If you’re concerned about running into your old stylist after you try a new one, you may want to switch salons to avoid the awkwardness.

When you’re choosing a new salon or a new stylist, be cautious of what you ask for. Don’t ask for something that will drastically change your appearance. For instance, don’t request that the stylist trim six inches off or convert your naturally chocolate brown hair to bleach blonde. This is because you never know how well this stylist will do. Additionally, you’ll have nothing to compare to the results to, since the look will be drastically different that what your hair was.

Listen to what the stylist says about your hair. You want positive feedback. You want a stylist who can find the best qualities that your locks have to offer and using that to your advantage. If you have thin hair for example, tune into whether he or she comments about how shiny and healthy your hair is or focuses negatively on the fact that your hair is thin.

Make sure you’re being clear about what you want. Feel free to find a picture in magazine to assist, but don’t rely on the picture as a projection of what the finished product will be. Remember, your hair probably isn’t the same as your favorite celebs. Take note if the stylist asks you questions about your hair. If not, start serving up some information. Let him or her know how you style your hair, where you part it at and other similar information. These are all important aspects of determining how to cut your hair.

When you’re on a budget, you might want to try a beauty school. You can get a haircut, color or perm for cheap. Although the thought of a less experienced hair stylist might frighten you, even someone with 20 or 30 years in the field might not be a give you the best quality. It’s definitely a risk that you might want to take.

Women Are Lining Up To Go Short This Spring

Friday, March 30th, 2012

shutterstock_89245558Deciding to chop off locks that you have been walking around with for years can be a lot like jumping off the high dive. It seems like a very scary concept at first, but the thrill and sense of freedom that comes with it can actually become addictive.

Short hair has been showing up on celebrity runways for a handful of years now, but the trend is coming through in full force in 2012 as stylists all over the country are turning long locks into short and stunning looks. Spring has clearly sprung, and many women want to embrace its gentle touch by letting the breeze flow across their face and through short hair. A woman with a great short hairstyle will attract the attention of the masses in a crowded room, and many women that go short often have a slight boost in their overall confidence and moxie as a result.

Aside from being on the cutting edge of fashion and trends, getting your hair away from your cheeks and jawline will give you a clean and refreshing look while showcasing your natural beauty. The short bob and the pixie are some of the classic short cuts for adventurous and bold women, but a quality stylist will be able to do a number of variations of those two styles as well as many others while creating a look that best suits your natural tones and angles. Going choppy or layered are two options currently growing in popularity that stylist learn in hair schools. Creams and waxes can be utilized to create shine, shape and clear distinctions between layers.

Hair Trend for 2012: The Center Part is Back

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011


Straight down the middle is anything but average with the center part, and it is trending up for 2012. This flattering part shows off the symmetry of the face and, when executed right, makes it appear longer and slimmer. It’s perfect for disguising chubby cheeks but putting our best faces forward. Who doesn’t love slimming? This look can appeal to anyone, and it works well with a variety of styles, including partial up-dos, straight locks and soft waves.

The side part has been dominating today’s styles, so there’s something fresh and striking about the re-emergence of the center part. Hairstyles without bangs show off the center part most fully, but long or choppy fringed bangs also take well to this 2012 hair trend.

Center parts can complement a variety of looks that are always hot. Bohemian looks can be created by creating a center part, then partially pulling up the hair and pinning it back loosely. Pair it with a pale lip to keep it retro. A dramatic look can be created with the center part when the hair is parted and worn straight and glossy. Add a bright lipstick to this look to pump up the drama even more. Loose waves or even all-out curls combined with a center part create soft, voluminous looks that wow.

A straight center part can look perfectly polished, but it can also look casual and fun. Departing from the sleek and smooth by adding messy texture or some wild waves can create a sexy bed-head look that’s anything but a snooze. A crooked center part also has its place, softening the look of the center part and adding a bit of whimsy.

The center part is one of our favorite ways to change up a look with little commitment. It plays a starring role from dramatic evening looks that are polished to casual looks that say, “I just wake up this way.” This simple change from the side part is easy beauty that can make us feel red carpet ready in an instant.