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Beauty Trend Weekly Rundown – April 2, 2012

Monday, April 2nd, 2012


Top 6 Spring Makeup Trends –

So for the last few weeks I’ve been buying pops of color pieces to add to my spring wardrobe and a couple of colors my eyes have been drawn too are orange & teal. No matter what I’m buying those two colors seem to end up at the register rather it be clothes or jewelry. So they have been my inspiration for some makeup looks I will be rocking this Spring. Here’s a few looks sure to turn heads:

Wet and Wild: A Test-Drive of Spring’s Most Daring Hair –

I’m always bemoaning how high-maintenance my hair has become since I stopped wearing it in its natural state—curly—and became an obsessive-compulsive flat-iron user. It’s at the point where my locks have the hair equivalent of hot flashes, going limp at the mere sight of any object heated to 300 degrees. My hair is tired, and so am I.

L’Oreal Introduces New Global Hair Research Center –

The cosmetics company inaugurated its new $137 million center in Paris featuring a research and innovation program dedicated to all things hair. Every day is a hair day at L’Oreal’s new research center in Saint Ouen, Paris. The L’Oreal Research Centre is the head of six regional centers around the world (including the Europe-focused center in Saint Ouen), the cosmetics company announced on Wednesday. The center’s research and innovation programs will be dedicated to hair care including shampoos, conditioners, stylers, perms, smoothing, and straightening.

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7 Hair Trends to Try in 2012

Monday, February 6th, 2012

2012-hair-trends-ts80610662Like everything else, hairstyles change according to the times. For 2012, women are done with pale shades of blonde and platinum locks. Women are also done with clip-in extensions and bouncy curls (at least for awhile, anyway). If you want to follow the hot hair trends of 2012, here are some ideas to try:

The Bob Chignon
Rather than picking a chignon or a bob, you can combine the two looks – even if you don’t have a bob. Basically, this style is a messy side bun combined with the rest of the hair folded under to create a bob. If you want the look without having to use bobby pins, try purchasing one of those bands specially designed to create faux bob hairstyles.

Highlights That Frame Your Face
Two-tone hair isn’t totally out; however, a lot of women are changing up their dramatic ombre fade for something a bit more blended. Highlights that frame the face are definitely in this year, even if they’re combined with darker roots.

Sleek Waves
Forget bouncy, bubbly curls and tight tendrils! This year is all about the straighter, sleeker waves. This look is quite simple to obtain. All you have to do is sleep with a few large braids in your hair, when your hair is still damp. When you take it out, you’ll have straighter waves, and you can touch up any iffy section with a one-inch curling iron.

One-Day Hair Color
Who says you can’t change your hair color just as much as you change your underwear? With one-day hair colors, you can have a different color for every day of the week. One day you might be a redhead for work and then go out the next night as a blonde. One-day dyes and highlights allow you to try out a look and wash it out if you’re dissatisfied.

Layering a Bob
Long flowing layers have been in for a while, and it’s become rather monotonous. That’s why celebrities are turning to a bobbed hair cut with layers. This look is cute, sexy and trendy for 2012.

Tape Extensions
There’s absolutely no need to spend hours having extensions sewed or glued in your hair, since this type of extension only requires two minutes of time per extension. Because of advancements in technology, talk to your hairstylist about tape extensions, which utilize medical-grade tape, rather than glue or clips. Unlike sewn or glued extensions, these come out easily with a special remover.

Warmer Hues
Pale blonde that looks almost white is a trend that’s faded. In fact, it has faded into medium blonde shades with golden or strawberry undertones. Rather than blue-black hair, women are now choosing warmer brown shades with hints of honey-colored highlights. Less extremes, more natural.

What do you think? Who’s taking up any of these 2012 hair trends?

Hair Trend for 2012: The Center Part is Back

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011


Straight down the middle is anything but average with the center part, and it is trending up for 2012. This flattering part shows off the symmetry of the face and, when executed right, makes it appear longer and slimmer. It’s perfect for disguising chubby cheeks but putting our best faces forward. Who doesn’t love slimming? This look can appeal to anyone, and it works well with a variety of styles, including partial up-dos, straight locks and soft waves.

The side part has been dominating today’s styles, so there’s something fresh and striking about the re-emergence of the center part. Hairstyles without bangs show off the center part most fully, but long or choppy fringed bangs also take well to this 2012 hair trend.

Center parts can complement a variety of looks that are always hot. Bohemian looks can be created by creating a center part, then partially pulling up the hair and pinning it back loosely. Pair it with a pale lip to keep it retro. A dramatic look can be created with the center part when the hair is parted and worn straight and glossy. Add a bright lipstick to this look to pump up the drama even more. Loose waves or even all-out curls combined with a center part create soft, voluminous looks that wow.

A straight center part can look perfectly polished, but it can also look casual and fun. Departing from the sleek and smooth by adding messy texture or some wild waves can create a sexy bed-head look that’s anything but a snooze. A crooked center part also has its place, softening the look of the center part and adding a bit of whimsy.

The center part is one of our favorite ways to change up a look with little commitment. It plays a starring role from dramatic evening looks that are polished to casual looks that say, “I just wake up this way.” This simple change from the side part is easy beauty that can make us feel red carpet ready in an instant.

Spring 2012 Hair Trends from the Catwalks

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

2012-hair-trends-ts78632664Not only are spring runways the go-to place for cutting-edge fashion and exciting designs, they are also a great resource for the latest spring 2012 hair trends. Designers are forecasting a mix of sleek, smooth and textured styles. With an emphasis on cool, feminine design, designers have also opted for long curls as well as more elaborate upswept styles featuring twists, braids and buns.

Hairstyle Trends
Femininity has made a return this spring as designers showcased a variety of soft, feminine upswept styles as well as edgier variations of classic styles like the French rolls and chignons. Many of these upswept styles featured soft accents like loose twists and braids. Braids and twists were also showcased, with designers favoring models wearing French and herringbone braids. Runways from New York to Milan showcased sleek ponytails that were secured to the base of the neck. Many times these ponytails were adorned with leather, feather and other bejeweled hair accessories. Big volume and textured hairstyles also found their place on the runways in the form of youthful waves and windblown locks. Wet, tousled tresses also made their appearance to provide an edgy contrast to some of the more feminine clothing designs.

Hair Accessories
While sleek and voluminous hairstyles will remain popular this spring, perhaps the biggest 2012 hair trends are hair accessories. A number of stylish bows, ribbons and clips served as both function and fashion on the runways.

One of the most easy-to-wear trends are chopsticks/leather band barrettes. This simple accessory can jazz up a ponytail and provide a much needed emphasis on the simple style. Try finding a monogrammed leather barrette to personalize the accessory. Chopsticks/leather band barrettes are also the perfect way to showcase a tight bun or chignon, which are one of the hottest 2012 runaway hair trends.

If you are looking for a conversation piece at your next cocktail party, accessorize with a hat. Since some hats can look a bit dramatic, in order to avoid looking like Lady Gaga, opt for a small pill-box hat or fascinator style, which are less noticeable but equally attractive hat options. If you like the idea of a hat but are looking for something a little less intimidating, opt for a headband adorned with a large flower blossom or corsage hair clip.

If you are looking for a super simple and classic option for holiday events and soirées, accent your hair with a velvet hair accessory such as a ribbon or headband. Try a more dramatic variation of this style by braiding a thin velvet ribbon into a French or herringbone braid. Or, wear your hair down in soft, voluminous curls securing them in place with a velvet headband. Velvet headbands can also complement upswept styles by helping to hold them in place.

Designers used a number of hair clips, barrettes and cording to support and secure elaborate updos and to help hold twisted styles in place. Plastic hair clips can provide a pop of color, while metallic and vintage-inspired clips added a bit of elegance and sophisticated cool. Gem clips and other crystal-adorned clips were also used throughout several fashion shows as a way to incorporate jewelry beyond the basic necklace.

On the other end of the spectrum, designers traded in lady-like sophistication for an edgier approach. Sleek ponytails secured in place by leather accents were an uber-popular runway trend, while ponytails, hats, headband and upswept styles adorned with feathers were also a catwalk-worthy.

The Spring/Summer Hair Trend of 2012 is Streaks of Color

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

2012-hair-trends-color-streaksThe fashionable hair trends for the spring and summer of 2012? Streaks of color throughout slightly tousled hair. The color of the streaks depends on the individual’s overall hair color, but popular shades include peaches, light pinks, bright blondes and even some muted orange.

These streaks of color have been popular with celebrities for some time. It is now infiltrating into the fashion industry as demonstrated in Peter Som’s most recent fashion show.

Colored streaks can be added to pencil straight hair or hair with wonderfully flowing waves. The addition of these highlights will give any hairstyle an edge. At Peter Som’s show, the darker hair was enhanced with lighter color streaks, and the lighter hair was adorned with light pink and peach strands.

Amazingly, this fashion statement can be achieved without ever dying your hair. Colorful extensions are available that can be placed on one side of the front section of your hair. These extensions can be worn effortlessly with almost any hairstyle. However, hair that is a tad disheveled adds even more edge to this look.

Hair Chalking with Wax Pastels or Traditional Chalk Another way to obtain color streaks without the commitment is by chalking your hair. This is a relatively new technique, and it works very well. You can wet small sections of your hair or soak the colored piece of chalk you want to use. All you do is rub the chalk on the sections of hair that you want to streak. If you are using a traditional chalk, you need to apply hairspray prior to beginning this process. If using wax pastels, set it by using heat.

You have the option of just coloring your bangs or the tips of your hair. With very little effort, you can color your luscious locks from top to bottom.

The nice thing about these techniques is that they are not permanent. You can go crazy at your bachelorette party with rainbow streaks in your hair and still be the sophisticated bride with the up-do the next day!

Hairstyles and Trends for Spring 2012

Friday, November 11th, 2011

2012-hair-trends-ts86535938This spring, make sure your hair is on-trend with some of the most stylish and easy-to-wear hairstyles for 2012. As winter fades, the spring will usher in a return to lady-like perfection with sleek ponytails, elegant updos and soft waves. Another big trend for spring are interesting hair accessories like feathers, metallic cording and natural stones. These fun and exciting accessories pair nicely with messy buns, intricate braids and complicated twists, which will also be a staple this spring.

One of the most elegant hairstyle trends for Spring 2012 are sleek ponytails. At the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week this fall, designers from New York to Milan showcased models wearing a variety of sleek and straight ponytails. One of the most popular looks on the runways were low ponytails that were secured toward the nape of the neck. Another popular variation of this hairstyle trend was the three-part ponytail, which features a series of ponytails that are connected down the middle of the head similar to a French braid. If straight and sleek is not your style, you may want to consider a voluminous ponytail of curls or waves.

Elegant Updos
Dress up your ponytail with a sophisticated bun or updo. This romantic hairstyle trend can be achieved a number of different ways. Try looping your hair into a messy bun or opt for a more structured chignon or French roll design. Either way, your tresses will be on-trend. Add emphasis with a series of herringbone braids or loose twists. Give your simple ponytail a little extra oomph with statement accessories and embellishments. Secure your ponytail with interesting hair ties such as a leather band or flat barrette. Or, make your upswept style stand out with pearl-tipped hairpins or soft feathers.

Loose Waves and Voluminous Hair
Loose textured tresses are a classic look that never seems to go out of style. The spring breeze will help to showcase loose curls and full body waves, which will also be a popular trend as the weather warms. To achieve this carefree look, before you go to bed, simply part your hair into two sections and braid each section into loose braids. When you wake up, release the braids to reveal flowing, wavy hair. In addition to loose waves, another big hair trend for spring are voluminous, bouncy blowouts reminiscent of the 1960s and 70s.

Wet Hair
In direct opposition to the full hair trend, the wet and wild look will also return with a vengeance. While this look may not be suitable for the office, it’s the perfect look for the woman who is constantly on the go. To create the look, use a combination of mousse and high-gloss finishes. The look can also be achieved with glossing creams or serums.