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The Spring/Summer Hair Trend of 2012 is Streaks of Color

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

2012-hair-trends-color-streaksThe fashionable hair trends for the spring and summer of 2012? Streaks of color throughout slightly tousled hair. The color of the streaks depends on the individual’s overall hair color, but popular shades include peaches, light pinks, bright blondes and even some muted orange.

These streaks of color have been popular with celebrities for some time. It is now infiltrating into the fashion industry as demonstrated in Peter Som’s most recent fashion show.

Colored streaks can be added to pencil straight hair or hair with wonderfully flowing waves. The addition of these highlights will give any hairstyle an edge. At Peter Som’s show, the darker hair was enhanced with lighter color streaks, and the lighter hair was adorned with light pink and peach strands.

Amazingly, this fashion statement can be achieved without ever dying your hair. Colorful extensions are available that can be placed on one side of the front section of your hair. These extensions can be worn effortlessly with almost any hairstyle. However, hair that is a tad disheveled adds even more edge to this look.

Hair Chalking with Wax Pastels or Traditional Chalk Another way to obtain color streaks without the commitment is by chalking your hair. This is a relatively new technique, and it works very well. You can wet small sections of your hair or soak the colored piece of chalk you want to use. All you do is rub the chalk on the sections of hair that you want to streak. If you are using a traditional chalk, you need to apply hairspray prior to beginning this process. If using wax pastels, set it by using heat.

You have the option of just coloring your bangs or the tips of your hair. With very little effort, you can color your luscious locks from top to bottom.

The nice thing about these techniques is that they are not permanent. You can go crazy at your bachelorette party with rainbow streaks in your hair and still be the sophisticated bride with the up-do the next day!

Looking on the Bright-side or Going to the Dark-side: Tips for Dying Your Hair

Thursday, September 30th, 2010


Change can be good especially when you’re in a rut with your current hair color. The great thing about changing your hair color is that if you don’t like it you can change it back easily. Although changing your hair color isn’t permanent, there are a few things you need to know before you move to your new shade to produce the best results.

If you’re ready to become a blonde bombshell here are a few tips to prevent any outcomes that aren’t quite Marilyn Monroe worthy.

• Don’t try to go blonde at home, you’ll end up with a horrible hair color! Going from a dark brunette to light blonde is just too much of a change to trust a box hair color. Go to the experts. It will save you time, money and from pink hair.

• Bring a picture of the color you want. There are so many shades of blonde. From honey, golden, platinum to baby blonde. Your stylist won’t know what exact shade you want unless you tell them.

• Don’t try to go from dark to platinum all in one day. If you try to go too light too fast you could end up with dry, damaged hair and miss the color you were aiming for. The key is to be patient and follow the schedule your colorist sets for you.

Who says that blondes have all the fun? Maybe you’re ready to see if brunettes have fun, too.

If you’re darkening your light hair, here are some tips for you:

• Don’t go to extremes. If you’re used to looking into the mirror at bright, blonde hair, don’t give yourself shock therapy by going super dark. Tones close to black can look give you that “Goth” look. Also, if you’re a natural blonde stay with lighter brunette colors that will still complement your natural skin tone and eye color.

• Blonde hair that’s been dyed will eventually lose its color over time. Use a color-enhancing conditioner to maintain your rich brunette color longer.

• If you’re still nervous about going completely brunette, you can always test the water with a few lowlights.

Good luck and enjoy your new hair color! You may decide that your original color is best for you, or you may discover a whole new you just by moving up or down the color spectrum!