Beauty Blogging is Fun and Fruitful

As a present or future cosmetology or esthetics professional, chances are you have an arsenal of unique talents and a strong creative mind. So in the Internet Age, how can you share what you have to offer and gain a wider fan base? The answer could lie in blogging!

Recently, I came across an entertaining blog called The Daily Nail that inspired me to think about what makes a blog fun to read. Though the author of The Daily Nail does not claim to be a professional nail artist or technician who has graduated nail technician school (just a nail polish addict), she has committed herself to creating 365 new nail designs in 365 days. So even if ninja nails or mustache nails aren’t your thing, you may be able to find a novel nail polish idea within these webpages.

Now do you feel inspired to start up a blog of your own? First, think about what you’re good at – executing great hairstyles, trying out new makeup looks, or just doing wacky beauty things. Creating your own blog could be the perfect way to put yourself out there, and even gain devoted clients and readers.

Need some tips for your own blog? Here are a few ideas to get started:

1. Get creative. If you’re a current cosmetology student, try to think of an offbeat, unusual or humorous way to show off your talents.

2. Make it visual. Incorporating photographs, videos or pictures can catch the eye and keep people reading.

3. Be yourself. Keep your writing fun and personal – as if you were just hanging out and chatting with your friends.

4. Showcase your talents. Show your readers what you’re great at, and present it in a way that makes them want to pay cash-money for your services!

5. Free advertising! There are tons of websites all over the Internet that can host your blog for free (two of my favorites are Tumblr and Blogger). Some sites that display advertisements may even pay you for blogging.

Now, it’s time to take the web by storm! We’d love to hear about your blogging experiences, so tell us what you’ve tried, or share your blog with the group.

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  1. james Says:

    It is sort of about beauty, running our salon in burbank, ca, working in television, and just some random stuff.

    Love to get some feedback!

  2. james Says:

    here is one of my lenses on squidoo with tips on what to do when your haircolor goes bad

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