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The Top 3 Summer Hair Styles for Being Glamorous on the Beach

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

fun chignonsEvery moment matters this summer for being a style queen. Whether one is on the beach for tanning or playing beach volleyball, looking good is essential for feeling fabulous and gaining a little attention from the opposite sex. Having the right hair style can also protect hair from harmful UV rays. Here are the top three looks that you should try out this summer to look like a sizzling celebrity on the beach.

1. The Loose Braid

The loose braid has been seen on the likes of Selena Gomez and Kristen Stewart. It is a look that is simply ravishing and glamorous, yet so easy to create for the beach. To create this look, you should prime your hair with some volumizing spray. The low braid looks best in a tousled and care-free fashion. Before putting hair into a braid, run your fingers through it and give it some volume at the roots. Then, create a side-part on one side of your head and start braiding the hair into a french braid. To add some true beauty to this look, you can add a tropical flower behind your ear. You will become the sole exotic goddess on any beach with this look.

2. The Hipster Headband

Have you noticed that tousled locks are hotter than ever? Well, they just got even hotter (if that’s possible) with the addition of the hippie headband. This hipster look shows one’s free spirit and is fun for summer. You can use bandeaus or stretchy headbands to create the look. The key is to achieve a bohemian vibe in creating this look. The most popular headbands have braided materials and leather intertwined in them.

3. Fun Chignons

A chignon is basically a type of bun that sits on top of the head. It is not the typical “messy bun,” but rather it has a more refined and elegant look. It is a pretty look for the beach, since it shows off one’s shoulders. Wearing a chignon on the beach is also comfortable for those who are tanning on the beach. One doesn’t need to worry about hair getting all over the place with the chignon securely in place. Celebs who have recently been spotted wearing the chignon are Cameron Diaz and Nicole Richie. These celebs each put their own twist on this look by allowing a few pieces of hair to fall forward to the face.

These are the top three summer hair styles that are sure to impress. These hot three looks will have you feeling amazing on the beach or wherever you decide to go after the beach. They only take minutes to create, and they also feel comfortable for long days of lounging and tanning on the beach.

Messy Braids Take Center Stage In Spring

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

ts-78248764It would be easy to make a case that braids never actually disappeared from the radar screen of hair trends over the past 50 years, but it is quite clear to see that they have recently made a resurgence. The variation of braids worn by public icons has run the gamut from neon weaves to naturally messy and wild creations, of which no two are alike.

After being spotted on the likes of Nicole Richie, Eva Longoria and Kim Kardashian, it is clear that the messy and wild side braid is currently the hottest trend in the North American fashion world. Here are a few reasons that a messy side braid might be the perfect new look for you.

Separate Yourself from the Pack

While it may seem silly to suggest that someone should follow the latest trend in order to separate themselves from the pack, the truth is that many women lack the gusto and confidence to rock this messy side braid look. Whether it is a result of a conservative approach or a job environment where co-workers would scoff, the vast majority of women choose to enjoy the latest trends by witnessing them on others as opposed to embracing it themselves. Go boldly in the direction of individuality in upcoming weeks with the messy side braid. Fortune favors the bold.

Get the Attention of Adventurous Peeps

Much like the male peacock spreads it wonderful array of feathers in an attempt at gaining the attention of the most coveted mate, side braids can be worn at bars and clubs in order to garner the attention of potential mates. Only those with an appetite for adventure and uniqueness will be drawn toward a woman rocking a side braid, and only the most confident and charismatic people will be comfortable approaching her. In short, you can scare off the riff-raff and lure in the Mr. Rights.

An In-Home Cosmetology Lesson

Creating a look such as the messy side braid involves a handful of steps, but you will become more familiar with your hair and how to manipulate it throughout the process. It begins with a light coat of spritzer or wax spray on a deep side part, which can be volume-ized with a quick blow dry while the hair is still damp with product. Next, divide the section of hair into three or four parts and simply weave them together, making sure not to be too delicate or consistent with your technique. A personal touch can be put on the entire braid and the loose hair below it by teasing or curling, which creates the signature look of messiness and confident disregard for detail.

If you are interested in a creative beauty career in which the possibilities for advancement are endless – a hair career may be perfect for you. And choosing one of the many reputable hair design schools to get your education is the first step!