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The 10 Hottest Summer Beauty Trends

Friday, June 8th, 2012

Oil from coconuts.Summer 2012 is just around the corner, and it is time to get one’s look up to date. With celebrities like Blake Lively embracing pastel colors, there is no better time to update the wardrobe. Other singers, like Ciara, are embracing dark roots and blonde ends, so it may also be time for you to update your hairstyle too. Get ready for Summer 2012 by adding these 10 hot trends to your look.

1. Dark Roots

Ciara was recently seen on a red carpet event donning dark roots and blonde extensions. The votes have been counted, and this is officially the hottest look of Summer 2012. Other celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Rihanna and Jennifer Aniston have also been spotted with dark roots on the red carpet.

2. Tangerine Lipstick

Tangerine lips are all the rage for this summer. This subtle look creates that effortless summer beauty that we all try to achieve for the summer.

3. Coconut Oil

Not only is this oil healthy for your skin, but is also helps it achieve a stunning glow. Coconut oil also smells amazing, and it helps keep skin moisturized and protected from the sun. Dab a little coconut oil all over your body before heading to the beach this summer.

4. Loose Braids

Look on Pinterest, and you will find hundreds of photos of loose braids. Loose braids give an effortless elegance to any look. Even if you are attending a cocktail party this summer, try wearing a loose braid to the event and notice the stares of envy surround you.

5. Painted Toes and Exfoliated Feet

All eyes will be on the feet this summer, since leather sandals are also a part of this summer’s trends. There is no better reason to get a pedicure or exfoliation treatment than to get your feet ready for showing off some new sandals. Hot pink is also a popular color for toe nails in the upcoming fashion season.

6. Subtle Highlights

Gone are the days of bright blonde highlights. This summer, subtlety is key in achieving an elegant and refined look. Subtle highlights are the way to go for showing off one’s bronzed skin.

7. Makeup Primer

Makeup primer is essential to use this summer because it will keep makeup from smearing on the skin. Makeup primer also helps make-up to stay put on oily skin.

8. Shimmer Gloss

A simple shimmer gloss will make lips look soft and pouty for the summer. The key motto in wearing makeup this summer is “less is more.”

9. Aqua

Aqua is the “it girl” color of the moment. Try picking up an aqua romper or aqua dress to get in style.

10. Leather Satchels

Leather satchels look great with any outfit, and they can also be used in the fall or winter months.

These are the 10 hottest summer beauty trends that you should add to your look.

2012 Beauty Trends: It’s time to go au natural

Thursday, January 19th, 2012


Celebrity A-listers showed us at the 2012 Golden Globes that the only way to go is au natural … makeup, that is! Forget the sultry smokey eyes and fake tans, this year stars like Charlize Theron, Reese Witherspoon and Michelle Williams kept it simple this year when it came to beauty.

Of course, there was the occasional bold red (and if we had lips like Angelina, we wouldn’t be able to resist the call of color either!), but most stars chose a nude lipstick with a little touch of gloss for their red carpet look. As for the eyes, again, stars chose to keep it simple with shades of peach, pink and tan, complemented by a light application of eyeliner. Blush was also used to give a natural and light sun-kissed look by applying a light shimmery pink, peach, or even a little bronzer to the cheeks. Many celebrities also embraced their natural hair, and instead of fighting the waves or curls they chose to accentuate them.

As the peak of winter slowly approaches us, it’s the perfect time of the year to give your skin a little bit of a break and go lighter on the makeup. This season, don’t worry that your summer glow has faded and embrace your lighter skin tone. Put the curling iron and straightner away and let your hair have a break from the heat. It’s time for your beauty to go au natural!

Learn more about makeup artistry on and off the red carpet by checking out makeup artist schools in your area today.

Hot Makeup Trend: Violent Lips Give Your Mouth Some Action

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011


We love fun and funky new beauty ideas, so it’s no surprise that we’re fascinated by the outrageous and awesome Violent Lips, temporary lip tattoos that are growing in popularity. Kim Kardashian just posted a picture of her wearing them on her Celebuzz blog, and they’re cropping up all over the entertainment scene on singers, actresses and models who all have a flair for wearing bold beauty and makeup trends.

Personally, we’re all about a product that lets us experiment with no repercussions, which is exactly what Violent Lips offers. Pick out one of their wide variety of colors and patterns, put them on, and then dazzle people out on the town. They last 4-8 hours and can be removed simply by applying an oil-based makeup remover to your lips.

And with Violent Lips’ selection, you can be as funky as you want. Go racy with red fishnets or leopard print. Go wild with cupcake sprinkles, stars or checkers. Or go fabulous with their Glitteratti collection, our personal favorites, especially with the upcoming holiday parties. Spakrle is a big makeup trend everywhere else on your face – why not your lips?

Kim Kardashian via Celebuzzbeauty-school-violent-lips-glitteratti-gold-glitteratti-red-leopard-red-fishnet

Kim Kardashian Photo via Celebuzz

You can get your hands on Violent Lips at Sephora or Ulta, or – better yet – you can just go straight to the source and order from their website. Bonus: They’re offering a 20% off and free shipping coupon, plus they have a whole page of tips and tutorials to help you apply them. Sounds good to us!

Basic Makeup Tips That Never Go Out of Style

Thursday, March 10th, 2011


Makeup trends come and go about as often as the Kardashian sisters’ boyfriends. One minute it’s neutral tones, the next it’s bright colors … how are you supposed to keep up? Well, just like the little black dress, classics never die. There are a few basic rules you can follow to make sure your makeup isn’t drawing the wrong kind of attention.

1.    Wear situation-appropriate colors and quantities. Meaning, don’t show up for your 8 a.m. conference meeting in smoky shadow and bright red lipstain. Save it for the company holiday party or Robert Palmer’s next music video. Daywear makeup should typically be more subtle.

2.    Correctly match your foundation to your skin tone. This is the foundation (ha!) of any good makeup regimen. Going too dark or too light means a line around your hair- and jaw line. It should blend to invisibility and give you an even tone rather than an obvious transition between your face and neck.

3.    Don’t abuse – or neglect – your eyebrows. Your eyebrows are a built-in accessory, but one that needs to be maintained. Overtweezing can leave them too sparse (and it’s possible they won’t grow back), but not tweezing at all could leave you looking like Groucho Marx.

4.    Avoid clownish lip liner. Using a dark liner outside of your natural lip line is a cheap way to fake silicone injections, but maybe not the look you’re going for. Using a liner on your lipline in the same shade as your lipstick or gloss after you’ve applied said lipstick/gloss makes all the difference.

5.    Remember to take it off. Leaving your makeup on overnight is a no-no that can lead to clogged pores and dirty pillowcases. Take it off before you use your facial cleanser for maximum results.
Take it from someone who actively participated in the 1990s’ neon mascara fad: These tips are applicable at any age, to any color palette!