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AR Barbering Training & License Requirements

Arkansas has an increasing demand for qualified, talented and licensed barbers. If you have a passion for men's hair care, you may find good job opportunities in Arkansas. There are currently several accredited barbering programs in Arkansas. Barbering schools teach the skills needed to pass the Arkansas State board exams and attain their professional license. Barbering programs in Arkansas provide at least 1500 hours of classroom education to students. Classes cover many different topics. These include the history of barbering, barbershop management, hair care, hair styling, shaving, barbering tools, hygiene and sanitation, men's skin care, hair coloring and bleaching. The Arkansas State Board of Barber Examiners regulates barbering licenses in Arkansas. Once you have completed your education, you must pass written, oral and practical tests covering the material learned in school. Once the tests are passed, you receive your initial barbering license. This entitles you to practice barbering anywhere in the state.

Many men form close bonds with their barber and return for service again and again. Finding a good hair stylist you trust can be difficult. Arkansas barbering programs often include classes on customer relations in their curriculum. Barbers must learn their trade and their clients to ensure they provide quality customer service and retain their client base. Barbers provide a wide range of services beyond haircuts and shaving. They may provide skin and nail treatments, scalp massages, and advice about men's appearance care products. Many barbers are self-employed, and nearly 30 percent of barbers work only part-time.

Career Outlook for Professional Barbers in Arkansas

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statisticsestimates barbering will grow about 14 percent by 2020. This is about as fast as most other occupations. Arkansas barbers earn an annual average salary of $26,180 before tips. Most barbers work in barbershops or hair salons. Others may work at spas or resorts that offer hairstyling services to guests. Barbers in Arkansas professionally cut, trim and style men's hair and facial hear. A barber's goal is to make every client feel comfortable and at ease during their services. Barbers are highly skilled in their art and know the tools of their trade well. Some barbers offer extra services like fitting hairpieces and toupees for clients.

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