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Tennessee Beauty and Cosmetology Schools can help you choose the right barbering program for your goals in the beauty industry. We help students across the nation contact schools to compare programs before making the important decision to enroll. Use our school listings below to contact schools in your area today!

TN Barbering Training & License Requirements

Barbering programs in Tennessee prepare students to enter the growing profession of professional men's hair care. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates job growth for barbers of 14 percent nationwide by the year 2020. Tennessee barbering schools cater to students interested in learning the latest men's haircutting and styling techniques. Students also learn to shave and trim men's facial hair and to provide quality customer service to barbershop clients. Accredited Tennessee barbering programs prepare students to take the licensing exams administered by the State. Barber schools provide theoretical and hands-on training in the techniques of traditional and modern barbering.

The Tennessee Board of Barber Examiners requires students complete at least 340 classroom and hands-on hours to become a Barber Technician. Technicians can complete shampoos, hair coloring and facial skin treatments, but they cannot cut or style hair. Barber Technicians must be at least 17 years old and have completed a 10th grade education. Master Barbers in Tennessee can complete all the duties of a traditional barber, including giving haircuts, shaves, chemical hair treatments and creating hairpieces or toupees. Master Barbers must meet the same school entrance requirements as Barber Technicians. Master Barbers complete at least 1500 hours of education and hands-on practice in barbering skills. They can also become dually licensed as cosmetologists and Master Barbers by completion of some education in both schools. All barbering students in Tennessee learn about sanitizing and sterilizing barbering equipment and maintaining good barbershop hygiene.

Career Outlook for Professional Barbers in Tennessee

The barbershop atmosphere can be traditional and casual or more modern and upscale. According to the BLS, licensed Master Barbers in Tennessee earn an annual average salary of $25,780 before tips. Salaries vary by the type of barbering practice and the location of the barbershop. Education, experience and specialties also increase salary potentials for Tennessee barbers. Barbers may rent space at a barbershop or hair salon, or they might choose to be self-employed as shop owners. Advanced barbers can train to become instructors at barber school, or take up barbering for style and fashion shows. Barbers with loyal clients who tip well earn more money and attract more clients through positive word of mouth.

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