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NC Barbering Training & License Requirements

For people interested in the growing field of men's hair and skin care, barbering schools in North Carolina offer opportunities to join a dynamic profession. Barbershops and hair care salons open regularly, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Students who attend North Carolina barbering schools learn the skills they need to practice hair cutting, shaving and skin care for men. Barbering schools teach the basics of running a barbershop business, so graduates can open their own store and be self-employed. Learn about hair cutting and styling, shaving and men's skin care by attending a barbering school in North Carolina

Licensed North Carolina barbers have completed 1528 hours at an approved barber school and passed a written and a practical exam. The North Carolina Board of Barber Examiners issues the new barbers apprentice licenses. Barbers then apprentice to a fully licensed barber for a period of 12 months. Another practical exam is required at the end of the apprenticeship program in order for the barber to become fully licensed. The combination of school coursework and supervised practice allows students to become fully competent in all areas of men's hair and skin care.

Barbering school curriculums and apprenticeship programs must cover the basics of providing haircuts for men, shaves, facial hair care, and men's skin care. Barbering schools must teach students about barbershop hygiene and sanitation. Barber training schools give students the opportunity to practice their barbering skills on clients in student clinics during the course of their education.

Career Outlook for Professional Barbers in North Carolina

The barber profession in North Carolina should grow by 14 percent over the next several years. The BLS reports an annual mean salary of $33,080 for barbers in the state before tips. Newly licensed barbers work in barbershops and hair salons. Barbers can provide hair care to men or women, and many earn certificates in both barbering and cosmetology. Barbering schools strive to give students a solid foundation in the techniques of hair care for men, including the knowledge of caring for all hair textures. Students learn the fundamentals of business and marketing, so they can eventually own their own shops and be self-employed.

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