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GA Barbering Training & License Requirements

Georgia barbering programs teach students the science and techniques to keep men's hair and skin looking great. Barbering school students learn to cut and style men's hair and facial hair. They get the opportunity to practice in barbershops or student clinics during their training. Barbers specialize in the particular skills needed to care for men's skin and hair, although they can also cut and style women's hair. Barbering programs in Georgia teach hair and skin science, sanitation in the barbershop, and the laws regulating barbers in the state. Students learn the traditional arts of barbering including straight razor shavings, steam facials and specialized haircuts for men. They also learn skills such as creating and fitting men's hairpieces, coloring hair and straightening hair.

Georgia barbering students have two ways to obtain their license. They can attend an accredited Georgia barbering school for 1500 school hours, or they can spend 3000 hours working as an apprentice barber. Apprentices work under the supervision of a licensed barber. People applying for barbering school in Georgia must go before the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology for special permission to attend barber school or be licensed. This law was passed in 1937. After completing school or the apprenticeship hours, Georgia barber license applicants must pass mandated written and practical tests before the Board. Typical barber school curriculum in Georgia requires students take courses in sanitation, hygiene, hair styling, hair cutting, hair coloring and straightening, shaving techniques, and customer service skills. The written and practical exams cover these topics along with Georgia laws and regulations governing barbering practices.

Career Outlook for Professional Barbers in Georgia

The Georgia Department of Labor Market Explorer predicts barber employment will grow by almost 23 percent by 2020, far faster than average in the state and in the nation. They estimate the annual average salary for a barber in Georgia is $27,248 before tips. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports Georgia barbers earn an annual average salary of $23,630 before tips. Salaries are higher in major cities like Atlanta.

Barbers find work in barbershops, hair salons and spas. Barbers might decide to start their own shop or work as a barbering instructor. Some provide on-site barbering services to homebound or bedridden Georgia men in their homes, senior citizen homes and hospitals. The Peach State has one of the best outlooks for barbers in the country, so consider attending one of the barbering programs in Georgia to join the profession.

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