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4 Ways Spas Make Sense, Even in a Recession

Monday, March 16th, 2009


These days, it can be difficult to escape talk about the “R word.” I’m talking about the recession. In tricky economic times, it’s only natural for people to tighten their belts a little and trim down their extra expenses. That may mean cutting out certain luxuries, like eating out or taking a vacation.

So, where does the beauty industry fit into this equation? For businesses that are willing to adapt to the current economic situation and get creative, there are bountiful opportunities to attract new and existing spa customers.

Don’t let the shaky economy discourage you if you’re considering a career in the beauty or spa industry – spas around the country are finding ways to keep the foot baths and the massage tables occupied. Most are even flourishing and hiring more than ever.

Consider San Francisco’s spa industry. According to one online reference site, SpaFinder, there is one spa for every 5,100 San Francisco residents (this compares to about one spa for every 15,300 New York City residents). How does a business in this competitive environment stay afloat?

Here are a few ideas from some San Francisco spa directors:

1. Most importantly, get creative! Find ways to differentiate your spa from the competition and to keep your clients coming back.
2. Try out new ideas for payment programs or membership drives.
3. Attract eco-savvy customers by offering green facilities and spa practices, or break into another untapped market of potential spa-lovers.
4. Design customizable service packages. The InterContinental San Francisco I-Spa offers its customers a personalized membership program (similar to those offered at a gym).

What do you think about the current economy and its effect on spas and other health and beauty businesses? Do you have other ideas for how the beauty industry can weather the storm?

America’s First “All-Green” Spa Opens

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

The new Eco-MedSpa in San Francisco is the whole package – the whole green package!

This eco-friendly spa is green from the ground up and the inside out. The owners teamed up with several eco-conscious experts in design, architecture, and engineering to design a space that was built in line with the strict requirements of the U.S. Green Building Council and the “Cradle to Cradle” standards developed by the firm MBDC. “Cradle to Cradle” is defined by MBDC as a method “in which products and services are designed based on patterns found in nature, eliminating the concept of waste entirely and creating an abundance that is healthy and sustaining.” The eco-materials used in the construction include eco-paints, numerous recycled items like flooring and fabrics, energy efficient lighting and water filters to decrease bottled water usage.

The “brick-and-mortar” of this spa isn’t the only part that will be eco-friendly. The spa will also be using non-toxic facial treatments and is partnering with Juice Beauty to develop the first medical-grade line of organic beauty products!

This is exciting news for the beauty industry and us at, where the challenge to be more eco-conscious is weighing heavily on beauty companies. Read more about how the beauty industry is going green.