Cosmetology student tells her beauty school story

If there’s one thing we love to hear, it’s actual beauty school students talking about their stories and their experiences during their studies. Which explains why we love this set of videos where kikiV222 covers the whole gambit – from looking at schools to expectations vs. reality to an inside look at her cosmetology school student kit.

*Just a heads up: She dishes it out and drops some cuss words, so if you’re not down with that, you’ve been warned.

What we really adore about Kiki’s videos about cosmetology school is the honesty and comprehensiveness. When we came across them, we couldn’t help but think that it would be doing a disservice to‘s readers not to share her wonderfully strong perspective. Our favorite part?

“If anyone tells you, ‘Oh, this isn’t a real college,’ you need to kick them in the face.”

Hell, yes. We definitely agree with that.

What do you think? Has she changed your perspective on beauty school?

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