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  • Q. How can I contact
    A. You can contact us by clicking here.

  • Q. I would like to advertise on this site, what's the process?
    A. You can find at this link the rate card and contact information.

  • Q. Can I add a link from your site?
    A. As a matter of fact, follow this link and add your school.

  • Q. I only want search results from my state. Is that possible to narrow my search?
    A. You are in luck. This link will allow very specific state searches.

  • Q.Can I search through specific programs?
    A.We want to help you find the right fit! Start by searching for a program that you are interested in and searching for a program in your area.

  • Q. How long do the programs last and where can I found information about licenses?
    A. The program lengths vary but we have all the information on our licensing information page.

  • Q. I'm not a web person. How can I link to this site, can you help me?
    A. We have built some scripts so you can easily add it to your page where you need the link to appear.

  • Q. Are there any e-books or training guides that I can reference? ?
    A. There's a wide range of information to digest so we have compiled training guides for you at this training guide link

Products & Services

  • Cosmetology : Do you enjoy helping others and making them look and feel better? Then consider a career in cosmetology! Cosmetology utilizes your creative skills..............

  • Hair Design : Learn this ever changing, in demand skill.

  • Esthetics/Skin Care : Estheticians are skin care specialists that perform a variety of tasks designed to improve the appearance and health of one's skin.

  • Nail Technology : Nail technicians perform manicures and pedicures. Nail technician training is available at most cosmetology schools. 

  • Barbering : Barbers, or hairstylists who cater exclusively to men, cut and trim hair.

  • Make-Up Artist Training : Makeup artists work with cosmetics to beautify or alter the appearance of the face and body. They also work with wigs and other materials for costuming.

  • Electrology : Electrologists permanently remove unwanted body hair.

  • Laser Training : Laser technicians permanently remove hair.

  • Permanent Make-Up : Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique that involves using tattoos as a means of producing the effects of cosmetics.

  • Teacher Training : Teaching is a wonderful opportunity that allows you to share your skills and knowledge with others.

  • Continuing Education : It's important for cosmetologists to stay current with cutting-edge techniques and trends. Cosmetology continuing education courses are an excellent way to hone your skills and discover new styles!!

  • Massage Therapy : Therapists use techniques to soothe and relax tension and tight muscles. Therapists are taught a range of procedures and methods