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If you are interested in a creative beauty career in which the possibilities for advancement are numerous – a hair career may be perfect for you. And choosing one of the many reputable hair design schools to get your education is the first step! Attending hairstyling school could be a very rewarding career path for you, and it calls for passionate individuals who are interested in fun, challenging and creative areers in beauty. Find hair schools near you to get started on your beauty education.

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How Helps Further Your Hairstyling Career

Find Hair Schools, Hair Design School Resources offers students one of the largest online directories where you can locate and find hairstylist training programs in your area. Students and beauty professionals alike use our information, tips, and resources throughout every phase of their development. To get started, simply choose your state and the "Hair Design" program above to see your options. Be sure to compare the benefits of several programs to make sure you choose the right one for you. And if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We love hearing from prospective students who are inspired by making others look and feel their best!

What You Learn in Schools of Hair Design

Hair schools teach a variety of hair care skills to provide professional services and advice of the utmost quality to clientele. If you attend a hair design school, you will learn all about these topics through in-class lectures, beauty textbooks, and hands-on training in a student salon. Most hair design programs teach about shampooing, cutting, styling, coloring, chemical relaxing, curling and more – but sometimes the programs vary from school to school or state to state. (Look up your state hairstylist license requirements for specific states' training hour requirements.) To ensure you are getting the beauty education that matches your needs, request more information from several hair schools and ask them about their programs before enrolling. To find out more about what you will learn in a school of hair, check out the hair design program training guide.

Specializing Within the Beauty Industry

There are many hair jobs and careers to choose from. As you pursue your education at one of the many reputable hair schools available, you may find that you are especially great at a particular set of hair skills. At this point you may decide to specialize in a niche service such as weddings and formal events, high-fashion and modeling, TV and theater, kids’ hair, elderly services, or a classic hairstylist running the gamut of clientele. Choosing a specialty area within the hair design field is often very beneficial to a hairstylist’s career in the long run, and many beauty students choose to concentrate their studies in the specific area they are most passionate about. 

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