Barbering Programs in Michigan

Michigan Beauty and Cosmetology Schools can help you move toward a career as a professional barber. We help students across the nation contact schools to compare programs before making the important decision to enroll. Use our school listings below to contact schools in your area today!

MI Barbering Training & License Requirements

Barbering programs in Michigan prepare students to become professionally licensed barbers. Barbers provide haircuts, hair styling, shaving and skin care to mostly male clients. Michigan barbers also train to apply men's hairpieces and to perform nail care for men. Attending a Michigan barbering school prepares students to enter this growing field. They can become part of the world of Michigan men's hair care and fashion. Detroit can be an interesting place to be a barber. The city of Detroit has a culture of historic barbershops and experienced barbers. Many barbering schools in Michigan have been in existence for over half a century.

The Michigan Board of Cosmetology mandates 2000 hours of classroom education in a licensed barbering program for a student to qualify for a license. Unlike some other states, Michigan does not approve apprenticeships for barbering trainees. It may take 14 to 18 months of classroom study to graduate from a Michigan barber college. After classroom training is completed, Michigan barbering program graduates take a written and practical skills test to obtain their initial license. Barbering students must be 17 years old and have at least a tenth grade education to enroll in a barbering program. Some schools require students have a high school diploma or GED to begin classes.

Barbering schools in Michigan provide a curriculum including men's skin care, hair cutting, hair styling, shaving, nail care, and the proper use of barbering tools and equipment. Many hours in the classroom cover sanitation and hygiene in the barbershop as well as the laws governing barbering in the state of Michigan. Schools provide opportunities for hands-on practice in student barbering clinics. Apprentices must learn the same skills under the guidance of their trainer

Career Outlook for Professional Barbers in Michigan

Michigan barbers work mainly in barbershops and hair salons, providing hair care to men and women. Others may work in hotels or at resorts to give haircuts and styling assistance to guests. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports barbering will grow by approximately 14 percent by the year 2020. Salaries for Michigan barbers average $18,450 per year before tips and bonuses. Experienced barbers with loyal clients may earn significantly more money each year.

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