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IL Barbering Training & License Requirements

People interested in providing barbering and men's hair care services in Illinois might want to explore training at a quality barbering school. A barber provides hair and facial treatments, hair cutting and styling, scalp care, and shaving services. There are many quality barbering programs in Illinois that will provide training in the classroom and through hands-on exercises. Creative men and women can get inspired as they learn the art of barbering.

To become an Illinois licensed barber, students must complete a barber course comprising at least 1500 hours of study. The Illinois Dept. of Professional Regulation does not allow apprenticeship to qualify for licensing. After training is completed, students take written and practical exams, and they receive their initial barber's license. Licenses need to be renewed every two years, and require some continuing education for renewal. These classes let barbers stay up to date on the newest trends and styles in men's hairstyles and fashion.

Illinois barber training teaches students to perform haircuts and style men's hair. Students also learn to care for men's beards and mustaches, give them skin care treatments, and to shave them using traditional barbering methods. Students also take courses in ethics, barbershop business practices, hygiene, and safety.

Career Outlook for Professional Barbers in Illinois

Licensed barbers in Illinois work in barbershops and hair salons, in hotels and at resorts where guests want to look their best. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports barbers in Illinois earn an annual average salary of $35,340 before tips. They project the field will grow by at least nine percent by 2020. Major cities like Chicago have higher employment levels for barbers, and barbers may earn better salaries there, too. The keys to increasing income as a barber are building giving excellent customer service and developing a stable base of clients.

Barbering programs in Illinois prepare students for a variety of options in their careers. Barbers might rent a chair in an established barbershop, or they might open their own shop. Some take training to be barber instructors. A few barbers get to use their knowledge and skill as platform artists or stylists in the fashion or film industries. Other barbers in Illinois travel to senior living facilities, hospitals and client homes to provide their services to homebound or bedridden men.

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