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Iowa Beauty and Cosmetology Schools can help you choose the right barbering program for your goals in the beauty industry. We help students across the nation contact schools to compare programs before making the important decision to enroll. Use our school listings below to contact schools in your area today!

IA Barbering Training & License Requirements

Becoming a barber in Iowa could be the first step in a professional grooming career for many people. Barber schools in Iowa teach students to cut and style men's hair, give straight razor shaves and provide skin care to men. The field of barbering should grow approximately 14 percent by the year 2020 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This gives students starting barber school in Iowa a good outlook for a new career. Students attending Iowa barbering schools practice their skills on clients in school clinics as well as barbering competitions.

Barbers in accredited Iowa barbering programs learn to provide services to keep men's hair and skin attractive and healthy. They learn the skills necessary to operate a safe barbering practice, including sanitation, hygiene and care for specialty equipment. Barbers learn to provide top-notch customer service, and they learn about the laws and regulations that govern barbering in Iowa. Other classes include learning to create and fit men's hairpieces, and coloring or straightening men's hair.

Students must have at least a tenth grade education to enter an Iowa barbering school program. Barbering students in Iowa must complete 1650 hours instruction and coursework, as well as pass written and practical exams to obtain a license. Iowa Board of Barbering manages barber licensing in the state. Unlike some other states, Iowa does not offer barbering students the option to work as an apprentice in place of attending barbering school. Many Iowa barbering students participate in networking and charity barbering events such as hair shows and barbering competitions.

Career Outlook for Professional Barbers in Iowa

Licensed Iowa barbers consult with customers about their hair and skin care needs, then recommends and apply treatments and products. Barbers spend their days making customers feel and look their best. Iowa barbers earn an average annual salary of $25,790 before tips and bonuses. The Davenport metropolitan area is 9th in the nation for barber pay in the United States, according to the U.S. BLS.

Barbers can work in many different Iowa locations, from large cities to small towns. Barbers might rent a chair in an established barbershop, or they may open their own shop. Some become certified as instructors and teach in barbering programs. Others use their skills as platform artists or in the TV and fashion industries. They might get to keep celebrities and fashion icons runway-ready.

Achieve career success as a trained, professional barber. Review our list of featured programs below to contact schools in your area today. We recommend contacting multiple schools to be sure you choose the right program!


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