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NY Barbering Training & License Requirements

Students looking for a satisfying career in New York may consider attending a barbering program in the state. Barbers are hair care specialists who provide haircuts and trims, facial hair care, shaves, and hair styling for mostly male clients. This career has the potential for double-digit growth according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Licensed barbers may practice at elite salons in Manhattan or in neighborhood shops in smaller towns. The state always has a demand for qualified and well-trained barbers. Many barbers give back to their community by participating in local and community charity events.

Graduating from a barbering education or apprenticeship programs in New York requires attention to detail and dedication to the barbering arts. The NY Division of Licensing Services requires barber students complete a two-year apprenticeship, as well as a course in the prevention of contagious diseases. They may also complete a barber education program consisting of classroom and practical studies. These programs train students in the classic arts of hair cutting and hair styling, clipper cutting, shaving, shop management, ethics, and preparation for the state Board exam. Apprentices and barbering program students in New York both study bacteriology, health and safety, skin anatomy, hair types and other aspects of professional barbershop operations. They learn the arts of giving straight razor shaves, hot towel facial treatments, hairpiece application and the techniques for giving haircuts to men. Before the state issues Barber Operator licenses, the students must take a practical exam demonstrating their skills before the Board.

Career Outlook for Professional Barbers in New York

The BLS estimates the annual average salary for barbers in New York is $ 21,890 before tips. New York had the second highest employment level for barbers in the nation, with over 1000 licensed barbers in New York as of May 2012. Barbers in New York City earn an annual average salary of $23,130 before tips. The profession should grow by 14 percent in New York by 2020. Licensed barbers work providing men's hair and skin care services in barbershops and hair care salons. They may also own their own barbershop or teach in a barbering program in New York. Trained and talented barbers cater to men of all ages and backgrounds. They may get to work with celebrities, musicians and politicians.

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