Barbering Programs in Idaho

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ID Barbering Training & License Requirements

Attend a barbering program in Idaho to become a professional who specializes in men's hair care, skin care and grooming. Barbering helps men look their best in all situations. Barbers in Idaho work at barbershops, hair salons, spas, and resorts. The profession should grow by nine percent by 2020 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you have a passion for cutting and styling men's hair, shaving and facial treatments, consider being a part of this unique business.

Idaho barber schools teach techniques to maintain safety, sanitation and hygiene in barbershops. Hair cutting and styling, straight razor shaving and skin care are taught through classroom lectures and in salon environments. Barbershops cater to male clients, but barbers can also cut women's hair. Barbers learn about hair coloring, hair straightening and perming, scalp and skin care in their schooling programs. Classes about Idaho barbering laws are required.

The Idaho Board of Cosmetology - Bureau of Occupational Licenses requires barbers to be 16 ½ years old and have at least two years of high school to enter school. Idaho offers two levels of licensure for barbering: the barber, and the barber-stylist. Barber-stylists work with both men and women. A barber's license in Idaho takes 900 hours of school, and the barber stylist license takes 1800 hours of school. After school hours are finished, prospective barbers have to pass written and practical exams before the Board issues the license.

Career Outlook for Professional Barbers in Idaho

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the annual average salary for barbers throughout Idaho is $21,210 before tips. The BLS is optimistic about the growth of barber and beauty profession jobs in the state, predicting job growth over nine percent by 2020. Barbers in Idaho could fill a demand for military haircuts near the Mountain Home AFB, and they give trendier haircuts to students attending college in Boise.

Barbers might decide to work in an established shop or open their own barbershop. Some teach in barbering schools in Idaho and a few work with film crews working on location amid the beautiful Idaho scenery. Professional barbers can work almost anywhere in the world from big cities to small towns, resorts or hair salons. Consider attending an Idaho barbering program to start on the road to this interesting career.

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