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NV Barbering Training & License Requirements

Men who value their appearance appreciate the profession of barbering. In Nevada, harsh weather conditions may damage the hair and skin quickly. Trained barbers who have graduated from a barbering school in Nevada are ideal for providing hair and skin care to appearance-conscious men and women in the state. Barbering school students learn to provide personalized hair cutting and styling for their clients. They also manicure men's facial hair and provide straight-razor shaves. Licensed barbers not only care for clients' hair, they also analyze the skin and scalp and provide advice about appropriate products and treatment regimens. For the right person, this could be an excellent career choice to explore.

The Nevada Barber's Health and Sanitation Board requires that students complete at least 1,500 hours of training at a licensed Nevada barber program. The typical classes in Nevada barber schools include courses in hair cutting and trimming techniques, shaving methods, hair styling, hair coloring and bleaching, barbershop sanitation and hygiene measures, customer service and professional behavior, and laws governing the practice of barbering in Nevada. Many barbers in Nevada choose to become dually certified as barbers and cosmetologists. Following school, students demonstrate their mastery by passing written and practical exams administered through the State Board. Anyone convicted of a felony must appear before the Board to request to be allowed to take the barbering licensing exams. Once all the education and testing steps are finished, students receive their first Barber license.

Career Outlook for Professional Barbers in Nevada

Salaries for Nevada barbers vary greatly by the barber's location in the state. The average statewide salary is $21,860 before tips according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, barbers in Las Vegas and the Reno/Sparks metropolitan areas earn more than those working in outlying parts of the state. Many barbers work in the Nevada hospitality industry, providing hair and skin care to visitors from out of state. Some get to work in the theater and performing arts, preparing actors and celebrities for stage shows. These barbers and hair care specialists can earn an average salary over $50,000 per year. To become a barbering program instructor, a barber must be licensed for five years and complete 600 additional hours of education.

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