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CO Barbering Training & License Requirements

The rugged vistas throughout Colorado make it an ideal place to start a career in barbering. Residents and visitors alike need the services of great barbers every year. If you are a creative person who wants to learn to cut and style men's hair, one of the barbering programs in Colorado may be ideal for you. Barber schools in Colorado typically teach students to cut and style hair, to care for beards and mustaches, how to shave clients and how to maintain stringent health and sanitation procedures. Other classroom topics might include hair coloring or bleaching, legal issues related to the practice of barbering, and professional business skills.

The state of Colorado requires licenses to practice barbering in all settings. In order to obtain a barber license, students must attend at least 1500 hours of barbering school or complete a two-year apprenticeship working with a licensed barber. Some barbering students in Colorado choose to get a degree in cosmetology at the same time they obtain their barber license. This allows them to combine most of the credit hours for the two degrees. A dual license allows the barber to provide services to men or women. Only licensed barbers can shave customers. Following completion of the school or apprentice program, students have ten days to pass the written and practical exams given by the Colorado Board of Cosmetology. Once all requirements are met, the student receives their initial barber license.

Career Outlook for Professional Barbers in Colorado

Barbers working in Colorado have the potential to earn some of the highest pay for barbers in the nation. The state ranks third for salary, with the annual average for barbers being $39,520 per year before tips, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The BLS anticipates at least a nine percent increase in barbering jobs over the next decade. Barbers will continue to be in demand in Colorado, thanks to tourism, military installations, and the style-oriented Colorado citizenry.

A licensed Colorado barber cuts and styles hair for male clients. They color hair, fit hairpieces and toupees, and shave and shape facial hair. Most barbers work in barbershops. Others work at spas, hotels or resorts treating visitors to an old-fashioned shave and a haircut. Some barbers in Colorado even make house calls for clients, or provide services to clients in nursing homes and senior care centers. Most barbers rent a chair at a barbershop, but some own their own shops.

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