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This One is for the Ladies: Unique Halloween Costumes for Women

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Courtesy ElizaPeyton via Flickr.

Courtesy ElizaPeyton via Flickr.

There are a lot of sexy Halloween costumes out there for the ladies of the world – everything from sexy pirate to sexy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. But if you’ve got a taste for unique Halloween costumes, then we’ve got a brand-new kind of site for you. is solely dedicated toward costume ideas for women who want something different than the traditional sexy fill-in-the-blank model that has taken over.  It’s not a store – it’s better. It’s a resource guide directing you to all kinds of women from across the globe and throughout history who would make fantastic and unique Halloween costumes that will cause a stir.  They tell you about the woman and then give you quick and easy ways to collect the pieces you need for the costume.

Joan of Arc courtesy of dbking via Flickr

Joan of Arc courtesy of dbking via Flickr

Searching the site is simple, too, because all of their costumes are divided up into four fantastic categories.

Glamour Grrls: Sure, there’s Marilyn, but what about other old school glamour divas? This section provides how-tos on transforming yourself into everyone from Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly to Diana Ross and Anna May Wong.

Goddesses and Legends: Taken from all sorts of cultural backgrounds, you can find costume directions for Hawaiian goddess Pele, Sumerian goddess Inanna, and Ghana earth goddess Asase Yaa, in addition to traditional favorites like Isis and Athena.

Queen Victoria courtesy of Biblioarchias via Flickr

Queen Victoria courtesy of Biblioarchias via Flickr

Notable Women: This section is dedicated to women who made an impact on the world – for better or (as in the case of female ax murderer Lizzie Borden) for worse.  Imagine rocking it out as Joan of Arc or scientific visionary Ada Lovelace.

Queens: Almost every gal has thought about being queen for the day, so why not do it on Halloween by being a real-life queen? Make a statement with dressing up as African queen Nzinga; Jezebel, Queen of Israel; or the famous Queen Victoria.

Break out of the box this year with unique Halloween costumes that shake things up and celebrate fabulous women of all different types and backgrounds.

Halloween nail designs: Vampire nails

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

A vampire Halloween costume is a pretty popular item, especially considering how vampires are still all the rage with the True Blood and Twilight franchises everywhere. Plus, if you’re running short on time before the big Halloween party, vampire costumes can be an easy option to put together on the fly.

But we know beauty professionals, and you guys know the importance of cool details, even if they seem small. So how about putting some pop into this year’s vampire costume with sweet, Halloween nail designs. YouTube user goldiestarling has a cool tutorial for vampire nail art featuring blood-red lips and vicious fangs grinning up from each gorgeously colored digit.

A costume is all about execution, and great execution often comes down to unique details. Spice up your costume this year with Halloween nail designs that will have your friends mesmerized.