Send Aid to Gulf Oil Spill With Hair Clippings

Ok, remember our How Your Hair Can Save the World” article from about a year ago? Now is your chance to be a superhero and do your part to save the world.

Eliot Kamenitz / The  Times-Picayune

Eliot Kamenitz / The Times-Picayune

Surely most of you have heard about the massive BP Gulf Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico near Louisiana. Thanks to this massive blunder, state and federal authorities are all taking huge steps to protect the sensitive ecosystems and wildlife in the Gulf from the millions of gallons of crude oil spilling from a sunken rig.

There are several leaks in the sunken rig, and the cleanup efforts have encountered numerous setbacks. Oil could be gushing into the Gulf of Mexico for many more days, or even at worst-case scenario, for many more months. But there is one huge way you can help.

If your beauty school or beauty salon offers haircut services, or you or someone you know works for a dog groomer, SAVE THOSE HAIR CLIPPINGS! The hair clippings can be stuffed into the booms to absorb oil, or woven into hair absorption mats to help soak up the gushing crude oil in the Gulf of Mexico.

It is fast, cheap and easy to donate hair clippings to the clean up the Gulf Oil Spill – so your hair and your clients’ hair can save the world. Hairstylists, cosmetologists and beauty school students alike can band together to help clean up the BP Gulf Oil Spill now!

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7 Responses to “Send Aid to Gulf Oil Spill With Hair Clippings”

  1. Audy Says:

    that is probly one of the coolest things a person can do, like honeslty how many in the world cut their hair in a day? its crazy to even think about it

  2. Marisa Says:

    This entire issue is very disastrous for the environmental life and with the economy in a number of different points. This issue should have been baffled however everyone once in a while these accidents occur. The company should be held accountable for this new spill.

  3. Simonne Crissler Says:

    I can’t believe these people at BP. They have got to be the worst, irreponsible people on earth the way they are dealing with this oil spill.

  4. dentist frankfort Says:

    This oil spill has gone on long enough, we need some better ideas with it

  5. Liz Says:

    What a great way to contribute to the oil clean up.

  6. Assunta Rudicil Says:

    First the first Gulf oil spill, now we see that the second one has blown up in Louisiana. I sure hope that this doesn’t mean more environmental destruction. On the other hand, this country needs this domestic energy. This such a complicated scenario to figure out. I’m not sure what the solution is.

  7. Tad Feazel Says:

    amazing work.. beautiful …

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