Top 5 Myth-Busted Beauty Tips

Myth 1: Rubbing lemon on your teeth makes them whiter without damaging them.
FALSE. The citric acid from lemons will make them whiter, but it also wears away the enamel. Don’t make this a habit!

Myth 2: Special shampoos can fix split ends.
FALSE. Special shampoos that rehydrate your hair will only work to prevent damage after you cut your split ends off.

Myth 3: Sunscreen is unnecessary on a cloudy day.
FALSE. Clouds are just made of water droplets. And just like you wouldn’t forget sunscreen coverage for playing in the pool, neither should you for an overcast day. UV rays are the problem-causing light frequency and can easily penetrate any amount of cloud cover. Cover up!

1001603797Myth 4: Eating chocolate causes breakouts.
FALSE. As long as you don’t overdo it, chocolate is part of a healthy diet. Diet plays a very distinct role in skin problems. The best way to promote a healthy complexion is to eat a diet rich with anti-oxidants, nutrients, Vitamin E and simple carbohydrates.

Myth 5: Wearing acrylic nails too often will destroy your real nails.
FALSE. They actually do a pretty good job of protecting your real nails. However, you can certainly do damage to your real nails if you try to get acrylic nails off improperly, like picking them off piece by piece. Treat your acrylic nails with the same respect you give your real nails, and everything will be fine.

Got any more beauty tips passed to you that turned out to be bunk? Let us know about them!

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3 Responses to “Top 5 Myth-Busted Beauty Tips”

  1. Jason Says:

    Good stuff! I’ve tried to tell people about the lemon juice before. Never heard of the split end shampoo but that’s interesting.

  2. E. Richards Says:

    We (our family) have a member that has chosen beauty school. When a student is
    working on customers at the school. Does the student get any of the fee that the customer pays for the students’ services, or, does the school keep all the money and the student has to hope for a tip.


  3. Amber Says:

    Hi Evia! This is a great question! Though it can vary from school to school, students typically do not get paid when working in the school’s student salon. They are there for experience working with real clients, and the prices are very nominal anyway, so the school keeps the money. And yes, sometimes students get tips!

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