Eyebrow Waxing May Cause Eye Herpes


As most of us already know, it costs to look good. You’re probably already familiar with the financial costs of looking great – they add up quickly – but what about the price your health may have to pay? Your eyebrows look great – but at what cost?

Hope you’re ready for reason number 872,019 not to double-dip wax applicator sticks in wax.

When it comes to eyebrows, the right shape and appearance can make a real difference in a clean and polished appearance. And grooming eyebrows is an important part of many cosmetology school programs. But in some salons around the country, unsanitary practices are putting customers at risk for various diseases. Among them, eye herpes. Um, gross.

So, how does this happen? According to health and cosmetology experts like Sherry Lewelling, re-dipping waxing sticks into the hot wax container can spread germs and diseases to other customers. For instance, if the waxing customer who comes before you has a cold sore on his or her lip, and that waxing stick is double-dipped into the hot wax, the herpes virus that causes cold sores could be transmitted to you.

Cosmetologists emphasize that every time a stick is dipped into wax and used on a client’s skin, that stick should be thrown away. Experts also recommend that consumers only see waxing professionals who have been licensed in cosmetology or esthetics by the state. When good sanitation practices become a habit, customers will leave your salon both happy and healthy.

When it comes to that nasty case of eye herpes, most cases can be treated. However, there is no cure for the herpes virus and some severe cases in the eyes may even lead to blindness. So whether you work in a salon or are a waxing customer, be on the lookout for trained professionals who meet state standards for cleanliness and sanitation!

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3 Responses to “Eyebrow Waxing May Cause Eye Herpes”

  1. black women Says:

    Nomatter we should look beautiful. But in cost of our health, that will be our foolishness. i want to thank u a lot for givving such an important information. I think thjis a small step towards human wellfare.

  2. Dale Says:

    Even if waxing and stuffs have a lot of side effects. Still, many people wants it and don’t care what will happen to their beauty. God, why just leave it as it is.

  3. Sugar Strip Ease Fan Says:

    Aww I always wax. But I do not want to get herpes. Oh my! Yes it is true that beauty costs a lot of money but then again, I am not entirely sure that I am willing to exchange my health for that.

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