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Review: Pure & Natural

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

In my more recent efforts to start “greenifying” my life, I decided to replace my usual generic brand value bodywash with Pure & Natural’s Moisturizing Almond Oil & Cherry Blossom body wash. Pure & Natural’s products are 98% all natural ingredients, and they use all recycled materials for their packaging, and of course do not test on animals. I thought it might be a bit pricey at nearly $6 for a 12 ounce bottle at Wal-mart, but it was also a “feel good” purchase since I was making a small but “green” choice.

After a couple days of use, I’m thinking it’s actually quite a good value. The bodywash is extremely concentrated, so it takes very little on the loofah to get a great lather going. Probably half as much as I used of my previous bodywash that was half the price, so you do the math. And the smell – YUM! It’s just soft and sweet and oh, so…well – natural! I’m looking forward to trying more of their products as I run out of my other basics. I’m also hoping they expand their product line, because it does seem a bit limited at this point.

So when you run out of your current bodywash, give Pure & Natural a try. It’s great value, great smell, and great for the environment!

Until next week on the blog!