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Check Out Ke$ha’s Studded New Look!

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

Keeping up with your favorite celebs is quite difficult already. From the outrageous blue hue of hair on the head of Katy Perry to the expensive lace front wigs used by Beyonce, celebrities love to defy the current fads in hair, and they love to set new hair trends, as well. Ke$ha is just one of the stars to surprise everyone with her new look.

The “Your Love is My Drug” singer shaved off part of her at the beginning of this year. If you thought that was the most extreme hairdo Ke$ha would sport this year, then you were absolutely wrong. She might only be 24 years old, but this woman is proving she can push the limits of style with edgy looks like what she’s currently rocking. She replaced the hair she shaved off with gold studs. In fact, in place of her real hair, she glued more than 25 gold studs on to her scalp. Ke$ha is definitely one pop singer who always changes her style, and her image is always fresh and new.

Not long ago, Ke$ha was spotted with her long blonde tresses hanging down, with her studded scalp. We’re sure you knew she liked a lot of bling, but did you think this glittered diva would replace her hair with some of it?

She might have debuted a more natural look in her recent photo shoot, but she’s still the party-loving vixen that the public knows her for. After displaying her natural beauty, she’s back to the chick rock look with false eyelashes, black eyeliner and even a tad bit of white on her bottom lashes. Her stud is back in her nose, while her hair is bejeweled, too!

Don’t worry though, KeSha has plenty more stunning styles in store for you. She’s debuting her new album this spring, so she’ll find some way to top the neon body paint, the glitter from head-to-toe look and the vibrant hair colors. We know one thing, the “We R Who We R” singer loves to be daring and bold with her look and the media just can’t get enough.

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