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Fun Facts About Styling Long Hair

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011


Have you ever been sitting in a restaurant or out shopping and you spot a woman with Rapunzel-length hair?  You know, the length in which you stare in awe, wondering how she doesn’t sit on her hair all the time?

What’s the deal with long hair anyway?  Long hair seems to have a hold on our society.  Women seem to feel more beautiful and confident with long, flowy locks and even get paranoid about cutting it too short.  Not all long hair gets praise however.  If you’re a short-haired gal thinking about growing your hair out, take a moment to read a few of these interesting tidbits about long hair.

How long is too long?
Long hair can be really pretty, and men seem to prefer long hair on women to short hair, but ladies, there’s a limit to that length! Too long of hair can work against you and be unattractive.  Super-long hair (we’re talking down to your lower back and butt) can look dated, giving you a look that channels the 70s or 80s.  Also, if you have a long or angular face shape, long hair can actually make your face look longer than it really is. If your hair risks getting sat on or you can’t remember the last time it was cut—not trimmed—you should definitely consider a bit of a makeover.

The “perfect” length
Just because we told you that your super-long hair isn’t the best look, doesn’t mean you have to chop it all off.  According to Allure magazine there actually is a “perfect length” of hair that seems to be flattering on every woman.  Shoulder-length hair or just a couple of inches below is the most becoming length on most women.  According to the magazine, few women can pull off hair that falls below their breasts.

The longer the hair, the more upkeep
If you’re thinking about growing your hair out, it’s important to remember that long hair takes a lot of upkeep. Hair that gets too long can easily get dry, experience split ends and have color variation.  If you do grow your hair out, be sure to use a conditioner or moisturizer often, and trim it every six to eight weeks to keep it looking healthy!

Some women are literally afraid to cut their long hair!

Our final long hair tidbit is for all of you who already have long hair.  You may be more attached to your long hair than you realize.  A recent article in Allure magazine found that some women literally have a fear about cutting their long hair.  Psychologists have identified that some women see their hair as a part of their identity.  Some women associate their long hair as a key part of themselves and tie it to certain memories in their life.  Psychologists warn having such a rigid feeling about cutting your hair can be unhealthy!

How do you feel about long hair?  Love it? Hate it?  Are you too attached to your lengthy locks?  Let us know!

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How Far Would You Go To Attend Cosmetology School? Would you Fabricate Your High School Diploma?

Monday, February 14th, 2011


So you are applying to cosmetology school and as stated by the State Cosmetology License Requirements, you need a high school diploma or GED equivalent in order to be accepted into school. All cosmetology schools – esthetician schools, makeup artist schools, hair designs schools, require this component. But what if you were accepted based on a lie?

The cosmetology schools in Florida are finding many of their students producing fake diplomas. Over a decade ago, making a fake diploma was unheard of but as the internet has grown, so has the resources available to fabricate forms. Cosmetology schools are taking a stance and formalizing the procedures so the risk lies in the hands of the individual.

Some of the tactics cosmetology schools are now doing to combat this problem is using attorneys to certify documents. Cosmetology students are also required to take an oath by signing a form that states they have completed high school and the documentation (high school diploma or GED) that they are presenting is real. Finally, cosmetology schools get the document notarized.

Really to say the least, it is sad how far someone would go to obtain an education and build a future cosmetology career through fabricating lies.