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Cosmetology Schools Going Green and Training Against Domestic Violence?

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

With the acquisition of Empire’s newest cosmetology school in North Carolina, (Pineville school in Charlotte to be exact), came two reasons to celebrate: the opening of a new school and the incorporation of eco-conscious features. Other schools are expected will follow suit with environmentally thought-out designs. All we have to say is “Go Green Beauty!”

shutterstock_69746614The North Carolina’s Campus Eco-friendly Features

  • Exterior LED lighting fixtures to the 100% recyclable floors
  • Energy saving devices in the student salon area such as water reduction shampoo sinks
  • Green paint products
  • Energy star rated heating
  • Ventilation and air conditioning units
  • Additional energy reducing hand washing faucets
  • Motion sensing light controls
  • Eco-friendly professional product lines like Regis Designline PURE Results

What’s Next: Domestic Abuse Training in Cosmetology School

Now that we are doing better for the environment, how about bettering ourselves! Two other newly acquired Empire schools, , New York and , Ohio will adapt a philanthropic program dedicated to fighting against domestic abuse known as Empire Gives Back.

What Empire’s Domestic Violence Training Will Involve:

  • Training and education in identifying the signs of domestic abuse in their salon client
  • Participation in fundraising efforts to aid their hands-on and real-world salon training
  • Aid local women and children’s shelters across the country.

Empire Says…

“We are committed to bringing our charitable spirit, our dedication to supporting our local communities and our active engagement in anti-domestic violence causes.” – Franklin K. Schoeneman, chairman and CEO of Empire Education Group