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What Models Really Look Like Before Makeup

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Hollywood magic and the power of photo shop welcomes us into a daily life of false perceptions. Imagine if you could wash off the concealer and lipstick, take off the fake eyelashes, wipe down the blush and the highlighting eye shadows, do away with the bronzer, volumizer and hairspray, and undo the curls to see the real person, the real untouched  beauty. How would that person really appear?

The Self-Esteem Fund is Dove’s way of trying to change the Western concept of beauty being conceptualized as ultra-thin models and instead making every woman feel positive about their looks. The Dove Self Esteem 2006 campaign that is still surfacing demonstrates exceptionally clever, online-based short films promoting self-esteem and perception. These thought-provoking ads are meant to build confidence and send messages that embrace all levels of beauty teaching us today’s beauty standards displayed in our favorite celebrities and highly-sought after supermodels are made up of false, photo shopped perceptions.

Watch to see what ordinary billboard models like look before being touched up:

How does the Dove Self Esteem campaign make you feel now?