Four Options For Getting Rhianna’s Tangerine Look

RhiannaAfter having recently being seen on the lucky nails of starlets such as Rihanna and Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child, it is clear that tangerine nail polish is going to be the trend for this spring. Funky, refreshing and eye-catching, tangerine colored nails are a good fit with a yellow, green or white top. Naturally, pairing the nails with a tangerine colored top or dress is a can’t-miss. Indeed, now is the time to peruse your favorite aisles for the latest tangerine nail polishes.

The bright and vibrant color lets the world know that you are ready for the flowers, and other things in life, to bloom. Here are four tangerine polishes from major labels that are sure to draw the attention of people that you meet.

L’Oreal Color Rich Nail Femme Fetale – Tangerine Crush

Any good list should include a product by the French fashion behemoth, and this one can be purchased for only five dollars at most retail outlets. The color is a muted orange that may not pop quite like the rest of the list, but it will go on smooth and look good for weeks on hands that do not preform manual labor.

OPI Totally Tangerine

This is the product you should buy and then run home and try if you currently believe in the power of tangerine. The color is thick and rich and it dries in the same tone that is seen on the bottle. Between five and six dollars per bottle seems like a steal.

Essie – Orange, It’s Obvious!

This polish might be the single most successful attempt at capturing the power of tangerine. Essie flawlessly blends the passion of the color red with the gentle heat of the color yellow, providing users with nails that shine boldly.

N.Y.C. Spring Street

General necessities are typically more expensive in New York than anywhere else, so finding a luscious tangerine nail polish that retails for $1.99 seems almost too good to be true. In any case, ‘Spring Street’ is readily available and highly useful.

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