The World’s Longest Hair

xie-qiuping-worlds-longest-hairAs the winter months get colder having long hair not only radiates our beauty but also keeps us warm! But how long is too long? There are a number of women in the world that have long hair, but others have LONG hair! Here’s a good point to bring up with your friends as you discuss your latest hair trends for the New Year. The Guinness World Record gives the world record for the longest hair as 18 ft, 5.54 inches! Owner of these overwhelming trestles: Xie Quiping.

Growing your hair this long takes time! It took Xie Quiping 30 years! She started growing her hair our when she was just 13 years old in 1973! We can’t even imagine how having 18 feet hair would feel! But we couldn’t resist.

Ten obstacles having 18 feet hair would cause:
1.    Washing
2.    Brushing
3.    Blow drying
4.    Styling

5.    Sleeping
6.    Exercising
7.    Sitting
8.    Running
9.    Driving
10.    Swimming

What do you think ladies?

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