Earn Green by Making People Scream: Special Effects Makeup Artists

It seems that the summer blockbuster movies all have a theme: horror movies. District 9, The Final Destination, Halloween 2, and there are only more to come! But, how does all this scary cinema tie into beauty training and careers? Well, all these movies have a major common factor: special-effects makeup artists.

All of the gore and alien arms need to be attached and they need to look real – so, that’s where the special-effects makeup artistry comes in. Even the not-so-scary movies need makeup artists on set to make the stars looks beautiful – or, in the case of the horror movies, scary!

Makeup artists are a huge part of the entertainment industry; and not just for movies, so the move to Tinsel Town isn’t necessarily a must! Runway shows, theater and plays, and photo shoots are just a few opportunities where there is a need for a skilled makeup artist. There are numerous makeup artist careers one could pursue.

Some makeup artists start their training at beauty schools then continue to learn their craft in special effects and other specialized areas by continuing their education with additional makeup classes and courses. You, too, can learn how to take your passion for makeup and make it into rewarding, successful career with a professional makeup artist school.

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2 Responses to “Earn Green by Making People Scream: Special Effects Makeup Artists”

  1. Todd Debreceni Says:

    The US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics lists Theatrical Makeup Artist at #7 of the top 30 job growth fields (2006-2016) in the United States! Positions in the field are expected to grow by almost 40% in the next several years. My book (Special Makeup Effects for Stage and Screen) and many others may very well give you a good beginning to the field, but nothing beats hands-on experience and training from working professionals.

  2. Stuart Bray Says:

    Corrective makeup of one kind or another are on pretty much every TV show, movie and broadcast production, and it needs maintaining throughout the shooting day. Skilled makeup artists are a very important part of the crew.

    Makeup effects is an exciting field, and you get to mess people up-instead of removing flaws, you add them. Most people who do it for a living have a great passion for the subject and enjoy finding out more. There is always something new to learn, and people approach the same jobs with different techniques and preferences.

    I have Todds book, and reccommend it to anyone thinking about it as a career choice. There is no better publication out there that is as up to date or thorough.

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