Cosmetology Customer Service Unnecessary Now?

Did you know that you no longer have to act professional to get paid? It’s true! You, too, can have unreasonable scheduling demands, vindictive behavior against low tippers and cut hair however you please without regard for your clients’ wishes! Isn’t that great? Well, it’s not true, but apparently this article on Shine – 14 Secrets Your Hairstylist Won’t Tell You – thinks all that is ok. Check out their suggestions:

• First, hair and nail clients shouldn’t schedule appointments on Saturday mornings, Friday evenings, the first of the day, the last of the day, or around lunch time. Apparently stylists don’t feel like working if they are tired, annoyed, ready to leave, not settled in or hungry. Nope, no good haircuts that way!
• Second, they have to tip well – at least an astronomical 20 percent! No matter what. If they don’t, you might ruin their hair next time, obviously!
• And finally, clients should never expect to get what they want. They bring in that darn picture of another A-list celebrity but should know the stylist is lying if they say they can make that look happen on them.

Does all this sound a little ridiculous? We thought so, and so did the people who responded to this article – both clients and stylists who are trained and educated from cosmetology school. Of course, as a hairstylist you have every right to expect polite customers that respect you and your time. But if all stylists acted the way this article suggests they would have very few clients, wouldn’t they?

The best stylists know that the way to get clients is to accommodate their schedules. If working Saturday mornings means you get more paying clients who are happy with the timing and keep coming back, then it’s a win-win situation. Every good hairstylist will find a schedule, pay scale, and so on that works for them and their clients. Most people have a hairstylist they like and trust, and they prefer to give that person their business.

All you hairstylists and cosmetology students, hopefully you have or will have some of these loyal clients on your roster. They appreciate the way you cut and style their hair. They enjoy talking to you and trust your opinions about their hair. Most of them probably expect you to do a good job, be friendly and prompt, listen to requests and respect them.

But then again, maybe we ought to follow Shine’s advice and switch things around. You know, ask not what you can do for your client, but what your client can do for you.

Weigh in! What do you think about scheduling appointments, tipping etiquette and style requests?

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4 Responses to “Cosmetology Customer Service Unnecessary Now?”

  1. Rashida B. Says:

    Wow, that Shine article was BEYOND offensive! I really hope salon goers are not reading that and believing that that’s how we (beauty pros) truly are. Some Saturdays I’m in the studio as early as 7:30 a.m. I’m my own boss so I made those hours and I’m happy to be there for my clients when they need me. I’m a beauty pro because I LOVE what I do, hunger, tired, personal issues all get checked at the door. I strive to give my clients 100%. I respect my clients, their desires and their opinions we are a “team” when it comes to deciding what is best for them. There are so many choices when it comes to beauty services there is no way any beauty pro could have the “diva-like” attitude as described in that article, and expect longevity in the industry so I’m going to er on the said that people like that are in the less than 5 percent number…

  2. Brie'Anne Says:

    I really don’t think that was a serious article, but more of a spoof! Perhaps from someone who had recently had a bad salon experience or two? Someone a little perturbed?

  3. Cosmetology Online Says:

    As I was reading the Shine article, I was hoping the author was being facetious. I really can’t tell, but if this is a serious article, it explains why customer service is such a lost art form. I hope that people who enter the field of cosmetology understand that it is not a typical 8-5 job. You have to be available when your customers are available. That means you might have to work hours that you would prefer not to work. Regarding tipping, taking care of your customers should be first and foremost on your list regardless of how well they tip. That’s how you build a business and keep your customers coming back.

  4. joe Says:

    These people and their excessive accomidation to their clients schedules are simply workaholics. The problem with their attitude is they make it harder for others in the business who would like to have decent hours. Remember unions? The idea of unions came about in lots of industries because people got tired of working 12 hr. days for very small wages. There was always some cut-throught around the corner undercutting your prices or working from dawn tell dusk to take undo advantage.
    Lets create a fantasy for a minute. Lets say all salons opened at 9 am and closed at 6 pm and opened only 5 days per week. And every salon in town did the same thing. What do you thing would be the result? Your patrons would find a way to get there when you are open because there’s no choice, the salon down the street closes at the same time. And the salon down the street from them does the same thing.
    Do you think women are going to stop getting beauty services because the hours are a bit inconveinent? They find a way. And do you know what else happens? You suddenly realize that you have a life too. And a little time with the family. Which is more important anyway.
    I’ve been in this business for 33 yrs and some years back I got tired of customers dictating to me how late I would work, or whether I had the right to eat a bite of food after standing on my feet most of the day. You appreciate your work, and your patrons more when you give yourself a lunch break, so your not shaky while working on them . Your whole attitude is better. And your not resenting them because they insisted it would work better for them if you worked on them late that day. And now your family time is gone. The lack of cooperation among salon owners, the chain salons who even open on Sundays now, and this bending over backwards for the client. (which shouldn’t be necessary) has just about ruined the business.
    Oh, did I mention chair rental? This totaly distroyed the business for the salon owners.
    When patrons walk into a salon and one girl charges one price and someone else charges something else, and everyone is on different hours. Professionalism is out the window. Owners are no longer able to create an invironment according to their vision anymore, because everyone is doing their own thing. Really its just a bunch of hair malls now in every salon. What a shame.
    When you have been in this business for many years you finally learn that you could be at your mothers funeral and you will have clients bent out of shape because your not their for them. At some point you have to say , this is when I work , this is when I eat , and this is when I go home.
    If your any good you will still have business. And enjoy your work more too!

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