Lead in Lipstick and Other Lipstick Myths

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Lead in Lipstick and Other Lipstick Myths

Sexy, vibrant, and ultra sleek, lipstick is an essential ingredient in any girls make up bag. As much as women love the satiny shades, rumors and wives tales abound about its safety and uses. Are these claims fact or fiction? Get the full scoop on the top four lipstick myths by reading further.

Myth #1: There is lead in lipsticks that are cheap.

This rumor is primarily spread by way of an email message from a friend. It claims that once high priced lipsticks have been marked down to incredible prices because it was discovered that they contained lead. The message goes on to say that you can test your lipsticks at home by rubbing them across a gold ring. If the lipstick color turns brown or black, then it contains lead.

In fact, many lipsticks do contain a small amount of lead. However, these amounts are present only in minute amounts. The FDA, which is responsible for the safety of consumer cosmetics, has tested several brands of lipstick. The results show that any lead found in lipstick is well below the recommended levels to ensure health and safety. They plan to continue to monitor the levels by ongoing testing and reporting. You cannot test for the presence of lead at home. This requires sophisticated scientific equipment.

Myth # 2: Wd-40 can remove lipstick stains from clothing.

Wd-40 has been a petroleum-based staple of American households for years. The claim, usually circulated by e-mail, is that it will remove lipstick stains from clothing. There is a lot of information on the web from people who have tried this and say it doesn’t work. However, according to the official WD-40 website, it is listed as a way to remove lipstick stains from carpeting and clothing.

Myth # 3: Lipstick can cause cancer.

This relates back to the hoax about the lead content of lipstick. The reasoning is that by swallowing or absorbing the lead present in lipstick, a woman can get cancer. The American Cancer Society debunks this theory, citing FDA studies that show that there is not enough lead present in lipstick to cause cancer. Lead poisoning causes fatigue, weight loss, and mental sluggishness. A person is far more likely to be poisoned by lead from old paint or old toys than by wearing lipstick over several lifetimes.

Myth #4: The average woman will swallow up to six pounds of lipstick during her lifetime.

This one has been circulating for many years and is absolutely false. Depending on the source, the amount of pounds ingested varies between three and ten. The rumor began appearing sometime in the 1990’s.

Considering that a normal rube of lipstick contains approximately 3 grams of product, you would need around 151 tubes to make a pound. To reach six pounds, you would need an astronomical number of lipstick tubes to make up six pounds. In addition, that is assuming that the woman actually ate the whole tube, which we know is not the case. Lipstick ingestion can only occur when the product is licked off the lips or is absorbed into the skin. Thus, only a very small amount of the product applied is actually consumed.

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