Beauty School Blog Crunch – January 2010

No, we’re not marketing a new breakfast cereal, we’re just reviewing a month of stories that made the grade for all our beauty biz divas and dexters. Some stories are from here, some from elsewhere.

Ever hear a beauty tip that you knew was bull chip? Back in December we tracked some wack facts that turned out to be anywhere from slightly misquoted myths to outrageous fabrications about beauty. Heard a good one lately?

On Jan. 7, Beauty Schools Directory took a look at the wow factor apps from the fruit factory. Apple’s iPhone app farm has been growing in every direction, covering media needs for everything from pharmacology, to driving directions and now, the beauty biz, including the virtual face lift app. Are you ready for your close up? Mid-December brought us another swanky beauty trend from overseas that the FDA just can’t wrap their heads around – eyelash perms. Are brushes just not enough anymore?

Everyone seems to love “Going Green” but when dying your hair blonde, it’s probably best to avoid makeup mismatches. Check some hair hue do’s and don’ts that can keep your follicles focused and your face fresh. Tired of fighting your spiral curls in a quest to make them straight? Take two of these and call me in the morning. Bobbi Brown wants you to stop hiding your flaws and instead focus on your features with her “Pretty Powerful” cosmetic line launch, with an invitation for unique women to send videos of how they get their look and why they love it. Green salon products aren’t trendy, say stylists from all over the country, they’re simply healthy. If you had to work with beauty products for hours a day, you would care about which beauty ingredients to keep away from, too.

Finally, we know you’re reading, but wouldn’t you also like to be writing? We cover tips about how to use your creativity to keep readers interested  in your beauty blogging.

See you next month!

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