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MS Makeup Artist Training & License Requirements

If you have creativity and a desire to help others look and feel their best, a makeup artistry program in Mississippi might be a great start to a new career. As a licensed makeup artist, you can work with everyone from brides and prom queens to top stars in the entertainment business. Your professional education and portfolio, combined with networking with people in the business, are the keys to success as a makeup artist in Mississippi. Mississippi does not require a license to apply makeup except in salons or spas. However, becoming a licensed artist by attending cosmetology or esthetics school gives you an edge over your competition in the business. Graduates of makeup artistry programs in Mississippi have learned the best and most recent skills and trends, making them much more attractive to employers.

Mississippi offers two tracks for licensing through the Mississippi Board of Cosmetology. Students can attend a cosmetology school for 1500 hours or an esthetician school for 600 hours, or they may complete apprenticeships to qualify for the licensing exams. Apprentice cosmetologists work for nine months under the supervision of their trainer, and esthetics apprentices complete 15 weeks of training. After training or classroom hours are finished, all students take the state written and practical exams to finalize their licenses. In Mississippi makeup artistry programs, students learn color theory, makeup application techniques, contouring and concealing facial flaws, daytime and evening makeup skills, special occasion makeup and makeup trends. Additional classes are available for glamour and fantasy makeup, fashion photography and runway makeup, theater and performing arts makeup, photography makeup skills, and special effects and body makeup.

Career Outlook for Professional Makeup Artists in Mississippi

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, beauty professionals in Mississippi earn an annual average salary of $28,230 before tips or freelance work. The city of Pascagoula, MS is the eighth highest paying metropolitan area in the country for beauty professionals. Annual average salaries there are $35,070 before tips. Successful and well-known makeup artistry program graduates in Mississippi can make much more than this if their clients include large publishers, celebrities or specialty productions.

Most makeup artists work on freelance projects such as bridal makeup or in local theater productions to supplement their income. Makeup artists in Mississippi also work on fashion shoots, at local or national TV studios, or as makeup artists for the film and theater industries.

The first step in achieving your professional goals is finding the right education and makeup artist training. Contact the featured schools below to learn more about their programs!


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